Sunday, November 13, 2005

Catholic Charities-Issues

Hat tip to Dom Bettinelli for the info on Catholic Charities Boston (scroll down to Nov 11, 05 4:46 pm posting).
I too have deep issues with Catholic Charities U.S.A.

I have raised my concerns with others over the years and today I found these items to support my findings.
My issues stem from the fact that there are so many that have their "hand in the pot" (i.e. the religious nuns-Sisters of Mercy) while openly and arrogantly dissenting Holy Mother's teachings. For shame on all those that lead others away from the Holy Mother Church. Woe to them, those that have been given much.

I offer the following for your discernment:
Catholic Charities USA-Advocacy
Catholic Charities USA-Who We Are pdf. file
Catholic Charities-Parish Social Ministry Training Calendar
Catholic Charities-Parish Social Ministry Training
Catholic Charities Pres. Rev. Larry Snyder- "Father Snyder earns a salary of $180,000 in his new role."-??
Catholic Charities-program("tentacle")-JustFaith-Creator & Director-Jack Jezreel (scroll down)-"Google"-JustFaith + Dissent= Catholic Action Network. (scroll down)

More here too on J. Jezreel, with one of my buddies--from Mount St. Agnes (MSA/RSM'S)--Carol Lee Flinders at a CTA conference giving a homliy?!!
(I can't follow the pics.-I don't know if that is her giving a homily) Of course these people are all hanging together with those I know here in Birmingham.
I knew they were all sitting up in that tree---those birds-"Birds of a feather...."

So you see there are large issues here.

And then this came from Deal Hudson-"The Window"-titled article-"Boston's Catholic Charities Honors Public Dissenter"-
"Catholic Charities in Boston is continuing to steer a steady course away from Church authority. Invitations for the Catholic Charities annual Christmas dinner were recently sent out naming their honoree, Boston Mayor Tom Menino. Menino has distinguished himself with his public support of abortion and gay marriage. He is often quoted in the press bashing pro-life lay groups, politicians and theologians."

And another hat tip to Carrie Tomko for this article by James Fitzpatrick, since I believe it sums up the "words speak" by liberals.

We all have to use the discerning gifts that have been bestowed upon us by OUR LOVING FATHER.