Wednesday, January 16, 2008

VeriChip/Digital Angel News

VeriChip sees 2007 revenue at high-end of prior forecast of $30M-32M;shares up

Digital Angel keeps tabs on animals

New RFID Technology Approved by Government to Control Employees

A new radio frequency identification device developed by ENOCH Corporation, a subsidiary of Lectures And More, Inc. (LAM), has received approval by OSHA as a worksite enhancement tool for employers. Company literature states that the device emits an ultra low radio frequency that helps decrease employee tension in the workplace, thus raising effectiveness and productivity.
According to Dr. Walter Jones, Director of ENOCH, the RF signal sent by the device penetrates the human subconscious and effects cranial regions associated with stress and anxiety.

UK considers RFID tags for prisoners

Prisoners 'to be chipped like dogs'

Will Getting Chipped Keep You Healthier?

RFID implants linked to cancer tumors:

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