Monday, May 23, 2005

President at the National Catholic Prayer Breakfast

The transcript for President Bush's speech at the National Catholic Prayer Breakfast can be found here.

"Catholics have made sacrifices throughout American history because they understand that freedom is a divine gift that carries with it serious responsibilities. Among the greatest of these responsibilities is protecting the most vulnerable members of our society. That was the message that Pope John Paul II proclaimed so tirelessly throughout his own life, and it explains the remarkable outpouring of love for His Holiness at the funeral mass that Laura and I were privileged to attend in Rome. It explains why when the men were carrying his wooden casket up the stairs, and they turned to show the casket to the millions that were there, that just as the casket crests, the sun shown for all to see. (Applause.)"

Michael Schiavo deceased?

Judge Greer is at it again. Michael you were in such a hurry. Why? And now there's a slight problem with the paperwork to get Terri's estate.

Sunday, May 22, 2005

Howard Dean on Meet the Press

So, Howard Dean is showing up everywhere even red states and even visiting the Catholic hierarchy? That's a bit scary-"going to do some more of that". I wonder who in the Catholic hierarchy he has visited?

Boy -he has a lot of territory to cover.
Shall we go to the

"Show up Everywhere: The truth is we're reaching out all over the place. We are talking to people. I have spoken with evangelicals. I have visited with some of the Catholic hierarchy in this country. We are going to do some more of that. I've been to 18 states. Of those, eight of them have been red states. We're trying to get our message out everywhere. We are going to go after the Republican--what they think is the Republican base. We're going to go after red states. There are some of those states that we can win. "