Sunday, January 29, 2006

Pope Benedict XVI, Keeler, & Baltimore

Pope will not visit Baltimore for rededication of Basilica

"Spokesman Sean T. Caine said that Pope Benedict's schedule will not allow him to visit for the rededication of the nation's first Roman Catholic cathedral. But with the pope considering a visit to the United States in 2007, Cardinal William H. Keeler has asked him to consider a stop in Baltimore, Caine said."

Considering my many issues with the Sisters of Mercy-Baltimore (Mount St. Agnes Theological Center for Women)--I would so strongly desire to meet with them and discuss this situation before it's tentacles continue to spread across the country.

The Mercy women have already set up a "chapter" here in Birmingham under the guise of "Mercy Associates"-lay women's group with plans for another future local group to be entwinned together here in Birmingham ("A second group is preparing to join this inital group next year."). Since the diocese doesn't use the internet for our diocesan news (darnit) I'll have to quote from it as it is was reported in "The One Voice":
"Mercy Association Initiates First Group of Women"-
"Each new Mercy Associate made a promise of a ministerial work of Mercy (scroll down) to which she is committed and recieved a symbol of her committment, a Mercy Associate pin.
The key elements of Mercy association are as follows: A sense of calling by God, i.e. a Mercy dimension of the universal call to holiness; Orientation to Catherine McAuley (Foundress), Mercy, and Mercy history; Participation in local and regional Mercy life and mission; Formal, ritualized committment; Leadership of associates by associates in collaboration with Sisters of Mercy; Regular meetings, retreats and/or reflection days and opportunties for social and recreational gatherings; Networking of associates at Institute/interreligious/regional gatherings; Periodic evaluation of association; Committment to furthering multi-cultural and multi-lingual participation."

Won't Benedict XVI please come and clean all of this up?