Friday, December 17, 2004

The USCCB Annual Plenary Meeting November 2004

Back to the USCCB annual plenary meeting last November. Helen Hull Hitchcock editor of "Adoremus" has penned her opinion of the what the Bishops did or failed to do at their last meeting: "Bishops Send Mixed Signals at USCCB Meeting".

"But the divisions within the conference are increasingly visible, as revealed in the conflicts over the Liturgy; even more starkly in the sex-abuse crisis; and this year, in the bishops' divergent responses on Catholics and political responsibility. This situation cannot easily be resolved."

No it CAN NOT! Only when they convert and become HUMBLE & FAITHFUL servants of OUR LORD!
Christian Protestors Face 47 Years in Jail for Encounter at 'Gay Pride' Event

"First, symbols of Christianity are removed from the public square; now, Christians are facing 47 years in prison because they preached the gospel in the public square. Stalin would be proud," Fahling concluded."

See-- IT'S ALREADY HERE! Persecution!

Parents Television Council (PTC) is in the news again this week-Television's increasingly negative treatment of religion.
That's a big DUH! And IT WILL get worse!
Cybercast News Service is reporting on disturbing developments down-under in Australia.

Christian Pastors Found Guilty of Vilifying Islam
"Pastors Danny Nalliah and Daniel Scot were found to have breached a section of the state of Victoria's controversial hate law, which says a person must not incite "hatred against, serious contempt for or revulsion or severe ridicule of" another person or group on the basis of religious belief or activity. The complaint arose from a seminar on Islam run for Christians by Nalliah's evangelical Catch the Fire Ministries in Melbourne in 2002."

What will stop this from taking place here in the U.S.? This is "JUST THE BEGINNING"!
We all need to pay attention here.

In light of the news this week of the Vatican's plans to visit U.S. seminaries in 2005 let's revisit this issue too. And remember there's a priest shortage because of this behavior.
A letter to Archbishop Flynn from Rainbow Sashers. I don't even want to "go there".

"The Rainbow Sash is never worn as a sign of protest. Others have promoted this idea, but we say, we wear the Rainbow Sash as sign of identification."

FOR WHAT? Do you get this?

Our Lady please help us.

Thursday, December 16, 2004

More on the Christian Chocolate ban in France: French Religious Symbols Ban Cuts Two Ways
"Catho-phobia""Christianophobia""Christophobia"--& now my newest entry--"Christ-Cocoa-phobia"
Thanks to Carrie Tomko at "Running off at the Keyboard" for the phobia list.
Where do those nuns go when they retire? And do they really retire? I always imagined them sitting in big halls together working on altar linens-repairing them or making them. And by the way where ARE THE YOUNGER nuns? Why aren't they taking care of their own? Where's the social justice in this situation? Aren't the younger nuns required to care for those that aren't able to care for themselves? Hmmm! This doesn't make sense. Let me get this straight--the younger nuns in the order go around the world protesting wars, teaching & practicing "new age" techniques & beliefs-like enneagrams & yoga while the older nuns watch from the sidelines? This makes sense? I don't think so. These Benedictines don't look like they are too worried about the older nuns in their order. They're busy making schedules for Yoga, massage therapy, and Centering prayer. WOW! Those poor older nuns what they have to put up with. What happened to sacrifice? So very sad. I pray for those older retired nuns, how they must be so discouraged. And to think that the older nuns were my teachers in the local Catholic High School. I'll continue to pray for all of you.
Social Doctrine Touted as More Than "a List of Good Feelings"
Vatican Official Warns of Its Weak Use by Catholics

I love this quote by Bishop Giampaolo Crepaldi: "When Catholics are incapable of accepting their own faith as truth, Christianity as 'religio vera' [true religion], they will not be able, either, to appreciate the universal value of the social doctrine itself and will interpret it only as one more contribution," lamented the secretary of the Vatican dicastery.
Again in Rome an interesting new book has been released on the West and Islam-"The West and the Rest" by Roger Scruton, an English philosopher and easiest, formerly a professor at Birkbeck College in London and at Boston University.
I really believe that Sandro Magister at Chiesa is a very good reporter. I enjoy reading her articles as they are quite informative. I would mark this site for broad reading. It's helpful information concerning the Vatican and the hierarchy.

A busy week in Rome: Court rules against bid to remove crucifix. (Have to give credit to a new site I just found for this GOOD NEWS--The Catholic-Spectator. I like the title and the site seems to be pretty much on the straight path.)
"Italian state-run schools are fully entitled to hang crucifixes in their classrooms, an Italian high court ruled on Wednesday, thus rejecting a legal challenge raised by a non-Christian."

This is a good win FOR GOD!

And at the opposite of the spectrum: Rome Gets Rael-World Atheism Convention, held here Dec. 11-13.
Good and evil it's always sooo very close together. Notice what the Pope also had to say about good and evil today too.

Just as St. Paul spoke to the Romans: "Do not be overcome by evil, but overcome evil with good."
Church teaching on babies that die before Baptism.
Fr. Gumpel answers the question.

Wednesday, December 15, 2004

My "activist friends" check this site out Parents Television Council.
Maybe you can go here and register a complaint against ABC-Disney for their newest show I was so unlucky to have seen last week..."Life as We Know it"...TOTALLY DISGUSTING. I have never seen such trash or heard such trash. I guess this is a version of "SEX in the CITY"--"SEX IN THE CLASSROOM".
Free Market Project Follow-Up Finds Media Obsessed With Obesity

I am so glad to see this item most especially today since I have Christmas cookies in the house. = )
I have always wondered what the big deal is over "super-sizing". When my family eats out at our local fast food restuarant we super-size so that we can share or split the item with each other. I noticed it keeps me from "pigging out" with my own serving. Now if I can exert some self-control with these cookies sitting here in my kitchen and more Christmas baking ahead of me.

LORD give the strength not to pick up that cookie today. reports :UK Gov't Tries to Ease 'Backdoor Euthanasia' Concerns As Bill Passes
Will this help? How long before we have to deal with a bill like this?

"A key concern of pro-lifers relates to the fact that, in terms of an earlier legal decision in Britain, food and water are defined as "treatment" and therefore would also be withdrawn, along with what is more conventionally considered medical treatment, such as the administration of drugs."
Cuba threat over Christmas lights
Hope this works-a good plan at keeping the "light" on human rights-75 imprisoned dissidents held since last year.

Fox News Channel, Giving 'Em More Zell

Nothing like a good guy from the "red state" of GA. to help keep it fair and balanced!

White Christmas

Still Dreaming of a 'White Christmas'
Interesting background on one of my favorite Christmas songs.

Tuesday, December 14, 2004

Whoa-Archbishop Flynn & Rainbow Sash-ers

Archbishop speaks to Vatican officials about Rainbow Sash protests
"He said Cardinal Arinze agreed that it was a complex problem requiring clear teaching and pastoral sensitivity. The archbishop said he was not asked to change his policy."
This was a good thing, but why can't THEY just stand firm in CHRIST'S TEACHINGS?!
Do you know any of these people? (The National Association of Catholic Diocesan Lesbian and Gay Ministries-NACDLGM) There are religious at this event. These acronyms...

Still whining ...The "So-Called" Liberal Media .
Beckhams' Nativity Scene Attacked in London

What are people thinking? Wax statues of the Blessed Mother-"Posh" Spice likeness--Joseph-David Beckham likeness? Does anyone have common sense any more? Thank goodness--"Anglicans, Catholics and Presbyterians have united in calling the exhibit a new low in the cult of celebrity worship."

If you knew it might present a continued offense or problem why don't you remove the display? How can you say it's just a tongue-in-cheek? I am OFFENDED! Disgusting.
"Madame Tussaud's have apologized for any offence caused, but insist the tableau was intended only as a tongue-in-cheek way of bringing the nativity to a wider audience.
"We are not suggesting for one minute these celebrities actually represent the biblical characters themselves and we are sorry if it has been misconstrued as such," a statement said."

France! Need I say more?
French Thought Police Ban 'Christian' Chocolate
St. Fultie, The Next American Saint? Archbishop Sheen called himself this. Cute.

Monday, December 13, 2004

The Bible tells me so
Religion in the Heartland is more complex than those of us in the blue states sometimes think

And...again...hate the sin love the sinner!
"Increasingly, churches are consulting scholars, parsing Hebrew and Greek terminology, sponsoring in-depth discussion forums and commissioning research to examine exactly what the Bible says, and what passages written thousands of years ago when concubines were the norm, mean for 2005."

WHAT? Again where in the BIBLE does it say that this behavior is acceptable?

And stay with this article---it gets really out THERE & quite long--according to this writer Vicki Haddock --Sodom and Gomorrah's fate was due to the fact that GOD was destroying the cities for their actions in particular -"gang rapes"-"In context, the tale doesn't read as an indictment of consensual gay sex -- it's a sickening denouncement of gang rape." Again what are these people doing to the Bible and our Churches?
Gay Marriage Stance Prompts Church Action Against Mayor
"San Francisco Mayor Gavin Newsom says he is not welcome in two of the city’s Catholic churches because he sanctions same sex marriages."

Again hate the sin love the sinner!

Hate the sin -love the sinner!
Why do you have to manipulate the Bible? And not to mention the wallpaper of the Vatican website?

Catholic lottery winner distributes funds to support culture of life
This one makes me feel better tonight--but please Bernadette pay attention to those groups whom you are bestowing HIS gifts. Please make sure that they are following OUR LORD, the Church, and are REALLY PRO-LIFE! Prayers for you Bernadette and your mission. May Our BLESSED MOTHER continue to assist you in ending ALL ABORTION.

Concerns with the Vatican? Why oh why would you be?
Could it be because the Vatican is preparing to make a planned visit to the U.S. seminaries next year? Hmm?

Child Euthanasia Already Happens Everywhere, Says Dutch Hospital

Child Euthanasia Already Happens Everywhere, Says Dutch Hospital
Hearing this makes me so very sick to my stomach with less than just two weeks away from the celebration of the BIRTH OF THE SON OF GOD!!! A CHILD! I have got to pray for the graces to fast for the next couple of weeks!
Come LORD come!
LORD have Mercy!
Our Lady of Guadalupe PRAY FOR US!

Thomas More Law Center Files Supreme Court Brief in Support of Ten Commandments Display
This shall be interesting as I live here in Alabama-Judge Moore's home state.


Well, well, well...this is really a good thing in my humble opinion--Mel knows where the HONOR AND GLORY LIES!

CIRCUIT COURT HEARS NYC NATIVITY CASE---we shall see who wins on this one.
Cardinal Mahony accused of perjury in sex abuse case
Did anyone see this?

Sunday, December 12, 2004

Are you familiar with one of my favorite musical groups? "Simply Red" is scheduled to perform at the Vatican. I want to go! My favorite song is "Holding back the years".
'UK church faces life underground'
Top cleric sees implosion, persecution coming

Well if we are take our cues from this piece of information --who is next? I think the persecution has already begun. I have experienced it first hand among my own family members who have taken humanism to be their own belief system. It doesn't take long before you realize that most of our culture have embraced this thinking. "I don't need to go to confession...I just speak to him right here" or "Why should I say anything about my son's living arrangements? It's his life anyway". We haven't even begun to quite see and understand the effects of this "cancer". We have just scratched the surface.

The impending death of Christmas?
Rev. Jerry Falwell on Christmas: "Other similar religious-freedom legal groups are actively working to protect Americans' rights to express their faith. The task is daunting because leftist organizations are aggressively attempting to redefine America in their own Godless image. They seek a national mandate."

What happened to this Christmas tree? See the video. I don't understand what they are saying but in this case, pictures and reactions speak a thousand words.

Now that this group The Council for Secular Humanism has taken a stance against Christian beliefs. Look here: "Dangerous Reading"!? Look here: What Do We Do Now that the Sexual Revolution is Over? Here: HUMANISM AND ITS ASPIRATIONS

Here's a good fighter of humanism and I hope he becomes a great saint Archbishop Fulton Sheen. See this site for an update on his cause for sainthood-"Pressing Sainthood for a Beloved Archbishop"