Friday, January 30, 2009

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A Very Real New World Order

How realistic is a North American currency? (Note the publication)
See the comments too.

Amero Could Result from Crisis: ‘The New World Order Is Upon Us’

Prophesied cashless society: It's almost here

THOMAS P.M. BARNETT: Globalization should be top Obama goal


Searching for a New World Order
At the Munich Security Conference scheduled for next week:
"And so Vice President Joseph Biden is getting the honor of representing the new America."-Huh?

A concerted effort? Pray for discernment.

Fed Reserve Fails to Reflate the US Banking System

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

George Soros - 'His' Analysis

Get ready....The game changer

T o prevent the US economy from sliding into a depression, Mr Obama must implement a radical and comprehensive set of policies.


Finally, the international financial system must be reformed. Far from providing a level playing field, the current system favours the countries in control of the international financial institutions, notably the US, to the detriment of nations at the periphery.

Searchable Text Stimulus Bill '09

Get the word out!
'V/t' to Michelle Malkin.

Update: The GOP -Spineless & Gutless

Gingrey comments on Rush misunderstanding

House Republicans Push Counter-Proposal on Stimulus

Last Republican Standing? Cornyn Takes Fight to Democrats]

GOP lawmaker: Republicans see more of Obama than Pelosi

SEE the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee - ONLINE PETITION


The Russian Orthodox Church - Election of Metropolitan Kirill New Patriarch

Outspoken Kirill elected new Russian patriarch

St. Thomas Aquinas, O.P. - Doctor of the Church (The Angelic Doctor) - Feast Day

Faith has to do with things that are not seen and hope with things that are not at hand. Saint Thomas Aquinas

Summa Theologica

Summa Theologica -Read Online

Tuesday, January 27, 2009


GOP-ers Swoon Over Obama Despite Differences

House GOP member to Rush: Back off

Michelle Malkin - Some B.O. Republicans gush over Obama meeting; Update: Say cheese!

Read the Stimulus!

ACORN in Stimulus Bill?

Republicans Object to Stimulus Dollars for ACORN

UK - Over the we go!

Open up, madam. We've a warrant to search your fridge

Stephanie Block's Latest Articles

Alinskyian Network pushes foreclosure protection

Barack Obama and the Slaughter of Innocents

Deal Hudson on 'Abortion Reduction'

Exposing the 'Abortion Reduction' Scam

Contact the GOP NOW! (Stimulus Bill)

(REMINDER: Speaker N. Pelosi's Contraceptive Comment!)
The GOP leadership is getting ready to be wooed by Obama!

NWO News

Is financial chaos all a big plot?

'New world order' after crisis: Brown

Gaza & Obama's New World Order

British PM calls for new global order

Brown warns against 'protectionism'

only free trade will save us from a depression

Update: Stimulus $ for Contraceptives

Officials: Family planning money may be dropped

Monday, January 26, 2009

Spirit & Life® | Friday, January 23, 2009 Volume 04, Number 04 & 05

Speaker of House, 'Catholic', Nancy Pelosi Statement - Contraceptives Help the Economy

'Contraception will reduce costs to the states and to the federal government'

'America's families need it'...the economic stimulus plan-contraceptives? (NO NANCY!)

Transcript -See pg. 2 - here and watch.

Houston we have a problem! Or San Francisco you've got a problem.

Who's her Bishop? Archbishop George Niederauer

and in Washington, D.C.? Archbishop Donald Wuerl

Archbishop George Niederauer & Archbishop Donald Wuerl please take care of this situation!


Contact Info:
Archdiocese of S.F.- Communications Director - Maurice Healy: 415-614-5500

Archdiocese of Wash.,D.C. - Archbishop Donald Wuerl: 301-853-4500
Secretary to the Archbishop Wuerl: Rev. Adam Park : 301-853-4500

We pray that they will act quickly.

O Mary, conceived without sin pray for us who have recourse in Thee.

Reminder: The Year of St. Paul

Vatican II - 50th Anniversary

On the eve of the 50th anniversary of Vatican II (has anyone noticed this? & near the Feast of St. Paul's Conversion):

Pope lifts excommunications of 4 bishops

Q&A: Why has the pope welcomed back traditionalists?

Liberal archbishop drove Catholic reform

He helped lead a largely successful effort to push the American church to welcome minorities, widen the role of women, increase participation by the laity and relax some rules, such as the automatic excommunication of divorced people.

Although Jadot strongly adhered to most of the church's teachings, including its opposition to abortion, his willingness to leave some questions to individual consciences rankled some church leaders.

Priest's ministry of reconciliation - "Rev. Bernard de Margerie was a young priest, newly ordained, when Pope John XXIII put out a call for Vatican II in 1959."

Rev. Bernard de Margerie -"I coined the phrase 'ecumenical formation' or education of our Catholic people."

NCReporter: The emerging post, post-Vatican II American Catholic

Commonweal: Vatican II: A First Fiftieth Anniversary

Vatican II Documents