Monday, January 10, 2011

Climate Change Items

The World in 2011 - note the info on Climate Change

It’s understandable why the climate community started to advocate cap and trade twenty years ago, because the political climate didn’t allow for a tax approach. But as George Soros discovered when he looked closely at the proposed legislation, the cap and trade system is too complex and therefore too easy to game.

The more complicated the system, the simpler the solution needs to be—the most attractive option is a high tax that is rebated on a per capita basis. No special benefits for renewable energy or anything else. It’s a progressive approach and, most importantly, it’s doable. People will both get the signal from higher prices at the pump that energy use matters and have the opportunity to change behavior and save lots of money. And even if they don’t change their energy use, they aren’t hurt as they will still receive the tax rebate.
 "Global Warning" - by 'student reporters' - "Graduate students in our special reporting project traveled the globe, investigating the effects of climate change on national security. A full web site with their findings launched on Sunday."

Why the CIA is spying on a changing climate

Climate Change to last a 1,000 Years- [yeah, RIGHT!]

Duke Energy buying Progress Energy in $13.7 billion deal --
"Duke Energy and Progress Energy announced this morning a merger that will base the combined N.C. power companies in Charlotte and make it the nation's biggest electric utility with 7.1 million customers."

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