Wednesday, December 20, 2006

From Agape Press...

Year In Review: Strategy for Exiting Public Schools Described as 'Call to Holiness'
"[O]ur children are not evangelizing in the schools," he told AP. "The schools are evangelizing them out of Christianity."

Is it too late to add to my Christmas list?

By Kate O’Beirne

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Mitt Romney Info

While I'm away for a couple of days...
Of course keep an eye on the guys at Southern Appeal...they are really doing a great job. More Mitt Romney info - MASS Resistance--they've been keeping Mitt on his toes for years and they've got documents to back it up!

Democrats Scared of Brownback!

"Veil Tip" to guys at Southern Appeal. The Dems are scared to death of Brownback. Is this enough of a confirmation or what?! Thank you GOD!

Notes From My Purple State: Brownback for President

"Confirmation" (indicators/quotes) of Brownback's Presidential Candidacy:

Brownback is a religious man determined to sniff the scent of many versions of the Christian Gospel. After a stint as a Methodist, he donned Evangelical garb in the mid-90s. Apparently, neither was a good enough fit: In 1996, Brownback fell under the spell of Rev. John McCloskey, an anchor at the right-wing Catholic organization Opus Dei. He was baptized a Catholic “not in a church but in a chapel tucked between lobbyists' offices on K Street that is run by Opus Dei,” writes Jeff Sharlet in Rolling Stone.


Brownback has spoken widely to Legatus, a lay organization of Catholic CEOs committed to right-wing social causes. Legatus, with 5,000 members, is filled with friends—and better yet for Brownback, friends with deep pockets. Brownback’s association with Monaghan begins to make sense.

His opposition to abortion is still (and always will be) his mainstay, but don’t let that fool you: this hack favors just about everything that common-sense Americans oppose, and vice versa, when it comes to healthcare, the war in Iraq, energy policy, environmental protection, and tax cuts.

Their name calling is much nicer?! NOT!


The best indicator we're on to something good....

Democrats can’t let the electoral success of 2006 blind them to the revenge that far-right elements will be looking for—are looking for even now, in fact—in 2008. For if America wakes up under Brownback, well…God help us all.

Tuesday, December 19, 2006

American Life League - Pelosi

Pelosi Wants Mass to Showcase Faith; ALL Urges D.C. Archbishop to Stop it

On January 3, Rep. Pelosi is scheduled to attend Mass at Trinity College in Washington as an endorsement of her alma mater and her Catholic faith. Given Pelosi’s outspoken support of abortion, Mrs. Brown has written to Archbishop Wuerl requesting that he do all in his power to stop the event. “Rep. Pelosi has a tremendous opportunity to make a difference for all human beings as the most powerful Catholic in Congress,” said Brown. “Unfortunately, she continually supports the very act that destroys life rather than protects it. It is for this very reason that a Catholic institution should not condone or support her position as a legislator.”

NEA's New "Campaign" -Safety in Schools

A "veil tip" to Agape Press for this news item...Safe Schools for Everyone
Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, and Transgendered Students

Also, take a look at their "Resources" list on the right, near the bottom of this article.

BE AWARE PARENTS! The culture of death knows no boundaries!

Stem Cells

Public Misinformed About Stem Cell Issue

"The beef is that there is no question that embryos are destroyed in the harvesting of stem cells," Maxwell said. "Now you are destroying a human being."

Many scientists disagree. Crouse, who specializes in embryonic stem cells, said it boils down to a difference in perspective about when human life begins.

He said, "There is no baby, no abortion."

In fact, Crouse said, the embryos that are used are essentially medical waste.

Most embryonic stem cells used in U.S. research come from embryos left over from in vitro fertilization - where a woman's eggs are fertilized outside the womb and the resulting embryos are implanted in the uterus. If the embryos are not implanted, they are typically destroyed.

My dog barks in her sleep...

I have often wondered what she is barking at...chasing squirrels, other dogs, or intruders?
Animals Dream in Pictures, Too

The "fringe" you mean a carpet?

"Veil tip" to the guys over at Southern Appeal for this “Brownback’s big backer”.

I love the quote from Rev. R0bert Drinan, on former Domino's Pizza founder Tom Monaghan's support of Sen. Sam Brownback-(Catholic-convert) on his possible candidacy to the White House:

“In the Catholic community, he’s looked upon as kind of on the fringes,” said the Rev. Robert Drinan, a liberal Roman Catholic priest and former Democratic congressman who teaches at Georgetown University. “The world view is, ‘We have to get back to a Catholic civilization.’ They want to go back to a Christian society imposed from above. … It’s just another world they want to build.”

Lead, follow, or get out of the way!