Friday, November 30, 2007

Feast of St. Andrew the Apostle

And on this feast day...St. Andrew - the 1st of Peter....Let's get out there - TEACH/EVANGELIZE- (watch/listen to Fr. Pacwa-EWTN LIVE Martha Fernandez-Sardina)

Pay attention to what's happening in our world...most especially in entertainment. When it would be so easy to say during this beginning of our holiday season..."Come on kids lets go see a movie...what movie do you want to see?" Please investigate what's out there and notice how it's being marketed to your children and you! Notice the marketing scheme taking place through kid meals, toys, books....etc.

Have you seen the movie trailer of "The Golden Compass"? Have you heard the dialog? 'They' use this title of a dark villain- "institutional villain, the Magisterium" - as a key role to defeat! Do you get that? Magisterium...doesn't take an anvil to fall outta the sky and hit me over the head to understand what's going on! But, see, this is the hook....most Catholics have been poorly catechised and don't know the connection or the meaning of Magisterium...and that's how the enemy works. HELLO!

Please don't HELP him! Learn about your faith. Tradition and Living Magisterium

It's ALL right here on the internet and available for all to be fed (and protected). When you feed your soul you protect yourself from the weaknesses/openings that the enemy wants to use to manipulate, monopolize, and capitalize on for his advantage.

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