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News - Bishop Stanislaw Wielgus - Poland

From Sandro Magister for Chiesa:The Wielgus Case: The Reasons for His Resignation

He was the new archbishop of Warsaw, and Benedict XVI had supported him almost
until the last moment. But then he ordered him to resign. There are many who have disappointed the pope – and some even in the Vatican

Polish bishop denies concealing communist-era cooperation from Pope Benedict XVI

The oath he made to the papal envoy in Warsaw in December:
In the oath, as quoted by the PAP news agency, Wielgus said “I swear to God” that during meetings and talks with the secret security and intelligence forces in the 1970s, “I never spoke against the church, nor did I do or say anything bad against any clergy or lay people.”

Walesa joins row over priests who spied for secret police

As the church braced itself for more damaging disclosures, the hero of Solidarity joined the fray by blaming the crisis on former communist agents - threatened with the loss of their public sector jobs by the present administration - and government 'populists and demagogues'. Walesa accused the former agents of trying, in effect, to blackmail the state with the revelation.

Pope furious as Polish launch new priest spy inquiry

The Vatican is alive with rumours that Giovanni Battista Cardinal Re, head of the Council of Bishops, will be the next victim of the affair, and that a satisfactory way to boot him upstairs is being contrived. After Bishop Wielgus's resignation, Cardinal Re declared: "We knew nothing about his collaboration". He was frankly not believed. "That was obviously rubbish", said one Vatican insider.

Top Polish Bishops' Files Face Review

A senior clergyman said Friday that Poland's bishops will request a review of their Communist-era secret police files and send the findings to the Vatican, following a new archbishop's abrupt resignation over disclosures he spied for the old regime.

Polish priest leads push to expose clergy who cooperated with secret police

Now, church leaders are bracing for the impending release of Rev. Tadeusz
Isakowicz-Zaleski's book about the secret police's penetration of the church in
Krakow. The reverend pored through secret police archives kept by Poland's Institute of National Remembrance and discovered that 39 Krakow priests had
collaborated with the regime. Four of them are now bishops, he said.

Hybrid Embryos Legal; Licensing Deferred

Creating hybrid eggs transfers nucleus from a mature human cell to a rabbit or cow egg without a nucleus, then stimulating the cloned egg to grow into an early embryo from which stem cells could be cultured. Genetically it would be more than 99.9 percent human.

Our Lady of Fatima pray for us!
LORD have mercy!

Italy convicts Nazis of massacre

Italy has sentenced 10 former members of the Nazi SS to life imprisonment for their role in the worst World War II massacre on Italian soil, reports say.

Thank you Fr. John A. Hardon, S.J.!

Fr. helped me find the deep reason I 'blog'...Writing and the Spiritual Life.

The Charity of Sharing Our Souls.

Writing is a proved trainer of the tongue, to prevent us from failing in charity through speech.

But there is more to the practice of charity than merely avoiding failures against the virtue. Charity is, above all, sharing with another what I have, in order to enrich the person whom I love.

What is our dearest possession? It is the gifts of the spirit that the Holy Spirit has generously given to us. If I am to share these gifts of my soul with others, I must do several things:

Acquire as much grace as I can by reading, prayer and self-denial. From my record, I share — as occasion arises — with others what the goodness of the Lord has shared with me. It would be a good idea if we started keeping a written record of past experiences, interesting episodes, uplifting sentiments, whether our own or those received from others.

When God became man, He taught the people mainly through short stories — we call them parables. He wants us to follow His example. In practice, this means we should make a written memo of the parables in our own life, to share them with others and thus bring everyone we talk to closer to the Heart of Christ.

John A. Hardon, S. J.

"Kum Ba Yah"

Graying Hippies Mark 'Be-In' Anniversary

Some in the crowd reminisced about how they knew even then that they were living through extraordinary times that would resonate 40 years on.

"I was there and I enjoyed it immensely - and miss it, as a matter of fact," O'Donnell said.

I know...unfortunately...there are those of us who have choosen NOT to move on.

National Geographic - "In the Womb-Multiples"

Tomorrow (Sunday) night gather the family and friends-all children, adults, young and old to watch National Geographic (tv channel). They have a wonderful pro-life program on life in the womb. The program is about the life and development of triplets as they grow, wriggle, kick and move about in their "own private space". The images have been enhanced by computer "using revolutionary 4-D ultra-sound". I've seen a preview and it looks awesome. Check your local tv guide for availability and time, make a note and stick it on your TV.
And one more thing...why not offer a rosary or prayers before the program (while you have everybody in the same room) for an end to abortion and ask St. Gabriel the Archangel and the Holy Spirit to go out to inspire all to watch the program also asking that they open all hearts and minds to LIFE!

Minn.Congressman "2nd Muslim" Elected

Christian historian corrects error about Muslim congressman

Friday, January 12, 2007

Get Ready...more RFID...

Animal Tags for People? It doesn't take much to follow where this has been going!
Wake-up everybody--this article appears in a reputable business newspaper- Business Week! Does the article or journalist give the issue the more credibility? You decide!

Human-Chip Company Plans IPO
While the NAIS remains voluntary on a federal level, and there is no formal people identification system as yet, both executives are moving aggressively to position their companies for the day when chips in animals and people are the norm rather than the exception. Mary Zanoni, a lawyer and critic of NAIS who has written extensively about the system, says that "the microchipping of livestock and pet animals is intended to make tagging more acceptable in helping these companies market their devices for people."

McGrath's company, Digital Angel (DOC), does nearly $60 million in annual sales and has sold several million chips for attachment to livestock, mostly in the U.S. and Canada.

Silverman's company,VeriChip Corp., is preparing for widespread marketing of its people chips with an initial public offering that it expects to complete within the next 60 days.

It has begun building what he refers to as "the infrastructure" by signing up more than 400 hospitals to adopt system scanners and databases and about 1,200 physicians to make chips available to patients likeliest to benefit from them, such as diabetics. ("The U.S. Patent and Trademark Office has granted a patent for the product, which could serve a worldwide market of 230,000 million people with diabetes.")

While McGrath and Silverman aren't related, their companies are. Digital Angel and VeriChip have the same majority owner. Applied Digital Solutions (ADSX), the parent of seven smaller companies, owns 55% of Digital Angel and all of VeriChip.

Remember the Infant Protection from VeriChip?

A listing of their press releases. See a pattern yet?

Read Animal Tags for People: The Real Prize

ALERT - WND's David Kupelian - FREE Teleseminar on Tues. 1/16/07

"Veteran Journalist To Expose Deceptive Marketing Strategies Of The Abortion Industry..." Give me 70 minutes, and I'll show you exactly how deceitful marketers sold America on legalized abortion... And how you and I can turn the tide to finally END the tragic injustice of abortion.

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Please register now as there are a limited number of phone lines available. Follow the instructions on the site. (turn up speaker volume to listen too) And PLEASE pass the word.

FDA Probing Embryo-Production Service

Hmmm...playing GOD! GOD HAVE MERCY!

But Ryan, who runs the business out of her home in an upscale area of San Antonio, says the embryos are not "made to order" based on a client's eye or hair color preference. She said she plans to create embryos of several ethnicities.

"There's been this big hoopla about, like, you have this big list and you check 'blue eyes,' 'brown eyes.' That doesn't happen. They're already created embryos," Ryan said.

Ryan said she started the center last summer but doesn't hope to profit from it - and hasn't so far. She said it costs her $22,000 to create a batch of embryos and said her waiting list includes 300 potential clients.

"People say well, 'Is this ethical to do what you do? Is it moral to do what you do?'" Ryan said. "Is it ethical or moral not to do it when I have the means and ability to do it? Knowing that I can, should I continue listening to women lament that can't have children?"

There Isn't Going to Be a North American Union

Because John Hawkins said there!

Tuesday, January 09, 2007


Can someone explain this?

"Together, each in his place and with his respective gifts, let us work to build an integral humanism which alone can guarantee a world of peace, justice and solidarity."

Pope Urges Need for 'Renewed Humanism' (I would like to be able to see and read the entire homily to fully understand what was said by the Pope.)

"The need emerged to elaborate a new world political and economic order, but at the same time and above all, a spiritual and cultural one _ that is, renewed humanism," he said.

"At the start of the Third Millennium we find ourselves smack in the middle of this phase of human history, that has been for some time dubbed 'globalization.'"

The pope said that while politicians, scientists and researchers play important roles in the modern world, "today, more than ever, it is necessary to place at their side the leaders of the great non- Christian religious traditions" as well as Christian leaders.

This posting from NCR-Pope: World peace and the right to life go together

Halt threat of a nuclear arms race, pope says in ’07 peace day message

“I am convinced,” Pope Benedict said, “that respect for the person promotes peace and that, in building peace, the foundations are laid for an authentic integral humanism. In this way a serene future is prepared for coming generations.”

Humanism-definition. The Humanist Magazine.


So does the date Jan. 1, 2010 sound good to you?

Monday, January 08, 2007

More Insults About the 'North American Conspiracy'

Uh-huh....Dallas-based food chain to accept Mexican pesos


The Plan to Replace the Dollar With the 'Amero'

The Case for the Amero:
The Economics and Politics of a North American Monetary Union

On the day the North American Monetary Union is created--perhaps on January 1, 2010--Canada, the United States, and Mexico will replace their national currencies with the amero.1 On that day, all American dollar notes and coins will be exchanged at the rate of one US dollar for one amero. Canadian and Mexican currencies will be exchanged at rates that leave unchanged their nations' competitiveness and wealth. In all three countries, the prices of goods and services, wages, assets, and liabilities will be simultaneously converted into ameros at the rates at which currency notes are exchanged.

Why was this date thrown out there do you think? What would the purpose be to mention a date, if it weren't a true possibility? "Perhaps"? Does this guy know something that we don't? This doesn't sound like a sounds like something is already in the works.

Hmmm, somethings up with this one!

The Case for the Amero: The Politics of Monetary Union

Brownback Supporters Line Up

Leading Massachusetts Social Conservatives Endorse Brownback
  • Professor Dwight Duncan of Cambridge, South New England School of Law
  • Anne Fox of Needham, Past Chairman, Massachusetts Citizens for Life
  • Linda Kinsey of North Adams, Past Chairman, Berkshire Citizens for Life
  • Carol McKinley of Pembroke, Founder, Faithful Voice
  • Christine Milbury of Sharon, Director, Pregnancy Services
  • Roderick Murphy of Southbridge, Treasurer, Life-Guard PAC
  • R.T. Neary of Medfield, Past President, Massachusetts Citizens for Life

Mr. Rod Murphy issued the following statement on behalf of the group: “As residents of Massachusetts and leaders in the ongoing struggle to preserve the institution of marriage and uphold the sanctity of life, we have seen the efforts of the liberal left here in Massachusetts to impose their agenda through judicial mandate. They have been able to impose their liberal agenda on the people because of the failure of our elected officials to stand up and fight.”

“In order to preserve traditional values and actually win back ground in the ongoing fight for our culture, we need a leader who can articulate and fight for our values with compassion, optimism, and consistency. We know consistent leadership when we see it. For this reason, Senator Brownback is the clear choice.”

I know that Brownback is in favor of amnesty for illegal aliens of which I now what?

My Ideal GOP Presidential Candidate-this one says it all!

"Immigration Compromise"

Immigration debate gets religious

I totally disagree with Deal's signing of this "compromise" and am thankful that he and "Families First in Immigration" DO NOT officially represent me or my voice. Now, that sure looks like Deal was won over by Pres. Bush to get on board with his immigration policy!

I have strong issues with this 1. He/they are disregarding all those that have entered this country legally and 2. the fact that Deal has "sold-out" too.
Other comments/commentators-here.

NCR - National Catholic Reporter

Have you noticed this week's NCR? Most of their online articles this week are only available to NCR subscribers...hmmm.

Yet there are a couple of articles available and this one is quite informative and a most recent entry/report on the resignation of Archbishop Stanislaw Wielgus from the Archdiocese of Warsaw, Poland, from John Allen-Archbishop of Warsaw resigns, Weigel warns of future 'blackmail'

Polish sources told NCR today that further revelations about the penetration of security forces into the Polish church during the Communist era are expected, including the possible release of a dossier on another sitting Polish bishop as early as next week.

American Catholic writer George Weigel, who teaches regularly in Poland and has extensive contacts in the Polish church, said the Wielgus episode illustrates the need for the church to deal with this chapter of its past.

"It has the responsibility to make a full public record using these materials in a responsible way," Weigel said in an interview with NCR this morning. "Otherwise, it will be open to media exaggerations and distortions, and perhaps international blackmail."

By that, Weigel said he meant the manipulation of similar revelations by forces which have an interest in undermining the moral authority of the Polish Catholic church.

Whoa...this is a intriguing story of espionage...

Under the codenames “Adam” and “Gray,” Wielgus apparently was recruited as a young professor of medieval philosophy in 1973, documents produced from Polish archives this week show, and had contacts with the security forces over the next three decades. Wielgus signed a form promising to collaborate. According to media reports, he received special training, was allowed to travel abroad in exchange for intelligence reports, and provided analyses of his colleagues as well as members of the Polish hierarchy.


Benedict will want to proceed cautiously to make sure his next pick doesn’t have a similar set of skeletons in his closet, and that may be a complicated process, according to Tomasz Pompowski, an editor with DZIENNIK, an influential Polish newspaper, who has followed the Wielgus case closely.

Pompowski told NCR that he’s aware of 20 cases involving alleged collaboration by current bishops, who were recruited earlier in their clerical careers and groomed as they moved up the system. Pompowski said the degree of collaboration varies from case to case, but some involve allegations at least as serious as those surrounding Wielgus.

The Polish church has long been aware that it’s sitting on a “time bomb” with regard to Communist-era collaborators, Pompowski said, but it avoided confronting these issues during the last years of Pope John Paul II’s papacy for fear of burdening the beloved Polish pope in his twilight.

Wielgus has insisted that he never caused anyone harm, and that he went along with the security forces largely so that he could pursue his academic career, believing that his capacity to travel internationally was important for the church during an age of enforced isolation from the outside world.

Nevertheless, Wielgus has acknowledged that “the fact of my involvement has harmed the Church.”

Polish sources say the policy under both the late Cardinal Stefan Wyszynski of Warsaw and Cardinal Karol Wojtyla of Cracow, later Pope John Paul II, was that any contact with the security forces should be avoided if at all possible, and immediately reported in writing to ecclesiastical superiors. Wojtyla, for example, insisted on having witnesses present for such meetings, even for the most delicate discussions.

Lie-Detector for the Internet

I bet Jeff Miller over at Curt Jester could make another useful tool. Maybe it could assist us when listening to podcasts on/from so-called "Catholic" websites for example-an interview from former long-time publisher/editor of The National Catholic Reporter, Tom Fox-a piece on the "new-age", -Enneagram for Catholics, a Tom Fox interview with Clarence Thomson.

Nothing but the truth with Israeli Internet lie detector

The lie detector monitors in real time the stress levels in a speaker's voice.