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This is quite scandalous!
GOD help us and Blessed Mother, please assist your sons!

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GOD chose the foolish of the world to shame the wise, and GOD chose the weak of the world to shame the strong.
1 Corinthians 1:27

The Signs?

What about all the wildlife deaths?

Google Maps 'was' keeping up with them...but go to the comments to see the 'updates'.

Here's another list -a timeline.

Here's a list of news items at Google.

PR:EWTN Acquires National Catholic Register


For Information, Please Contact:
January 19, 2011

Michelle Laque Johnson
Director of Communications

EWTN Global Catholic Network
5817 Old Leeds Road
Irondale, Alabama 35210-2198 USA
(205) 795-5769 – Office
(205) 441-6248 ­– Cell
(205) 795-5781 – Fax

EWTN Acquires National Catholic Register

World’s Largest Catholic Media Network Acquires 83-Year-Old Newspaper

Irondale, AL (EWTN) – EWTN Global Catholic Network has signed a letter of intent to acquire the National Catholic Register, the nation’s leading Catholic newspaper.

“I am very pleased and excited that the Register will now be a part of the EWTN family,” said Michael P. Warsaw, the Network’s president and chief executive officer. “All of us at EWTN have great respect for the Register and the role it has played throughout its history. It’s a tremendous legacy that deserves to not only be preserved, but also to grow and to flourish.”

“I believe that EWTN will be able to provide the stability that the Register needs at this time as well as to give it a platform for its growth in the years ahead. We’re proud to be able to step in and carry on both the Register’s name and its tradition of faithful Catholic reporting on the issues of the day,” noted Warsaw.

Under the terms of the transaction, no cash will be exchanged between the parties. EWTN will take over the ongoing operational expenses of the Register and will assume the paper’s future subscription liabilities.

The acquisition of the Register is the latest in EWTN’s efforts to expand its news presence in the global Catholic digital and multimedia market. At the start of 2010, EWTN entered into a partnership with the Catholic News Agency (CNA), a Denver-based independent Catholic news media outlet with bureaus in North and South America and Europe. Under that agreement, EWTN and CNA are sharing news resources and have created a joint news service found at That arrangement was recently expanded to include a new original Spanish-language news service, EWTN Noticias, ( launched in January 2011.

EWTN Global Catholic Network provides multimedia services to more than 140 countries and territories. The Network transmits nine separate television channels in several languages to audiences around the world. It also operates multiple radio services including a network of hundreds of AM and FM stations, a Sirius satellite radio channel, and a global shortwave radio service. EWTN’s main website,, draws more than 20 million unique visitors annually.

The National Catholic Register grew out of Denver’s Catholic Register, which began on Aug. 11, 1905. Under the leadership of Msgr. Matthew Smith, the Register System of Newspapers was developed, with the first national edition appearing on Nov. 8, 1927. It was acquired by the Legion of Christ in 1995.


Tuesday, January 18, 2011

PositiveID News

"When a person spikes a fever, it is a signal that their body is fighting an infection. By being able to continuously monitor temperature, it could provide an early warning to a caregiver at the onset of an illness. With the completion of this first bio-sensing microchip we will also explore other bio-sensing functions to integrate with the Wireless Body through our patent for an embedded bio-sensor system to improve remote patient monitoring."
What else are they going to monitor? Huh? Fever/infection....come on!
Do we really need this? Isn't there a doctor willing to ask this question?!


Monday, January 17, 2011

Don't forget to let your Congressman know....REPEAL OBAMACARE!

Repealing Obamacare, and the Senate

Heritage Foundation


Prayer Need: Fr. Euteneuer Info

Exorcist priest exits public spotlight, mystifying many
I found this part over in the comments section:
Update: EWTN (Eternal Word Television Network), Judi Brown, when questioned about Father Euteneuer, she said, ".....He is on sabbatical at his request and when he is ready, a parish will be assigned to him. That is what I know from his own mouth."

Please pray for Fr. Euteneuer!

Gun Control & the Catholic Church - News Items

I want to add to  Restore D.C. Catholicism's, comment per the Fr. Pfleger video below....note all of what Allan Colmes is saying too!  And see the 'transcript' of Fr.'s 'speech' in the info section on the YouTube website.

Is there something up with all this rhetoric on gun control?