Saturday, February 23, 2008

RFID & VeriChip News

Chipping in to open a new chapter in communication, control
(Professor Kevin Warwick)

Regarding the second stage of research, he said he got implanted with a more complex chip, which interfaced directly with his nervous system, in March 2002. The experiment was successful, as the signals produced by the chip were detailed enough for a robot arm developed by his colleague Peter Kyberd to mimic the action of his arm.

Warwick even went on to implant a simpler chip into the body of his wife. He wanted to try telepathy, using Internet to communicate the signal from afar.

The experiment was successful and resulted in the first purely electronic communication experiment between the nervous systems of two human beings. Though his family found it “crazy” initially, he was determined to use the technology for helping the disabled, he said.

Senior Life: Chipping away at our individual rights

VeriChip Corporation Protects More Than One Million Infants in 2007
"Xmark's infant protection systems are designed to prevent infant abductions and inadvertent child mismatching in hospitals. The main component of the systems is a wearable RFID tag that is assigned to child and mother following birth. Monitors positioned throughout the hospital detect the integrity of the tags and location of the child. If a newborn is removed from the ward, if the tag is lifted from the baby's skin or if the ankle strap is compromised, the system immediately triggers an alarm, alerting hospital security to the situation."

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Cardinal attacked for forcing hospital to obey ethics code

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RFID - Passports

Authorities Hit Back at e-Passport Critics

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