Thursday, February 10, 2005

John Paul II continues on as GOD WILLS!

William F. Buckely's column Death for the Pope is so very DISTURBING!

"At church on Sunday the congregation was asked to pray for the recovery of the pope. I have abstained from doing so. I hope that he will not recover."

"So, what is wrong with praying for his death? For relief from his manifest sufferings? And for the opportunity to pay honor to his legacy by turning to the responsibility of electing a successor to get on with John Paul's work?"

The Pope will live as long as HIS CREATOR WILLS! And HE will show to all the world the strength and courage one can receive even in an infirm state. HE always provides and will continue to show HIS work through his shepherd Our Holy Father John Paul II.

Prayers are needed for Mr. Buckley and all those that hold this viewpoint.

God have mercy!

Yes, we are! Catholic parishes flourish in Southern U.S.!
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John Paul II & Our Lady

I am so glad and relieved to hear that our Holy Father John Paul II is leaving the hospital today. Our prayers were answered. Thank you LORD for hearing and answering our prayers.

Here's an awesome image of Our Blessed Mother- "Madonna del Soccorso".
I call the image "Mama with a Club". I believe that this image is quite prayer powerful! She knows exactly what it takes to knock the enemy out. The rosary is our most powerful prayer weapon we have; it's our "club".
I have this image printed out and near my computer. I love this picture.

More on Our Blessed Mother-look at this item:
A "Weeping Image" of the Virgin, 10 Years On Interview With Bishop Girolamo Grillo of Civitavecchia

St. Louis Archbishop Warns of Upcoming “Persecution” over Abortion and Homosexuality

And I agree with the Archbishop; the "Persecution" has just begun of all Christians.
Are you prepared? Are you strong in your faith?

In the news again- a pastor was questioned about his sermons. This is just the beginning.
Catholic Archbishop Was A Red Agent

I don't even want to know if there are others and where else "they" could be!?

Our Lady of Fatima pray for us!

Comments on Hollywood & "Constantine"

I can't emphasize the dire ramifications of this film for our children. I wrote about this because of Keanu Reeves' screen persona and "following". There are millions of young people that flocked to view his movies -"The Matrix"series. These same young people would like to assume that this movie is of similar plot.

Please read Terry Mattingly's comments here. I am glad that I wasn't the only one to pick up on this horrid movie.

Please talk to family and friends about this movie-"Constantine"!

Sunday, February 06, 2005

Alert Family & Friends of this Movie Mockery of St.Gabriel the Archangel-"Constantine"

"Gabriel being a sort of deific emissary working in the consulate in some far-off country where he is getting impatient with the natives, and he decides to take things into his own hands rather than serve God's plan. He's like some junior executive who comes up with a brilliant plan to take over the company."

This is a brief quote from an actress Tilda Swinton about her character "Gabriel" in the upcoming movie "Constantine" with Keanu Reeves. The New York Times interview is part of the media push on this movie.
Thanks to the National Review Online-bloggers they picked up this quote (page 2 of interview) :
"True, there is all sorts of religious extremism all over the place, but the reason for this partly has to do with the fascist attitudes and language of absolutism coming from Washington. It's challenging for people outside of America that Bush was re-elected. It means we're all going to have to work a lot harder to understand what so many more Americans than we thought really want. It's an identity shift in our minds about America and maybe for many Americans as well."

And I picked up on this one (thank you St. Michael, the Holy Spirit, and my guardian angel!):
"he decides to take things into his own hands rather than serve God's plan."

The enemy already did this! But now he is taking GOD'S PRECIOUS ARCHANGELS and masquerading them!!
This grieves me so...for he announced LIFE! We will NOT be deterred by this action!

Please alert your family, friends, & pastors to the spiritual battle that is taking place ON ALL LEVELS!
The enemy wants to take ALL with him by using all TECHNIQUES available to him.

Be alert to what's taking place. We need to make sure we ALL make an uproar about this movie -folks!

"Pray, Hope, and DON'T WORRY." --Padre Pio