Thursday, December 02, 2010

Update on the Cancun Conference - News Items

See CFACT - News items

Phony Claims Infest Cancun Climate Conference- Brian Sussman is author of Climategate

Blow to Carbon Market Image as Climate Negotiations Heat up
"Emissions allowances worth EUR24m have been stolen from a Swiss cement company, while an Italian trading platform has frozen all deal activity due to suspicions of carbon tax fraud. Meanwhile the United Nations is currently investigating whether it is handing out too many carbon credits to projects cutting industrial pollution."
UN- Going after the my incandescent light bulbs - (forget about mine...I'm keeping mine and getting MORE! And the GOP should have this ONE in their 'sites'- the light bulb ban! They took this action...why not get rid of the law/ban on light bulbs)

UN climate chief Pachauri ignorant of 15 years without warming

Wind Turbine Installed Near Climate Conference Venue In Cancun

From "Think Progress"

Conference - Anxiety -Will it end in a big NOTHING?  (I pray!)

Plant breeders preparing for climate change

Google Videos on Fighting Climate Change- Google Earth Website
Another one - UN -Lightbulbs (background info on the lightbulb situation)

Climate Change: Alleviating Poverty Helps Developing Countries Adapt

Africa demands $100m at Cancun climate talks

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