Friday, August 10, 2007

The Truth about Eucharistic Adoration

Illegals: "We have a RIGHT to Work in America"

Everything's Made of Ice at Dubai Bar

While the new, $3 million hangout, which opened in a Dubai mall in June, is expected to become a must-see tourist destination, it also is expected to raise questions about already high energy consumption in this desert land.

Brrrrr! What happens when the power goes out? Wish there was a place like that here in the southeast this weekend. Getting ready to hit the 100+ degree mark again...come on Oct.

Divine Word priest's throat cut

Prayers of thanksgiving to Our Heavenly FATHER for the survival of Fr. Ho...and we'll continue to pray for his complete recovery.

"SPP-eak no evil"

VeriChip - Deal to Simplify the Business of Implanted Identity

The company has been furnishing hospitals with readers and software, but with few people willing to have the implants, it has been hard to demonstrate that the technology has benefits that cannot be achieved less invasively with other methods.

It's a good thing.... = )

Thursday, August 09, 2007

N.J. Gay Couples Can't File Joint Tax Returns

Plans for Economic Integration

by Eagle Forum's Phyllis Schlafly

And this reminder...

The State Department claims the purpose is to “develop common approaches to transnational security threats and to expand economic productivity by streamlining trade among the countries.”


Homeland Security chief vows to move forward with ID law

Legal fight over red cross symbol

Give me a break!

Cancer-stricken Pavarotti 'under observation' in hospital

O Blessed Mother intercede for him in his needs and may she hold him close to her Immaculate Heart!

From Reuters: FACTBOX: Key facts about Luciano Pavarotti

VeriChip News : Merger - Applied Digital and Digital Angel and Q2 Losses

Applied Digital and Digital Angel Enter Merger Agreement

Q2 loss spreads at VeriChip

RFID Vendors to Demonstrate Benefits of Item-level Apparel Tagging

Notice the list of speakers at the event!

British Columbia Drivers May Carry RFID Licenses in 2008