Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Consumers Union, publisher of Consumer Reports - CU Activist Summit 2010 - Nancy Pelosi

Notice the logo...image...oh my gosh...have you had enough yet?  And listen to Speaker Pelosi...wow!  "Reining in the Insurance Companies, reining in the...."

 Video Highlights from the CU Activist Summit


""There is now no doubt of the growing wave of popular sentiment in favor of an efficient public health program," we wrote in 1939 as a similar debate fractured the country. "This National Health bill can die or be delayed in committee; can be defeated in either Congressional house; can be emasculated at almost any point in the legislative process." It ultimately was."
History of Consumers Union

I definitely won't renew my subscription to Consumer Reports. people, People, PEOPLE!! WAKE-UP!!

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