Friday, January 18, 2008

Fred Thompson

Fred on the Bus

Thompson Can Unify Republicans

Answering Fred's Call

The Constitution is Not a “Living, Breathing Document”

Russia - New Biometric Passports With Empty Chips Issued

Microchips don't always help find pets

The Great HPV Vaccine Hoax Exposed

VA - House stalls use of HPV vaccine for schoolgirls

Get the word out on this info....

HPV Vaccine Researcher Criticizes Drug Marketing

Harper also warned that the vaccine is ineffective if given to someone who is already infected -- and because HPV is spread by skin-to-skin contact, a person does not have to be sexually active to contract it. For this reason, Harper suggests giving the vaccine only to those who test negative for the targeted HPV strains.

Pope reinvited...

Students stage new anti-Catholic protest in Rome

Letting the professor pope speak

Do the homework: University fiasco shows scholars miss pope's point

MySpace Bug Leaks 'Private' Teen Photos to Voyeurs

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

VeriChip/Digital Angel News

VeriChip sees 2007 revenue at high-end of prior forecast of $30M-32M;shares up

Digital Angel keeps tabs on animals

New RFID Technology Approved by Government to Control Employees

A new radio frequency identification device developed by ENOCH Corporation, a subsidiary of Lectures And More, Inc. (LAM), has received approval by OSHA as a worksite enhancement tool for employers. Company literature states that the device emits an ultra low radio frequency that helps decrease employee tension in the workplace, thus raising effectiveness and productivity.
According to Dr. Walter Jones, Director of ENOCH, the RF signal sent by the device penetrates the human subconscious and effects cranial regions associated with stress and anxiety.

UK considers RFID tags for prisoners

Prisoners 'to be chipped like dogs'

Will Getting Chipped Keep You Healthier?

RFID implants linked to cancer tumors:

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

S.F. Mayor Newsom

“Grumbling from people with diverse points of view”

Canadian Catholic magazine faces legal attack for criticizing homosexuals

Something wrong with this picture.....

President Bush proclaims “Religious Freedom Day” from Saudi Arabia

Whoa...from a country that doesn't have religious freedoms?!

National ID: Another step to totalitarianism

I am confused as everybody's all over the place....yikes!

McCain receives endorsement of pro-life advocate couple

Catholic hits Islamic chair

VeriChip - Infant 'tagging'

Are people beginning to wake-up? Probably not...they just raised an eyelid...the eyes are not completely open yet. They open when someone gets splashed with ice water; I pray it doesn't happen that way.

Hospitals tagging babies with electronic chipsPrivacy advocates protest as half of Ohio birthing centers turn to tracking technology

"Standard protocol in the hospitals using the VeriChip system is that the baby receives an RFID anklet at birth and the mother receives a matching wristband," VeriChip spokeswoman Allison Tomek told WND. "The mothers are not asked."

Wake-up mothers! And grandparents!


"Pray without ceasing" - 1 Thessalonians 5, 17.

India - Nuns ready to open 'a new theology research institute'

Indian nuns mobilise to empower women religious

The nuns concluded the assembly with a statement in which they expressed the desire to redesign their formation programme to "nurture a God-experience based spirituality that fosters a life of contemplative prophecy".

Such formation will stress "emotional and psycho-spiritual-sexual growth" and "encourage theological study and research" aimed at enhancing nuns' capacity for analytical, critical and creative thinking.

Update: Kenya

Violence in Kenya: Surreal

Update: Another expert opinion on Harry Potter

Expert agrees with pope on the harmful effect of Harry Potter

An expert in English literature, Edoardo Rialti, has written in the Vatican newspaper to support the current pope assertion that the blockbuster Harry Potter series has a detrimental spiritual impact on young Christian minds.

Monday, January 14, 2008

Emeril's making Pasties tonight....mmmm goooood!

'His' Recipe


Tony's (scroll down) are the best tho!

Catholic College Bashed for Allowing Pro-Abortion Barack Obama Rally

And since St. Peter’s College is a Jesuit Catholic institution see Sandro Magister's latest:
Last Call for the Society of Jesus – To Obedience

Priests For Life - National Prayer Campaign for LIFE!

2008 Prayer Campaign Schedule from Fr. Pavone

This week: Novena of Reparation for Roe vs. Wade, January 14-22

Faith and Family Movie Website

You sign up, pick out movies, they send, you watch, and you send them back.

'They're' revving '08 up and I'm breaking 'it' 'down'

From Warren Smith - Report "Oprah and Friends" to teach course on New Age Christ

UPDATE on Oprah Winfrey, Marianne Williamson and A Course in Miracles*

Do you think it's a coincidence that the "Rethink Conference" comes on the heals of the start of the "A Course in Miracles"? Nah. I'm with Mr. Smith on this whole situation!

Warren Smith-His book online "Reinventing Jesus Christ"

Rethink Conference:
Erwin McManus is on the "Rethink Conference" speakers - Erwin McManus: "A Secret Behind The Secret" list

Erwin McManus Teams Up with Robert Schuller - Could Have Far-Reaching Effects

"30 Aha! Moments" -"Rethink Conference" - Crystal Cathedral this week

Remember? 30 'Aha!' Moments from 30 Leading Influencers at the Rethink Conference

Cutting Edge Thinkers to Stretch Christian Imagination

Prominent African-Americans Join Christian and Global Leaders at the Rethink Conference

Conference Rethinks Methods, Not Gospel Message

Sponsors: CCN-Church Communication Network -co-hosted by Schuller and Erwin McManus

Items found

A 'blogger' - Herescope has addressed this in their post What is "Rethinking"? .