Saturday, July 24, 2010

RFID Items

100 ways to use RFID in 100 days

ThingMagic's RFID Blog
Creepy (to me)

Wal-Mart is trying the RFID thing again

Dr. Katherine Albrecht's Radio Show - Archives

RFID Market Info

Update: Netroots Nation Conference 2010

Nancy Pelosi: News item on her speech - CBS News
Nancy Pelosi -"Ask the Speaker w/ Nancy Pelosi" - [A side note: her jewelry - you know those big bead necklaces that Nancy wears?  They are known to her followers, as "jawbreakers"...when she wears them - you know she is ready to go into 'battle' -yikes! Also see NRO's - Kathryn Jean Lopez's post on Nancy's new fashion statement- you've gotta see this one - love the 'tote' - (I'm going to nickname her 'KJLo' ; ) ]

President Obama Spoke too


Netroots Nation 2010 Items

Getting to We.Gov: How To Leverage the Open Government Movement For Social Change

Why Women are the Key to the Future of Progressive Election Victories

More to follow...Nancy Pelosi spoke this a.m. too!  Will post it when it's available.

Left Forum 2010 - Interesting Audios

Listen to this one first...and this goes right along with my Netroots Nation Conference 2010 - Van Jones - post

Mp3  - Reimagining Society: The Nature of the Task (1:16:15) -- Barbara Epstein - Socialist Review; History, UC Santa Cruz.

Barbara Epstein Info - Her work
And remember my newest fav. blog- New Zeal? Trevor has some 'stuff ' about Barbara Epstein too - here, and here.

Mp3 The Future of Labor in the U.S. (1:09:12) - Frances Fox Piven (chairwoman) - The Graduate Center, CUNY & others....

Frances Fox Piven:
Challenging Authority (book online) - 169 pgs.

DiscoverTheNetworks (btw...bookmark - See the Groups)

Mp3  - Going Undercover: The Yes Men and Gumshoe Journalists Discuss Subterfuge and Satire in Activism and Investigative Journalism

Left Forum

Netroots Nation 2010 - Van Jones

Interview with Van Jones ("Targeted because he was black...") ?

Monday, July 19, 2010

Update: US Social Forum

Items: Healthcare NOW (must read)here, here, here, here, here....

"Our Two Wars" - Archbishop Sheen

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3


Bill Ayers IN The News

Wow....what a busy summer for all of us!

Check this out Bill Ayers and a student had a federal lawsuit against the University of Wyoming - It cost the University $86,000.00.

And he has a new book  - To Teach: the Journey, in Comics

Look at this book review ( There's more there to read....yikes!) - "Text and image together succeed when there seems to be a political statement, and the assertions are hardly subtle; it cannot be an accident that Malcolm X books are shown or mentioned three times, or that an image of a raised fist appears as another trifecta.That’s not to say public schools shouldn’t employ alternative reading or study unconventional social theories, but once is a random example; thrice makes an agenda. But is this the agenda of the book?"

I don't know that I would spend ANY money on this verify....nah.