Monday, July 19, 2010

Bill Ayers IN The News

Wow....what a busy summer for all of us!

Check this out Bill Ayers and a student had a federal lawsuit against the University of Wyoming - It cost the University $86,000.00.

And he has a new book  - To Teach: the Journey, in Comics

Look at this book review ( There's more there to read....yikes!) - "Text and image together succeed when there seems to be a political statement, and the assertions are hardly subtle; it cannot be an accident that Malcolm X books are shown or mentioned three times, or that an image of a raised fist appears as another trifecta.That’s not to say public schools shouldn’t employ alternative reading or study unconventional social theories, but once is a random example; thrice makes an agenda. But is this the agenda of the book?"

I don't know that I would spend ANY money on this verify....nah.

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