Friday, June 10, 2005

"Friends of Tibet"-VA License Plates?

Now,I've heard everything. Virginia license plates for Tibetans?
"After pointing out that extra revenues from these special plates -- the first in the world to honor the Tibetan people -- will go to help local refugees preserve their threatened heritage, the former Lt. Governor concluded, "This is something we Virginians can really be proud of."'

Chicago Priest-Army Chaplin in Iraq

Read Pastor Fr. John Barkemeyer Chicago's Morgan Park, of St. Cajetan Churc

Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Nevermind the Failure of the EU Constitution

Just when you think that you can have a sigh of relief---this comes along.

"For example: The Greater Yellowstone Coalition, a group of affiliated NGOs, recently petitioned the World Heritage Committee of UNESCO asking for intervention in the plans of a private company to mine gold on private land near Yellowstone Park. The UNESCO Committee did intervene, and immediately listed Yellowstone as a "World Heritage Site in Danger." Under the terms of the World Heritage Convention, the United States is required to protect the park, even beyond the borders of the park, and onto private lands if necessary."

They'll get in the "back door" now.

"The ideas being discussed, if implemented, will bring all the people of the world into a global neighbourhood managed by a worldwide bureaucracy, under the direct authority of a minute handful of appointed individuals, and policed by thousands of individuals, paid by accredited NGOs, certified to support a belief system, which to many people is unbelievable and unacceptable."

I don't think people are aware of what's happening with these people. The author is right, the Masons can't hold a candle next to the The Bilderbergers.

American Dental Association: Banking Baby, Wisdom Teeth For Stem Cells

Let's do this instead of the embryonic stem cells!

Young Adults to Meet Gov. Schwarzenegger; Prime Concern is His Support For Abortion

A prayer for this group- as they meet tomorrow with CA. Gov. Schwarzenegger. They hope to show him that you can't be Catholic and Pro-abortion. We pray they are successful.

Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Again, Where's the Outcry?

"Popetown"-Popetown, C4, 9.30pm, Wednesday.

"C4 manager Andrew Szusterman, who bought the show before the BBC reversed its decision to screen it, says there’s nothing sacrilegious about Popetown - if there were, he wouldn’t have bought it. "It’s just satire. It’s about laughing at ourselves and the different religions that we are around the world and not treating it so seriously. Perhaps we’re just living in very PC times."
"Or perhaps not. Since C4 signed on the dotted line, Popetown has been picked up by networks in Europe and Australia and Ox is confident it will be sold to networks in the US."

Let's keep an eye out for this one folks! Maybe someone can alert Catholic League's-Bill Donohue.
We can make a difference if we can find out about it first before it even makes it here in the U.S.