Saturday, July 24, 2010

Left Forum 2010 - Interesting Audios

Listen to this one first...and this goes right along with my Netroots Nation Conference 2010 - Van Jones - post

Mp3  - Reimagining Society: The Nature of the Task (1:16:15) -- Barbara Epstein - Socialist Review; History, UC Santa Cruz.

Barbara Epstein Info - Her work
And remember my newest fav. blog- New Zeal? Trevor has some 'stuff ' about Barbara Epstein too - here, and here.

Mp3 The Future of Labor in the U.S. (1:09:12) - Frances Fox Piven (chairwoman) - The Graduate Center, CUNY & others....

Frances Fox Piven:
Challenging Authority (book online) - 169 pgs.

DiscoverTheNetworks (btw...bookmark - See the Groups)

Mp3  - Going Undercover: The Yes Men and Gumshoe Journalists Discuss Subterfuge and Satire in Activism and Investigative Journalism

Left Forum

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