Saturday, December 16, 2006

Slowly indoctrinated...slowy "chipped" away...

Just a round-up of "chip" news this week....
VeriChip Infant Protection Product Now Used in One-In-Three U.S. Hospitals and Birthing Centers

Over 1,100 Installations To-Date in the United States
— December 11, 2006 — Applied Digital (Nasdaq: ADSX - News), through its VeriChip Corp. subsidiary, announced today that it has passed an important milestone in the sale and use of VeriChip's infant protection systems, with one-out-of-three Hospitals and Birthing Centers in the United States now using systems manufactured by VeriChip. This includes systems sold under both the Hugs and HALO brand names.VeriChip believes that it has the largest installed base of infant protection systems of any company in the industry. Revenues from sales of VeriChip's infant protection systems increased by 28% during the first three- quarters of 2006 as compared to pro forma revenue from such systems during the comparable period in 2005. "This important achievement is reflective of VeriChip's leadership in RFID products for healthcare security solutions," said Daniel A. Gunther, President of VeriChip Corp.

National Stroke Association Views Implantable RFID Microchip such as VeriMed as a Potential Life-Saving Medical Device

In a letter to VeriChip Corporation, a subsidiary of Applied Digital Solutions (Nasdaq: ADSX), the National Stroke Association (NSA) has recognized that implantable RFID microchip technology offers the ability to improve stroke treatment by providing medical professionals with immediate access to vital health information of stroke-afflicted patients. An excerpt from the letter, signed by James Baranski, CEO of the National Stroke Association, states, "Personal Health Records, including implantable RFID microchips such as VeriMed, could play a critical role in assisting medical professionals in delivering appropriate stroke treatment promptly, leading to better patient outcomes."

VeriChip Announces Results of Italian National Institute Two-Year Clinical Study of VeriMed System

The two-year, 10 patient study was designed to evaluate the safety and efficacy of the VeriMed implantable RFID microchip and the functionality of the VeriMed System in the management of patients with chronic infectious diseases undergoing care at the Institute. The study reported no complications or side effects related to the insertion procedure, flawless access of the ID number using the hand-held reader, and universal acceptance within the patient study group. Based on the results of the study, the exclusive VeriChip distributor for Italy plans to petition the Italian Ministry of Health for full availability of the VeriMed System through the Italian National Health Service.

See... A generation is all they need...pretty much sums it up!

In the UK...

Morning after pills to be handed out in advance for the first time

Here we go....

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

"GOOD NEWS Alert" - "Positive" Iraq

Did you know any of this information? Well, how silly of me to think that you would. Of course the gloom n' doom media have not presented this information. I can't recall anyone talking about these numbers. Will you do those courageous women and men a real big favor? Won't you please email, blog, talk about this information? Maybe you can send a "GOOD NEWS alert" to your lists...let's start a "snowball" fight of gigantic proportion...since we all receive those "funny, cute, and whimsical" snowball emails...let's replace it with this information. And possibly the "GOOD NEWS alert" will reach our courageous women and men before Christmas. Look at a sample of the "GOOD NEWS":
Recruited, Organized, Trained, and Equipped Iraqi and Afghan
Security Forces:
129,000 for Iraqi Ministry of Defense
165,100 for Iraqi Ministry of Interior
33,000 for Afghan National Army
37,000 for Afghan National Police

And see this news item that will NOT be reported:

Active-Duty Components Make Recruiting Goals

All branches of service not only reached their recruiting goals but exceeded them too! Let the news media "put that in their pipe and smoke it". What do think about that now, Mr. Rangel? Rep. Rangel Will Seek to Reinstate Draft

Good News Out of San Francisco Archdiocese

There's a new Chancellor of the San Francisco archdiocese. A "veil tip" to Mark Shea as a reader alerted him to the change (pg. 6 of the pdf. file). Remember MHR's horrid "bingo" scandalous event?

Our prayers continue for all and most especially for Archbishop Niederauer in the hopes that he will continue to "clean-house" and remain faithful, steadfast, and courageous in doing so! And we shall give Our FATHER all our praise and thanksgiving for this good news!

Deal Hudson's Blog

I'm glad to see his column...

Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Update: Intercessory Prayer Needed to STOP Aborted Fetuses - Stem Cells Used

Healthy new-born babies may have been killed in Ukraine to feed a flourishing international trade in stem cells, evidence obtained by the BBC suggests.
Our Lady of Guadalupe PLEASE HELP US!!!

Last month in Portland, Ore., doctors for the first time transplanted stem cells from aborted fetuses into his head in a desperate bid to reverse, or at least slow, a rare genetic disorder called Batten disease. The so-far incurable condition normally results in blindness and paralysis before death. Doctors don’t know if the neural stem cells taken from fetuses — donated to a nonprofit medical foundation by women aborting early-stage pregnancies — will save Daniel’s life. But the boy has sufficiently recovered from his 8-hour surgery to be expected to return to his Orange County, Calif., home Friday — the first day of Hanukkah.

“We don’t think that is a coincidence,” said Marcus Kerner, who said a deep faith in Judaism and long hours of prayer prompted the family to volunteer Daniel for the risky procedure. Daniel was diagnosed two years ago and has since lost the ability to walk and talk. Daniel is the first volunteer of an experiment that plans to operate on five more afflicted children over the next year.
I wish I could find out who that "non-profit medical foundation" is....
No other words can describe how much trouble we are IN! Does Judaism allow the killing of one for the betterment of another?

Monday, December 11, 2006

"The Singing Nuns"-Sister Servants of the Eternal Word

I just received my copy of the Sister Servants of the Eternal Word's Christmas CD-
"The Word Was Made Flesh". It is destined to become a Christmas classic in this household. You will love it too! I promise. The usual Christmas favorites can be heard, but the most interesting ones for me are-# 4 "Calypso Carol" & #5 "A La Nanita Nana"- the lyrics & translations accompany the CD in a booklet format. You can listen to a sample online here and then make sure you place an order...they might start flying out the door.

Tapes of their Casa Maria Retreats here. And look at their newsletters to see what the Sisters are up to. Sign up to receive too. While you're visiting their site don't forget to look at their retreat schedule too. They are always working hard to build up HIS Kingdom! Yea God! And thank you Sr. Louise Marie and all the Sisters for all you do!

Sunday, December 10, 2006

Beeson Divinity School To Host Baptist/Catholic Conversation

"Veil Tip" to Southern Appeal for this one-Baptist-Catholic talks held in December to be held at Samford Univ. (Birmingham, AL.) Conversations between the Baptist World Alliance & the Pontifical Council for Promoting Christian Unity (Pres. Walter Cardinal Kasper).

The conversations are a continuation of previous talks with the Vatican Pontifical Council for Promoting Christian Unity in 1990 and a follow-up visit by the BWA to the Vatican in March of this year.

Topics to be discussed include the authority of Christ in Scripture and tradition, Baptism and the Lord’s Supper, and Hearing the Word of God in the contemporary context.


We are pleased that all Baptist leaders with whom we spoke understand the importance and necessity of discussing with our Catholic friends issues where we have unity, and, on the other hand, issues where we have serious concerns and misunderstandings.


Theological conversations are not for the purpose of compromise, but for clarification and mutual edification.


The conversations may lead to “Further action together on ethical issues, including justice, peace and the sanctity of life, in accord with God’s purpose and to the praise of God’s glory,” an earlier report on the conversations noted.


The Vatican Pontifical Council for Promoting Christian Unity will be represented by Bishop Arthur Serratelli of the Roman Catholic Diocese of Paterson, New Jersey, and eight other Catholic representatives.

The series of meetings will be held in various locations around the world, beginning in December and concluding in 2010.

Samford Univ./Beeson is located in The Diocese of Birmingham . The diocese of Birmingham is considered to be in the "Bible Belt" and is considered by the Catholic Church-a missionary area.

The Diocese of Birmingham is located almost in the center of the area of the United States traditionally known as the Bible Belt. The Bible Belt refers to those states in the South and Southeast which are predominantly fundamentalist in religious thinking. All dioceses in this wide area are truly missionary insofar as no one of them is more than 5% Catholic. Churches of the area are largely Baptist, Church of Christ, Church of God, Pentecostal and Methodist. Using specific church membership as a criterion, Alabama is a very religious state.