Saturday, October 14, 2006

Inspiring Young Family

Tragedy forges unlikely family; faith, charity hold it together

Cindy never expected at age 33 she'd be alone caring for and loving seven children, two of her own and five of whom she's gained custody in the last five months through a tragic series of family deaths. Overwhelmed, and with her small apartment bursting at the seams, Cindy — whose last name is being withheld to protect the identities of the adopted children — turned to the St. Vincent de Paul Society at St. Rita Catholic Church for help.

Prayers for "Cindy" and for her entire new family.
This story appears on the newly designed Florida Catholic Online-diocesan newspaper.

Friday, October 13, 2006

How to Pray the Rosary - Month of the Rosary

Remember to pray the Rosary-Daily! Our greatest weapon in this battle against the culture of death!

Reminder: Please Register to Vote

Catholics In the Public Square-from Basilica Press
This was written by Most Reverend Thomas J. Olmsted -Bishop of the Diocese of Phoenix, AZ.

Many questions are answered here in what is expected in our role in honoring our Baptismal vows and in our responsibility to our faith and our country.

Benedict XVI- "Serve the Lord with Detachment from the World"

At the Holy Father's meeting with Zambia Episcopal Conference in their five-yearly "ad limina" visit he stated: SERVE THE LORD WITH DETACHMENT FROM THE WORLD

"I encourage you," the Holy Father continued, "to urge your people to dedicate themselves to prayer and holiness, discovering the treasure of a life built on faith in Christ. ... The light of holiness that shines forth in those who have discovered this treasure is enkindled at the moment of Baptism. In Baptism Christ liberates the believer from the dominion of sin, freeing him from an existence filled with fear and superstition and calling him to a new life."

Pope Benedict then called on the bishops to instruct the faithful "in the value and the practice of prayer, especially liturgical prayer, where in a sublime way the Church is united with Christ the High Priest in His eternal intercession for the salvation of the world. Moreover, the Catholic Church encourages the faithful to practise popular forms of piety. Therefore, always teach your people the value of the intercession of the saints, who are the great friends of Jesus, and particularly the special intercession of Mary, His Mother, who is always attentive to our

He then went on to consider the prelates' duty to guide the faithful "on the way that leads to sanctity ... with wise advice, unwavering resolve and paternal affection," and highlighted the importance of guidance "in your dealings with your brother priests, who at times can be led astray by the many temptations of contemporary society. As pastors and fathers to your co-workers in the vineyard, you must always communicate to them the joy of serving the Lord with a proper detachment from the things of this world."

"We believe that the Church is holy. When you urge your priests to live holy lives in accordance with their calling, when you preach generous love and fidelity in marriage and when you exhort everybody to practise the works of mercy, remind them of the Lord's own words: 'You are the light of the world.' ... Show Christ's compassion especially for the poor, for refugees, for the sick and for all who suffer.

"At the same time," he concluded, "in your teaching continue to proclaim the need for honesty, family affection, discipline and fidelity, all of which have a decisive impact on the health and stability of society."
AL/.../ZAMBIA VIS 061013 (450)

Cardinal Information

This site has a wealth of information on the Cardinals of the Church.


"What eye has not seen, and ear has not heard, and what has not entered the human heart, what God has prepared for those who love him,"
this God has revealed to us through the Spirit.

Thursday, October 12, 2006

Coptic Orthodox Christian Church, Sydney Australia

Up to 10,000 Christians attempt to take to the streets of Cairo for the second day
Thousands of Coptic Christians have attempted to take to the streets of Cairo, but were stopped by the Clergy in fear of sectarian violence. This was in frustration over the sudden disappearance of teenage Christian girls by Islamists, the girls are later reported to be married to Muslim men who in most cases are twice their age.


More young Christian women abducted, raped in Iraq

More Catholic church attacks across Asia

Fr Paulos Eskandar-Decapitated Syrian-Orthodox priest laid to rest in Mosul

He was abducted last Monday by an unknown Islamic group which posted a
hefty ransom of 0-350,000, the Assyrian International News Agency(AINA) reported. The group also demanded that signs be posted on his church apologising for the Pope's Regensburg remarks as a pre-condition for negotiations.

Prayers for the repose of his soul and all souls that have died proclaiming Christ's Truth: Eternal rest grant unto them, O Lord, and let perpetual light shine upon them. May their souls and the souls of all the faithful departed, through the mercy of God, rest in peace. Amen.

More on Archbishop Milingo

Can't keep his own allies close:

But the 76-year-old prelate from Zambia finds himself more shunned than celebrated, even by his ideological allies.

Many of the established movements pushing for optional celibacy are keeping a cautious distance. Milingo's flamboyant style and unusual associations - including the Rev. Sun Myung Moon - are simply too edgy for those trying to work within the system to alter centuries-old church views on marriage and the priesthood.

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Possession & Exorcism

Interview with an Exorcist

Honey Heals

Eddy is one of many doctors to recently rediscover honey as medicine. Abandoned with the advent of antibiotics in the 1940s and subsequently disregarded as folk quackery, a growing set of clinical literature and dozens of glowing anecdotes now recommend it.

Fr. Fortea

Summa Daemoniaca

More of his books here.

Other Items:
“If a boy of eleven years answers to me in Latin, it is very probable that it is had...”

The Vatican distributes courses of exorcism for priests

More on Falling Gas Prices

It's a GOOD THING! Let 'em FALL!

One More Reason Prices Are Falling

Floating oil factories allow tankers to load at sea, avoiding political instability and saving billions

Martyr - Fr. Andrea Santoro

Concerns over the Pope’s visit to Turkey after Father Santoro’s murderer is sentenced

During the trial she always defended her son without showing any remorse. Instead, she said her son’s deed “was a gift to the state and the nation,” that her condemned son “is a victim for Allah.”

Yesterday, she went as far as comparing him to Ali Agca, the would-be murderer of Pope John Paul II and told her son to shout “Allah khbar”, Allah is great.

O.A.’s brother also defended him and said that the fault lies with Western provocations, their “attack against the nation”. He accused the West and the "American dogs” of causing all evils.“It is clear,” said Mgr Padovese, “that the background that made Santoro’s murder possible is nationalist-Islamist. That milieu is scary because it embodies the soul of some segments of Turkish society, increasingly inflexible, justifying violence. It is terrible that throughout the trial mother and son showed no remorse for the murder. In fact they almost said they would do it again.”

Our prayers should continue in preparation for our Holy Father as he prepares for his trip to Turkey. Prayers of protection for all in Turkey, most especially for those that are working diligently on safety measures before and during Benedict XVI's visit.

RE: "Do Not Dialog"....more

Exorcism: Marta the Possessed April 11, 2005
This is the first time this article has been translated into English. Originally published Sunday, September 22, 2002, by ACIPRENSA in Spanish by Jose Manuel Vidal, titled, "Witness to Exorcism in Madrid".

World Congress of Catholic TV-Oct 10-13 '06


Papal Message to Catholic TV Congress

Evangelize With Technology, Urges Pope

Women Who Regret Abortion Respond to Ms. Magazine

Stem Cell Transplant Gone Awry

Benedict XVI and Latin Mass

Pope Set to Ease Latin Mass Restrictions

The pope's intent is to "help overcome the schism and help bring (the ultraconservatives) back to the Church," said the official, who asked that his name not be used because the papal document has not yet been released.

It was not immediately clear when the pope will make his decision public, but the Vatican official said it was expected soon. The Times of London, in a report Wednesday, said the pope had already signed the order and it could be published in the next few weeks.

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

The West Fails in Proper Management of the World...

"The West Fails in Proper Management of the World"...according to Iranian President Ahmadinejad:

"They Have Failed in the Proper Management of the World...Today, the Iranian People is Recognized as a Model for All the Peoples of the World"
"They should accept the fact that they have failed in the proper management of the world. They should accept that they are unable to manage the world in a just and progressive manner. My dears, we face a very heavy duty today. Today, the Iranian people is recognized as a model for all the peoples of the world. From the Far East to the West, and including the southernmost regions of the globe, the peoples' attention, eyes, and hearts are drawn towards the Iranian people - so that the Iranian people will be able to overcome the difficulties, and present the peoples of the world with a perfect model of splendid, humane, and divine life."


Papal Sainthood Investigator May Be Communist Spy

Papal sainthood investigator may be communist spy

Jagosz has denied the allegation, saying in an interview with the newspaper that the claim was "completely at variance with the truth".The newspaper reported that the priest had been exposed by a Polish fellow-cleric, Tadeusz Isakowicz-Zaleski, whose detailed study of the Polish church's communist-era infiltration is due to be released this month.


Krakow's archbishop, Cardinal Stanislaw Dziwisz, who was John Paul II's private secretary, said he had received news about Jagosz's alleged activities "with true sorrow" and hoped the allegations would be proved untrue.

Monday, October 09, 2006

The Status of Jerusalem

Christian religious leaders release statement on the status of Jerusalem

"The human right of freedom of worship and of conscience for all, both as individuals and as religious communities [. . .].
- “Equality of all her inhabitants before the law, in coordination with the international resolutions.
- “Free access to Jerusalem for all, citizens, residents or pilgrims, at all times, whether in peace or in war.
Therefore Jerusalem should be an open city.
- “The rights of property ownership, custody and worship which the different Churches have acquired throughout history should continue to be retained by the same communities. These
rights, which are already protected in the Status Quo of the Holy Places according to historical "firmans" and other documents, should continue to be recognized and respected [. . .].
- “The various Christian Holy Places in the city, wherever they are, must remain united
in geography, whatever the solution envisaged.”

Sunday, October 08, 2006

From Father John Flynn

Mum's the Word on Homosexuality-Christians Facing Prosecution for Comments

In many countries speaking out publicly against homosexuality leads to serious legal problems. And in the battle under way to protect freedom of speech for Christians to express their beliefs, the future is far from clear.

What will happen in the U.S.?

They want to push the issue in Ireland too--"Lesbian couple wed in Canada launch landmark lawsuit seeking marriage rights in Ireland"

Gas Prices Will Rise

Just when I got used to $2.05 a gal.! Let's give up our oil dependency-NOW!

Do Not Dialog...

Listen to Fr. Bryce Sibley's Podcast -Do Not Dialog With the Evil One

600 Physicians & Veri-Chip

Chip Demo for Physicians-how "it" works.
Chip Demo for Patients--soothing music to accompany the images and information....
FAQ's-I love this question-"How does Verimed compare to other forms of medical identification?" The answers just aren't strong enough...

Now, there's a VeriMed Physician Network and apparently 600 physicians and 180 hospitals signed up to their network. The American Academy of Family Physicians (AAFP) met last week and Veri-Chip participated with their booth.

Kevin McLaughlin, CEO of VeriChip Corporation, stated, "VeriChip Corporation is extremely pleased by the number of physicians that visited the VeriMed exhibit at the AAFP annual meeting and learned about how the VeriMed system can help save the lives of patients by speaking for them in an emergency situation. We believe that many of the physicians who registered in the VeriMed Physician Network were influenced, in part, by the information we provided as to the growing number of emergency departments that now incorporate the VeriMed system as standard protocol." -Protocol Adopted Medical Facilities In Your Area

I don't know about you-but, what happened to just contacting your doctor and his office (00ps, I forgot after hours -they're not available; oh, their answering service; oh yeah, they won't have your chart in front of them) after speaking the friend or relative that's accompanying you?
Most people I know usually show up in the emergency room with their spouse,other relative, or friend. It's not enough that they can provide contact information? I know, I know, what about those that live by themselves? Don't they usually have others that look in on them? Oh, but won't we all have our drivers license that will be able to provide enough information too? Gosh, those medical emergency alert bracelets that people wear will become so obsolete! Sounds like someone is getting knocked off the market. No, we won't need to look for that emergency alert bracelet on the wrist---no-- we'll use a machine over her arm to find her medical problems from her chip. Right.
So according to the photo in the upper right hand space under "Just for Kids"--the alerts emergency care-givers --" Diabetes"-and a phone number. I wonder who belongs to that number? A national database or registry? Aren't they taken care of then? Why is there a redundancy of information storage here?

These are prettier then a chip. These are more expensive because they are 'real' jewelry.

"Veri-med strengthens the bond with your patients"