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Fr. John Hardon

A "veil tip" to Te Deum laudamus! for this entry-December 30: Archbishop Burke returns to Grotto for Fr. John A. Hardon Remembrance! The pictures are awesome! Archbishop Burke in Detroit: Photo Post 1 & Archbishop Burke in Detroit: Photo Post 2

And this entry too...St. John Hardon?

An Update on the Future Cause for Beatification of Father John A. Hardon, S.J.

Can you assist in his Beatification? (Please pass the word!)
Questionnaire for Life and Virtues Cause of Servant of God Father John A. Hardon, S.J.

If you're not familiar with Fr. John Hardon, S.J. read Eucharistic Adoration (an opportunity tonight to make a resolution to visit HIM in Eucharistic Adoration at least once a week-whatever your vocation will allow) and his many other listed sites that are mentioned in this link (scroll down to see all his teachings...etc. WHAT BLESSINGS!)


Why and how do these items appear on eBay?

A "veil tip" to Whispers in the Loggia for this entry Desperately Seeking... Pallium as it led me to check out eBay just in case the thief decided to sell Archbishop of Mobile Oscar Lipscomb's pallium. I have an idea why someone would steal this, but I don't want to go there.


First National Pro-Life Organization - American Citizens Concerned for Life,Inc.

My husband posed a "trivia" question -"Who was Pres. Ford's VP?" I didn't remember that it was Nelson Rockefeller. So, while "hunting" the VP info I found this information. While in Gerald R. Ford's Presidential Library & Museum I found these documents on the AMERICAN CITIZENS CONCERNED FOR LIFE, Inc. (ACCL) 50 linear feet (ca. 100,000 pages) for the entire collection (I had no idea this is how they measure the amount of information-in stack/or stacks...whoa!...go and look at the other "stacks" of info here

I was rather young and unaware of what was taking place so this info. is pretty interesting, tho unfortunate that an organization such as this had to be formed in order to battle the culture of death.

Saturday, December 30, 2006

Actor - Peter Boyle--Did you know?

Everybody Loves Raymond...
Actor's Death Mourned By Many--Including Planned Parenthood
Makes me wonder if actress Patricia Heaton spoke to him? Feminists for Life.



Here's a good article on the false teachings - the false truths of New Age...Catholics and the New Age A Closer Look at the Vatican Document: Jesus Christ, the Bearer of the Water of Life – A Christian Reflection on the “New Age"-written by a trustworthy servant of HIS TRUTH Susan Beckworth.

As we get ready to begin a new year - the Year of OUR LORD 2007, let us remember that there are many among us who still need the light of HIS TRUTH to shine through their darkness. A darkness that has befallen many through many means of communication. The Internet, conferences, meetings, groups, and media have allowed this darkness to permeate the minds and hearts of many of God's children and thereby allowing it to propagate and do harm to ALL HIS children. It has been allowed to fester and WE ALL have the responsibility to teach HIS truth to all we come in contact. ALL of us have to honor our baptismal vows! What joy we should all have in honoring this vow. What blessings have been bestowed upon each of in proclaiming HIS truth to all. We don't even have to leave our warm homes. We don't have to wear sandals and cross barren deserts to proclaim that truth! Oh, how blessed we are in these most troubling times. It is so very exciting knowing this in my heart.

I pray that all will receive, accept, internalize, and utilize all gifts bestowed upon them by OUR LORD to do HIS will in all things making this coming new year a most HOLY YEAR - A Year of OUR LORD 2007!

Christianity in Bethlehem Possible Extinction

Religion: The forgotten people

It is a reality that the Christian community is leaving the West Bank and the Gaza Strip at a rapid pace - and it seems that nothing can be done to stop this reality," said Rev. Alex Awad, dean of students at Bethlehem Bible College. "Within 15 years Christians in the Holy Land will be a totally insignificant minority, with just people running the churches and the institutions and no viable Christian community in the Holy Land."

Lord help us!

Friday, December 29, 2006

Pope Benedict XVI's Year in Review

In the Year of Our Lord 2006 - August - December

He certainly was busy! And was as always bringing HIS truth to many!

Fr. Euteneuer's Weekly Spirit & Life E-Mail Newsletter

Pro-Life New Year's Resolutions for 2007

Yesterday was the Feast of the Holy Innocents in the liturgical calendar of the Roman Catholic Church. This feast celebrates the deaths of innocent children who literally died for (in place of) Christ and whom the Church has venerated as martyrs officially since about the sixth century. Their feast day has always been located in the Octave of Christmas to emphasize their intimate connection with the baby Jesus. We are reminded on this day of both the fragility of new life and our obligation to protect it and so it is fitting that as we enter this new year I challenge each of you to renew your commitment to the defense of innocent life.

First, contemplate. The Holy Innocents' feast day serves both as a reminder of a tragic historical event and as a grim reality check for those of us who live in this society where abortion is practiced as casually as shopping! A short moment of reflection on this scriptural passage will help us to discern the parallels to the abortion industry in our society: the irrational command of a powerful person to kill, the executioners with blood on their hands, the suffering of the innocent victims and the secondary victims who were scarred forever by the deaths of their children. We also contemplate the truth that "where sin abounds, grace abounds all the more," (Rom 5:20) in order to see how God brings good out of so much evil.

Second, pray. Pray for those who are blinded to this reality and ask God to grant them the grace of conversion. Remember that we are all tainted by this massacre of innocents because our lives are intertwined with the culture of death, so we must pray with humility for the gift of perseverance to bring it to an end. Prayer will bring the power of Christ to bear on this sinful institution of death. He alone can transform the world.

Third, act. God does not work through prayers only. We are His hands and feet in this world so our pro-life resolutions for 2007 have to be very direct and specific; if you are not sure what to do, I have given some suggestions below on how to meet the challenges set before us:

  1. Find the local abortion clinic in your community and make a promise to pray there at least three times in 2007—minimum.
  2. While you're at it, find the local pregnancy care center and make contact with them. It is likely they are in need of volunteers. Be one of them! They all operate on shoe-string budgets too so support them!
  3. Speak up in some forum and defend life, be it on the internet, in a letter to the editor, or in conversations with friends, family and co-workers. Of course they will call you a fanatic! It does not matter. You must think of that Day when the Lord will ask you what you did to defend His precious little ones. You must be able to say you spoke out on their behalf.
  4. Boycott the businesses that fund the death industry. These groups don't deserve one dollar of our hard-earned money if they are material cooperators in the killing of innocents. The most reputable boycott group that I know of is Life Decisions International whose detailed corporate boycott list you can order from their website ( and who provide ongoing insight into the activities of Planned Parenthood.

I'm sure there's much more we can all do, but these things are good for starters! I will be praying for you and your families as we finish this year of pro-life election losses and enter into a year full of hope and promise. May the Holy Innocents guide our commitment to be more active in saving their innocent brothers and sisters!

Fr.'s third directive is quite important. Most of us sit on the sidelines watching and allowing others to do the work. (btw...under Fr.'s #3-3 "Speak up in some forum and defend life, be it on the internet, in a letter to the editor, or in conversations with friends, family and co-workers." It's quite easy to blog. Once you set up your blog, you can email/inform family & friends a pro-life spot/bulletin board of information for them to share with others too!)

"The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing."
~Edmund Burke

Hacker Con Submits to Spychips

At a Berlin Chaos Communication Congress (CCC)...

Hackers are paying 10 euros each for the privilege of hanging special homebrew RFID tags around their necks or slapping them on their laptop bags. Every few seconds, each of these "CCC Sputnik" badges reports its owner's position to an array of 35 monitoring stations, and spits out the guinea-pigs' every move over a public XML feed.

Why is the CCC, a venue more commonly associated with RFID cracks and spychip destruction devices, supporting such an invasion of its members' privacy? One of the project's leaders, Milosch Meriac, explains the motivation to create the system was to make obvious what is normally hidden in how our technology tracks us.

"The idea was that most of this surveillance technology slowly faded into our lives, and we accepted them," Meriac says. "(We want to) make it possible to bring it into people's heads."

More on FDA Approved Cloned Food

T-Bone Steak, Well-Cloned

It costs about $15,000 to clone a cow, compared to $2,000 for natural breeding. Meanwhile, recent polls show more than half of Americans say they wouldn't buy cloned meat even if they could.

In an International Food Information Council poll (.pdf) in 2006, 58 percent of Americans surveyed said they would be unlikely to buy meat or milk from animal clones even if the FDA deemed the products safe. And earlier this month, a Pew Initiative on Food and Biotechnology poll found that "animal cloning causes great discomfort among American consumers."

The FDA says meat and milk from clones should be subject to the same safety regulations as any other food product, but it sees no need for any special labeling -- a recommendation that's already stirring controversy.

"This is a lose-lose decision by the FDA," said Andrew Kimbrell, executive director at the Center for Food Safety. "People lose, the animals lose, the meat and dairy industry loses because they will lose confidence in their products."

Without special labeling for cloned food, the meat and dairy industry stands to lose up to 15 percent in sales, Kimbrell said,because some people will avoid all meat and dairy if there's a chance some of it could come from clones. "You know Europe and the organic market will refuse (cloned products)," Kimbrell said.

What's the point if it's not cost-effective? Maybe to continue to desensitize the public to the whole concept? I think that's what it's about. We're asking for trouble if we continue down this slippery slope. Scratch that. We're down it and about to hit rock bottom!

This is good information to pass along to others.

While we continue to celebrate the holidays...

Nine underground priests arrested in Hebei.
The priests had gathered together to study. The reason for their arrest is unknown. For some time now, the Patriotic Association has been conducting a harsh campaign to clamp down on unofficial communities.

Do you take it for granted that you can get up on Sunday morning or weekday mornings and attend your local parish Mass, with your local parish priest - a U.S. citizen - as celebrant? without any fear?

Prayers for these priests. Oh, Dear Blessed Mother please I beg your intercession for the protection of your sons-priests around the world, most especially these. Oh, St. Maxmilian Kobe please intercede as well on their behalf. Ask our Almighty Father that they please be protected from all harm and to please provide the courage and strength they need to endure their imprisonment.

FDA Approves Cloned Food

Cloned food ruling sparks debate
I'm not eating this stuff. There's enough problems with livestock receiving antibiotics and hormones. And they better get a clue that most people will not accept these foods.

American Life League's Magazine - Celebrate Life

Pro-abortion and Catholic? Protestant Nathanael Blake answers the question.

Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Rush and Sean could go off the air...

From NY's Congresswoman Louise Slaughter-
H.R. 501, The MEDIA Act (Meaningful Expression of Democracy in America)

Democrats will be working hard on this bill...get ready as they are going to try and shut down all Conservative Talk Radio. Example.

"When asked whether television and radio stations that use public airwaves should be required to present the sides of an issue in a reasonably balanced way -- including giving time to opposing points of view -- fully 77% say that they should, and only 17% say that they should not."

The MEDIA Act would reinstate the Fairness Doctrine for broadcasters holding licenses from the Federal Communications Commission. This change would ensure that broadcasters present discussions of conflicting views on issues of public importance.

Abortionist Dr.George Tiller 'Possibly' Charged

Anti-Abortion AG to Argue for Charges

I've heard it all now...

Baking (holiday) in the Seattle area is harmful to the environment?! Gosh. So, not only is it harmful to my waistline but harmful to fish and wildlife.

...tests of treated sewage sent into the sound from the West Point treatment plant in Magnolia showed cinnamon, vanilla and artificial vanilla levels rose between Nov. 14 and Dec. 9, with the biggest spike right after Thanksgiving.

I'll have to remind my family and friends not to bake so as not to disturb the eco-systems where they live and I guess this could be used as an excuse to politely refuse grandma's fruitcakes.

Sunday, December 24, 2006

Merry CHRIST Mass!

Christmas Appeal - Pray for the Holy Souls in Purgatory at CHRIST's Mass at the Consecration:
"Eternal Father, I offer you the Most Precious Blood of Thy Divine Son, Jesus, in union with the Masses said throughout the world today, for all the Holy Souls in purgatory, for sinners everywhere, those in the Universal Church, in my home and in my own family."

And while we are together sharing our love with one another..."LISTEN"!
(I found this over at Clare-Light on the Mountain -Bethlehem Poor Clare Monastery in Barhamsville, VA)

A child's definition of love...

“Love is what is in the room with you at Christmas if you stop opening presents and listen.”

May each of you have hearts so full of listening that, like Mary, you may be aware of the goodness and loving kindness of God our Savior who has
appeared, become completely at home with the Word of the God who is Love, move in and out of it with ease, and let it form the basis of all your doings. (cf.Pope Benedict XVI, “Deus Caritas Est”)

May you and yours have a very blessed and merry Christmas!

Wednesday, December 20, 2006

From Agape Press...

Year In Review: Strategy for Exiting Public Schools Described as 'Call to Holiness'
"[O]ur children are not evangelizing in the schools," he told AP. "The schools are evangelizing them out of Christianity."

Is it too late to add to my Christmas list?

By Kate O’Beirne

= )

Mitt Romney Info

While I'm away for a couple of days...
Of course keep an eye on the guys at Southern Appeal...they are really doing a great job. More Mitt Romney info - MASS Resistance--they've been keeping Mitt on his toes for years and they've got documents to back it up!

Democrats Scared of Brownback!

"Veil Tip" to guys at Southern Appeal. The Dems are scared to death of Brownback. Is this enough of a confirmation or what?! Thank you GOD!

Notes From My Purple State: Brownback for President

"Confirmation" (indicators/quotes) of Brownback's Presidential Candidacy:

Brownback is a religious man determined to sniff the scent of many versions of the Christian Gospel. After a stint as a Methodist, he donned Evangelical garb in the mid-90s. Apparently, neither was a good enough fit: In 1996, Brownback fell under the spell of Rev. John McCloskey, an anchor at the right-wing Catholic organization Opus Dei. He was baptized a Catholic “not in a church but in a chapel tucked between lobbyists' offices on K Street that is run by Opus Dei,” writes Jeff Sharlet in Rolling Stone.


Brownback has spoken widely to Legatus, a lay organization of Catholic CEOs committed to right-wing social causes. Legatus, with 5,000 members, is filled with friends—and better yet for Brownback, friends with deep pockets. Brownback’s association with Monaghan begins to make sense.

His opposition to abortion is still (and always will be) his mainstay, but don’t let that fool you: this hack favors just about everything that common-sense Americans oppose, and vice versa, when it comes to healthcare, the war in Iraq, energy policy, environmental protection, and tax cuts.

Their name calling is much nicer?! NOT!


The best indicator we're on to something good....

Democrats can’t let the electoral success of 2006 blind them to the revenge that far-right elements will be looking for—are looking for even now, in fact—in 2008. For if America wakes up under Brownback, well…God help us all.

Tuesday, December 19, 2006

American Life League - Pelosi

Pelosi Wants Mass to Showcase Faith; ALL Urges D.C. Archbishop to Stop it

On January 3, Rep. Pelosi is scheduled to attend Mass at Trinity College in Washington as an endorsement of her alma mater and her Catholic faith. Given Pelosi’s outspoken support of abortion, Mrs. Brown has written to Archbishop Wuerl requesting that he do all in his power to stop the event. “Rep. Pelosi has a tremendous opportunity to make a difference for all human beings as the most powerful Catholic in Congress,” said Brown. “Unfortunately, she continually supports the very act that destroys life rather than protects it. It is for this very reason that a Catholic institution should not condone or support her position as a legislator.”

NEA's New "Campaign" -Safety in Schools

A "veil tip" to Agape Press for this news item...Safe Schools for Everyone
Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, and Transgendered Students

Also, take a look at their "Resources" list on the right, near the bottom of this article.

BE AWARE PARENTS! The culture of death knows no boundaries!

Stem Cells

Public Misinformed About Stem Cell Issue

"The beef is that there is no question that embryos are destroyed in the harvesting of stem cells," Maxwell said. "Now you are destroying a human being."

Many scientists disagree. Crouse, who specializes in embryonic stem cells, said it boils down to a difference in perspective about when human life begins.

He said, "There is no baby, no abortion."

In fact, Crouse said, the embryos that are used are essentially medical waste.

Most embryonic stem cells used in U.S. research come from embryos left over from in vitro fertilization - where a woman's eggs are fertilized outside the womb and the resulting embryos are implanted in the uterus. If the embryos are not implanted, they are typically destroyed.

My dog barks in her sleep...

I have often wondered what she is barking at...chasing squirrels, other dogs, or intruders?
Animals Dream in Pictures, Too

The "fringe" you mean a carpet?

"Veil tip" to the guys over at Southern Appeal for this “Brownback’s big backer”.

I love the quote from Rev. R0bert Drinan, on former Domino's Pizza founder Tom Monaghan's support of Sen. Sam Brownback-(Catholic-convert) on his possible candidacy to the White House:

“In the Catholic community, he’s looked upon as kind of on the fringes,” said the Rev. Robert Drinan, a liberal Roman Catholic priest and former Democratic congressman who teaches at Georgetown University. “The world view is, ‘We have to get back to a Catholic civilization.’ They want to go back to a Christian society imposed from above. … It’s just another world they want to build.”

Lead, follow, or get out of the way!

Saturday, December 16, 2006

Slowly indoctrinated...slowy "chipped" away...

Just a round-up of "chip" news this week....
VeriChip Infant Protection Product Now Used in One-In-Three U.S. Hospitals and Birthing Centers

Over 1,100 Installations To-Date in the United States
— December 11, 2006 — Applied Digital (Nasdaq: ADSX - News), through its VeriChip Corp. subsidiary, announced today that it has passed an important milestone in the sale and use of VeriChip's infant protection systems, with one-out-of-three Hospitals and Birthing Centers in the United States now using systems manufactured by VeriChip. This includes systems sold under both the Hugs and HALO brand names.VeriChip believes that it has the largest installed base of infant protection systems of any company in the industry. Revenues from sales of VeriChip's infant protection systems increased by 28% during the first three- quarters of 2006 as compared to pro forma revenue from such systems during the comparable period in 2005. "This important achievement is reflective of VeriChip's leadership in RFID products for healthcare security solutions," said Daniel A. Gunther, President of VeriChip Corp.

National Stroke Association Views Implantable RFID Microchip such as VeriMed as a Potential Life-Saving Medical Device

In a letter to VeriChip Corporation, a subsidiary of Applied Digital Solutions (Nasdaq: ADSX), the National Stroke Association (NSA) has recognized that implantable RFID microchip technology offers the ability to improve stroke treatment by providing medical professionals with immediate access to vital health information of stroke-afflicted patients. An excerpt from the letter, signed by James Baranski, CEO of the National Stroke Association, states, "Personal Health Records, including implantable RFID microchips such as VeriMed, could play a critical role in assisting medical professionals in delivering appropriate stroke treatment promptly, leading to better patient outcomes."

VeriChip Announces Results of Italian National Institute Two-Year Clinical Study of VeriMed System

The two-year, 10 patient study was designed to evaluate the safety and efficacy of the VeriMed implantable RFID microchip and the functionality of the VeriMed System in the management of patients with chronic infectious diseases undergoing care at the Institute. The study reported no complications or side effects related to the insertion procedure, flawless access of the ID number using the hand-held reader, and universal acceptance within the patient study group. Based on the results of the study, the exclusive VeriChip distributor for Italy plans to petition the Italian Ministry of Health for full availability of the VeriMed System through the Italian National Health Service.

See... A generation is all they need...pretty much sums it up!

In the UK...

Morning after pills to be handed out in advance for the first time

Here we go....

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

"GOOD NEWS Alert" - "Positive" Iraq

Did you know any of this information? Well, how silly of me to think that you would. Of course the gloom n' doom media have not presented this information. I can't recall anyone talking about these numbers. Will you do those courageous women and men a real big favor? Won't you please email, blog, talk about this information? Maybe you can send a "GOOD NEWS alert" to your lists...let's start a "snowball" fight of gigantic proportion...since we all receive those "funny, cute, and whimsical" snowball emails...let's replace it with this information. And possibly the "GOOD NEWS alert" will reach our courageous women and men before Christmas. Look at a sample of the "GOOD NEWS":
Recruited, Organized, Trained, and Equipped Iraqi and Afghan
Security Forces:
129,000 for Iraqi Ministry of Defense
165,100 for Iraqi Ministry of Interior
33,000 for Afghan National Army
37,000 for Afghan National Police

And see this news item that will NOT be reported:

Active-Duty Components Make Recruiting Goals

All branches of service not only reached their recruiting goals but exceeded them too! Let the news media "put that in their pipe and smoke it". What do think about that now, Mr. Rangel? Rep. Rangel Will Seek to Reinstate Draft

Good News Out of San Francisco Archdiocese

There's a new Chancellor of the San Francisco archdiocese. A "veil tip" to Mark Shea as a reader alerted him to the change (pg. 6 of the pdf. file). Remember MHR's horrid "bingo" scandalous event?

Our prayers continue for all and most especially for Archbishop Niederauer in the hopes that he will continue to "clean-house" and remain faithful, steadfast, and courageous in doing so! And we shall give Our FATHER all our praise and thanksgiving for this good news!

Deal Hudson's Blog

I'm glad to see his column...

Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Update: Intercessory Prayer Needed to STOP Aborted Fetuses - Stem Cells Used

Healthy new-born babies may have been killed in Ukraine to feed a flourishing international trade in stem cells, evidence obtained by the BBC suggests.
Our Lady of Guadalupe PLEASE HELP US!!!

Last month in Portland, Ore., doctors for the first time transplanted stem cells from aborted fetuses into his head in a desperate bid to reverse, or at least slow, a rare genetic disorder called Batten disease. The so-far incurable condition normally results in blindness and paralysis before death. Doctors don’t know if the neural stem cells taken from fetuses — donated to a nonprofit medical foundation by women aborting early-stage pregnancies — will save Daniel’s life. But the boy has sufficiently recovered from his 8-hour surgery to be expected to return to his Orange County, Calif., home Friday — the first day of Hanukkah.

“We don’t think that is a coincidence,” said Marcus Kerner, who said a deep faith in Judaism and long hours of prayer prompted the family to volunteer Daniel for the risky procedure. Daniel was diagnosed two years ago and has since lost the ability to walk and talk. Daniel is the first volunteer of an experiment that plans to operate on five more afflicted children over the next year.
I wish I could find out who that "non-profit medical foundation" is....
No other words can describe how much trouble we are IN! Does Judaism allow the killing of one for the betterment of another?

Monday, December 11, 2006

"The Singing Nuns"-Sister Servants of the Eternal Word

I just received my copy of the Sister Servants of the Eternal Word's Christmas CD-
"The Word Was Made Flesh". It is destined to become a Christmas classic in this household. You will love it too! I promise. The usual Christmas favorites can be heard, but the most interesting ones for me are-# 4 "Calypso Carol" & #5 "A La Nanita Nana"- the lyrics & translations accompany the CD in a booklet format. You can listen to a sample online here and then make sure you place an order...they might start flying out the door.

Tapes of their Casa Maria Retreats here. And look at their newsletters to see what the Sisters are up to. Sign up to receive too. While you're visiting their site don't forget to look at their retreat schedule too. They are always working hard to build up HIS Kingdom! Yea God! And thank you Sr. Louise Marie and all the Sisters for all you do!

Sunday, December 10, 2006

Beeson Divinity School To Host Baptist/Catholic Conversation

"Veil Tip" to Southern Appeal for this one-Baptist-Catholic talks held in December to be held at Samford Univ. (Birmingham, AL.) Conversations between the Baptist World Alliance & the Pontifical Council for Promoting Christian Unity (Pres. Walter Cardinal Kasper).

The conversations are a continuation of previous talks with the Vatican Pontifical Council for Promoting Christian Unity in 1990 and a follow-up visit by the BWA to the Vatican in March of this year.

Topics to be discussed include the authority of Christ in Scripture and tradition, Baptism and the Lord’s Supper, and Hearing the Word of God in the contemporary context.


We are pleased that all Baptist leaders with whom we spoke understand the importance and necessity of discussing with our Catholic friends issues where we have unity, and, on the other hand, issues where we have serious concerns and misunderstandings.


Theological conversations are not for the purpose of compromise, but for clarification and mutual edification.


The conversations may lead to “Further action together on ethical issues, including justice, peace and the sanctity of life, in accord with God’s purpose and to the praise of God’s glory,” an earlier report on the conversations noted.


The Vatican Pontifical Council for Promoting Christian Unity will be represented by Bishop Arthur Serratelli of the Roman Catholic Diocese of Paterson, New Jersey, and eight other Catholic representatives.

The series of meetings will be held in various locations around the world, beginning in December and concluding in 2010.

Samford Univ./Beeson is located in The Diocese of Birmingham . The diocese of Birmingham is considered to be in the "Bible Belt" and is considered by the Catholic Church-a missionary area.

The Diocese of Birmingham is located almost in the center of the area of the United States traditionally known as the Bible Belt. The Bible Belt refers to those states in the South and Southeast which are predominantly fundamentalist in religious thinking. All dioceses in this wide area are truly missionary insofar as no one of them is more than 5% Catholic. Churches of the area are largely Baptist, Church of Christ, Church of God, Pentecostal and Methodist. Using specific church membership as a criterion, Alabama is a very religious state.

Saturday, December 09, 2006

"Festival Eucharist" of Christ the King at Dominican Basilica of S. Sabina

A "veil tip" to "the new liturgical movement" for more info on the scandalous event that took place a few weeks ago in Rome with the Archbishop of Canterbury at the papal high altar of the Dominican Basilica of S. Sabina. Remember?

Well, the Archbishop is interviewed this week by "The Tablet"- in a piece titled-"Ambivalent archbishop" . I am sorry to say that it reveals more information then I wanted to know!
The purpose of visiting Rome was threefold: to develop personal contacts, particularly with Pope Benedict; to build relationships with individual Vatican curial departments; and to establish progress on ecumenical dialogue. But Cardinal Kasper and Pope Benedict were frank in their admission of difficulties, speaking of serious obstacles to ecumenical progress thrown up by liberal attitudes to homosexuality and to women's ordination. However the Pope also confirmed the friendship between the two Churches and that the work of the Anglican-Roman Catholic International Commission (ARCIC) would resume.
Those involved on both sides of the discourse have spoken of the personal chemistry between Pope Benedict and Dr Williams. While the past 40 years have been marked by several meetings between Popes and Primates of the Anglican Communion, this was the first time that each office holder was also a notable theologian. To what extent was this an encounter as much between theologians as between two leaders of two Churches?

"Almost without preliminaries we got down to talking about the lecture I had given on St Benedict [delivered at Sant'Anselmo on 21 November; an edited version appeared in The Tablet on 25 November] and the concept of obedience - about the difficulty of that in the modern world - and the conversation unfolded from there. There was a strong sense of the two of us being able to talk about what enthuses us theologically," recalls Dr Williams.

The conversation, he says, went on to the subject of the sacramental heart of the Church. The Eucharist, of course, remains a sticking point for Roman Catholic-Anglican relations, and that was apparent during the visit to Rome, with no combined Eucharist service. Yet the Catholic Church made another gesture of fellowship and recognition of its special relationship with the Anglican Communion, following the gifts of the papal ring by Paul VI and the pectoral cross by John Paul II. This time it was the suggestion by the Secretariat of State that Dr Williams celebrate the Eucharist at the papal altar of the Dominican church of Santa Sabina.

So let's summarize here: They both met and were happy to talk to each other because they found a commonality between them--both were theologians. There's nothing wrong in this fact. Then Catherine Pepinster, author of this piece leaves out key information about the rest of their conversations for whatever reason. But interjects the main reason for our differences between one another-Roman Catholic-Anglican-the Eucharist. And states the obvious-there wasn't a real "gesture" made in celebrating the Eucharist-The Mass-"together". Well, again they ARE NOT in union with the Roman Catholic Church! Then she further mentions that there were other "gestures" made in history. A papal ring by Paul VI? Why would this be given? Then it worsens-How can the use of a papal altar in a Roman Catholic Church be considered another "gesture"? And to make matters worse it's use was suggested by the Secretariat of State? Cardinal Bertone? What is going on? This is becoming more scandalous as the information begins to present itself. Again, why and how would this be allowed to take place in a Roman Catholic Church under the Roman Curia?! They were present at this event--On the Feast of Christ the King! Before I digress and lose my Advent peace...there's more...


"I understand what my Roman Catholic friends are saying. The theology makes sense, although it is not a theology I sign up to. But it is very painful.

"For me the heart of the Eucharist is that we are drawn into the eternal prayer of Christ and that's what unifies us: that we are standing where Christ stands and praying what Christ prays. It's not only the prayers but also the shape of the action that tells you that." What the two Churches do share at the moment is common prayers - the same vernacular English of the Gloria, for instance, so that those attending one another's Eucharist can at least pray together. That will change, of course, should the new translation of the Mass into English, as seems very likely, comes to be used. Dr Williams is too diplomatic to comment on any internal divisions of the Roman Catholic Church caused by its liturgical texts, but it is apparent that he finds some of the intricate squabbling over literal translation a rather curious and not entirely appealing characteristic of the Catholic Church - "one of those Counter-Reformation things", as he puts it.

"I do find the ideas of translation puzzling, and what communicates itself as a level of anxiety about getting the words right. It isn't characteristic of the early or medieval Church: there's not a fear of getting it right nor even is there is a sense of one model against which everything else has to be tested."


The key point that did emerge from the talks was not so much the issues that have caused so many of the rows in Anglicanism - the role of gay people in the Church or the role of women - but that the Catholic Church is concerned about the way Anglicans make decisions and about Anglican standards of theology. Making appointments to the office of bishop is not just a question of justice but is about a sign of the koinonia or communio at the heart of the Church.

But, as far as ecumenical dialogue is concerned, the difficulty for Anglicans on women's ordination, says Dr Williams, is not entirely of their own making. There is a growing feeling among them, as the Church of England considers women bishops, that the Catholic Church has moved the goalposts, even though, logically, the appointment of women bishops would follow on from Synod's decision in favour of women priests 14 years ago.

Another "veil tip" to Rocco Palmo -Whispers in the Loggia for this piece of info:"Notably, word is that the Dominican mother-church was not always the envisioned venue: the service's initially proposed site was said to be the Patriarchal Basilica of St Paul's Outside the Walls."

I feel better?

Thursday, December 07, 2006

CTA - Excommunication In Nebraska - DONE!

CTA Catholics in and of the Diocese of Lincoln who attain or retain membership in: Planned Parenthood, Society of Saint Pius X (Lefebvre Group), Hemlock Society, Call to Action, Call to Action Nebraska, Saint Michael the Archangel Chapel, Freemasons, Job's Daughters, DeMolay, Eastern Star, Rainbow Girls (never heard of this group-scary!), and Catholics for a Free Choice-
***The excommunication order applies only within the Lincoln, Nebraska diocese.
But, it certainly does give all a sense of relief that actions are being taken to curb and eliminate the scandal and confusion that these groups cause and continue to cause to faithful Catholics in the U.S.
From Cardinal Giovanni Battista Re the prefect of the Congregation for Bishops-in a letter to Bishop Fabian Bruskewitz of Lincoln, Nebraska and a Press Release from the Bishop:

You can explain to Mr. McShane that the Holy See considers that Your Excellency's ruling in the case of "Call to action Nebraska" was properly taken within your competence as Pastor of that diocese. The judgement of the Holy See is that the activities of "Call to Action" in the course of these years are in contrast with the Catholic Faith due to views and positions held which are unacceptable from a doctrinal and disciplinary standpoint. Thus to be a member of this Association or to support it, is irreconcilable with a coherent living of the Catholic Faith."

Background information about situation--from "CTA" here. With a list from canon lawyer here.
The March 22 decree of Lincoln, Nebraska Bishop Fabian Bruskewitz threatening
excommunication of CTA members has caused a bonanza of national publicity, new members and increased donations for CTA. It has also strengthened the fledgling
CTA Nebraska, which drew 75 people to its first meeting Feb. 3, and 200 at its second event Apr. 27.

The saga began when Bruskewitz reacted to the establishment of CTA Nebraska
by proclaiming that anyone among the 85,000 Catholics in his diocese who belongs to CTA or CTA Nebraska after May 15 faces automatic excommunication. He also banned membership in ten other organizations, including Planned Parenthood, Catholics for a Free Choice, and Masonic groups, but CTA was clearly his reason for acting now.

Updated (March 2005) info from CTA Nebraska here.
Another item here.

(National level) CTA: 25 years of Spirituality and Justice

O Mary conceived without sin, pray for us who have recourse to thee!

Don't forget the Hour of Grace:

With Prayers and Penance. Pray the 51st Psalm with outstretched arms three
times. During the Hour of Grace, many spiritual graces will be granted. The most
hard-hearted sinners will be touched by the grace of God.The Blessed Virgin promised that whatever a person asked Her for during this Hour of Grace (even in
impossible cases) would be granted to them, if it was in accordance with the
Will of the Eternal Father.

Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Privacy Issues Continue

Heathrow testing biometric security checks

Speaking at the Heathrow launch Wednesday, immigration minister Liam Byrne said biometric screening will make it "much harder for people to get into the country illegally." He dismissed civil liberties concerns about the increasing collection and use of biometric data.

He said: "If you have got nothing to hide, what are you worried about? You are not only securing borders, but helping people save time when they are traveling. This kind of technology will be popular."

Now what's going on?

I guess the world really has turned upside down now-Conservative Scholars Ease Gay Rabbi Ban

Conservative Jewish scholars eased their ban Wednesday on ordaining gays, upending thousands of years of precedent while stopping short of fully accepting gay clergy.

The Committee on Jewish Law and Standards, which interprets religious law for the movement, adopted three starkly conflicting policies that nonetheless gave gays the chance to serve as clergy.

Huh? What is happening here?

Disgusting- Planned Parenthood FREE "Giveaway"

Plan B Pill Now Readily Available

Planned Parenthood celebrated Wednesday with a free giveaway of the emergency contraceptive, while critics insisted that Plan B's accessibility will soon be a cause for regret.


On Wednesday, in celebration of Plan B's expanded availability, the pills were being given away free at more than 350 Planned Parenthood centers in 30 states. Planned Parenthood's vice president for medical affairs, Dr. Vanessa Cullins, urged women to back up their regular birth control by keeping emergency contraception in their medicine cabinet "in case the condom breaks, you miss two or more birth control pills or have unprotected sex."

Planned Parenthood centers also sell the pill; as a clinic operator, the organization gets a discount from Barr that helps it undercut pharmacy prices.

The pill giveaway was denounced by some Planned Parenthood critics.

"They're using this to drive customers to their clinics and drive up their profits," said Jim Sedlak, vice president of the American Life League.

Dr. Joe DeCook of the American Association of Pro-Life Obstetricians and Gynecologists said he worries that sexually active women using Plan B will feel less need to see a physician, reducing the odds of early detection of sexually transmitted diseases.

Silly String - "Life Saving Use"

Whoa, I love this teen loves it too. One Christmas, I put it in my children's stockings. They had a good time spraying each other around the Christmas tree, although I do recall that it became quite a messy morning-wrapping paper, toys, candy, dog, tree needles, and silly string. Not good. I better scratch it off their lists this year but instead buy an extra few cans and send them to the troops-Serious Use for Silly String. This would be a great "life saving gift" to send to the troops for Christmas! Pass the word. Contact info: St. Luke Church

American troops use the stuff to detect trip wires around bombs, as Marcelle Shriver learned from her son, a soldier in Iraq.

Before entering a building, troops squirt the plastic goo, which can shoot strands about 10 to 12 feet, across the room. If it falls to the ground, no trip wires. If it hangs in the air, they know they have a problem. The wires are otherwise nearly invisible.
After sending some cans to her 28-year-old son, Shriver enlisted the help of two priests and posted notices in her church and its newsletter. From there, the effort took off, with money and Silly String flowing in. Parishioners have been dropping cans into donation baskets.

"There's so much that they can't do, and they're frustrated, but this is something they can do," said the Rev. Joseph Capella of St. Luke's Church in Stratford.

Another Cloning Country...Australia

Australia Lifts Therapeutic Cloning Ban

Our Lady of Guadalupe pray for us!

Benedict XVI Explains Prayer in Blue Mosque

From Sandro Magister: After the Visit to Turkey, the Travel Diary of His Holiness

Further on Benedict XVI explains the meaning of his prayer at the Blue Mosque in this way: “Pausing for a few moments of recollection in that place of prayer, I turned to the one Lord of heaven and earth, the merciful Father of all humanity. May all believers recognize his creatures and bear witness to true brotherhood!” Here the pope takes up the formula that Vatican Council II used in regard to the “Muslims who worship the one God.” But he calls God “Father,” a name that is not used for the God of Islam. In the Regensburg lecture, Joseph Ratzinger dedicated an important passage to the different concepts of God in Islam and in Christianity.

Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Iran Blocks YouTube

Can you imagine being blocked? Most especially from these?

A Eucharistic Miracle!

See and listen to this one...beautiful!

Fr. Stan Fortuna and Tony Melendez

And this one...YEA GOD!!!!!

Documentary of Fr. Boniface

Keep all your sons-your priests under your mantle of protection Most loving Blessed Mother!

URGENT PRAYER NEED! Another Priest Abducted

Another Chaldean priest abducted in Baghdad

The Chaldean Patriarchate of Baghdad, which reported the abduction, launched an appeal on its website. Addressing the abductors, it asked: “We beg you not to harm him but to treat him well. We trust Father Samy in the hands of the Lord and of Providence, asking Him to help save Iraq from these kidnapping which terrorise everyone, adults and children alike”. The appeal ended by calling upon “Our Lady that She may save him and return him soon to his church and to the service of his faithful”.

Spread the word!

Our Lady of Fatima please protect your son from all physical and spiritual harm. Please direct these men to send Fr. Al Raiys safely and unharmed back to his home and parish.

Monday, December 04, 2006

California Prop. 71 - California Stem Cell Research and Cures Act

Reality check for stem cell optimism-The research, stalled by legal challenges, offers no guarantees of cures, California institute scientists say as they outline more modest goals.

Even with the $150-million state loan approved recently to kick-start work stalled by legal challenges, there are no breakthroughs in sight. Gone are the allusions to healing such afflictions as spinal cord injuries and Parkinson's and Alzheimer's diseases that dominated the 2004 campaign for Proposition 71. In fact, scientists say, there is no guarantee of cures ­certainly not any time soon ­ from the measure that was optimistically titled the California Stem Cell Research and Cures Act.

Instead, the top goal is to establish, in principle, that a therapy developed from human embryonic stem cells can "restore function
for at least one disease."

That would be only the first step toward persuading pharmaceutical or biotech companies to fund expanded clinical trials, a process that takes years and millions of dollars. Fewer than 20% of potential therapies that enter trials make it to market."

The real goal is the $. And killing embryos- killing babies for the benefit of someone else.

Lord have mercy!
Our Lady of Guadalupe please intercede for us!

Sunday, December 03, 2006

Clarifying Benedict's 'flip-flop' on Turkey and the EU

I wondered when someone would present clarification on BXVI's support of Turkey joining the EU. John Allen (National Catholic Reporter) shares his views:

What’s the deal?

First of all, one has to distinguish between the corporate position of the Holy See and the personal position of Joseph Ratzinger. In fact, there has been no real change at all in the former. Vatican diplomats have always said that they are officially neutral on the question of Turkey’s admission, but that if Turkey is to join the EU, it should be required to meet European standards of human rights, the so-called “Copenhagen criteria,” especially with regard to religious freedom.

As far as Ratzinger personally is concerned, Donohue has a point that he has not flip-flopped,” because that would suggest a 180-degree reversal from firm opposition to clear support. That’s not the situation. Instead, he’s moved from opposition to something like a “yellow light,” meaning that he’s open to Turkey’s candidacy in principle, but with conditions, especially what the Vatican calls "reciprocity,” meaning guarantees of religious liberty.

His earlier opposition is not in doubt.

Background info- from Sandro Magister: (10-15-2004) Europe Is Christian, but Turkey's Crescent Moon Shines in its Skies.

More on Healing by Faith

Russian Orthodox Church Reports at Least 3 Cases of AIDS Healing by Faith
‘I myself know of at least three cases in which a person who had this diagnosis suddenly turned out healthy’, the priest said at a press conference at the Interfax central office in Moscow. He explained that such healing might happen through the prayers of the diseased or his or her relatives as well as through touching a shrine or the cross.

Doctors aren't chaplains

Op-ed piece from Richard P. Sloan director of the behavioral medical program at Columbia University Medical Center and the New York State Psychiatric Institute, is the author of "Blind Faith: The Unholy Alliance of Religion and Medicine"

Some prominent physicians are calling for the wall of separation between religion and medicine to be torn down. They declare that the future of medicine is prayer and Prozac, and they recommend that doctors take a "spiritual history" during a patient's initial visit and annually thereafter. Walter Larimore, an award-winning physician, for instance, has declared that excluding God from a consultation should be grounds for malpractice.

Of course, religion is not utterly irrelevant to patients. If it were, hospitals would not have chaplains and chapels. But before organized medicine decides that religion has any value in physical healing, several things ought to be considered. First, the scientific evidence supposedly linking religious practices with better health is shockingly weak — so bad, in fact, that if we were discussing drugs, the Food and Drug Administration would have to find them unsafe and ineffective. Most research studies that claim to show how religious involvement is associated with better health fail to rule out other factors that might account for the relationship.

Good thing this is just an op-ed piece. I don't think he really understands faith and those that practice their faith-most especially through prayer.

I believe this family would beg to differ. "Her parents say that Nikki – who they describe as “funny, witty, and vibrant” – is a testament to modern medicine and the power of prayer."

Doctors at Golisano Children’s Hospital at Strong ran tests that showed Nikki was much sicker than she appeared. She was diagnosed with invasive strep, which led to a rare, life-threatening blood disorder called hemolytic uremic syndrome.

“She was in the PICU for three months, and she was on the brink of death almost every day,” Linda Snacki says. “They put her in an induced coma for several months to help her breathe, and I promised her before she fell asleep that I wouldn’t leave her side. For three months, I never went outside to take a breath of air. We just prayed. We never gave up hope.”

"Veil Tip" to "disinterested party".

Thursday, November 30, 2006

Can we borrow to use at Mass?

Jeff Miller at Curt Jester can make-up a little gadget I bet...with an alert to the Vatican and the respective Congregations. Press button #1 -for Liturgical dancers #2 Heretical womenpriests get the rest of this...

Moviegoers zap cellphone abusers

Regal is giving theatergoers free popcorn and a gadget that lets them bust annoying cellphone users in the theater.

Regal is testing devices at 25 of its theater locations, handing them out to frequent customers and may roll it out nationwide in the next year if it proves successful, Campbell said. Regal operates 6,400 screens nationwide.

About the size of a pager, the gadget has four buttons. One alerts theater managers about a disruption in the audience, such as a fight over a cellphone.

A second button gives notice of faulty movie projection, a third button can be pressed if the room temperature is off and a fourth button, marked "Other" covers any other problem.

The device is part of Regal's efforts to keep fans coming back to the box office by making sure they still enjoy the experience, even as the movie industry faces greater competition from other media such as the Internet or video games.

My Favorite Pic. of PBXVI from His Trip to Turkey

On the Feast of St. Andrew--Awesome Picture!!

On The Feast of St. Andrew

And of what should we be afraid?
Our captain on this battlefield is Christ Jesus.
We have discovered what we have to do.
Christ has bound our enemies for us
and weakened them that they cannot overcome us
unless we so choose to let them.
So we must fight courageously and mark ourselves
with the sign of the most Holy Cross.
~St. Catherine of Siena
St. Andrew: Pray for Us!
As one of the Twelve, Andrew was admitted to the closest familiarity with Our Lord during His public life; he was present at the Last Supper; beheld the risen Lord; witnessed the Ascension; shared in the graces and gifts of the first Pentecost, and helped, amid threats and persecution, to establish the Faith in Palestine.

Wednesday, November 29, 2006

More Womenpriest Videos

The Ordination of Roman Catholic Womenpriests and Womendeacons

July 31, 2006 in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Presiding bishops: Gisela Forster, Patricia Fresen, Ida Raming of Germany

"Ordination of Womenpriests in the Roman Catholic Church"(7-31-06)

Link to a 26 minute video on Google Videos

"Womenpriests Press Conference and Ordination"

Link to a 8 minute video on Google Videos

NOT Valid & Heretical

May God Have Mercy and May Our Blessed Mother lead these people back to Holy Mother Church!

Heresy - "Roman Catholic Women Priests"- CTA

I hate to even post this as it is advertisement for these heretic women.

Jesus died for their redemption - may they accept that awesome gift of redemption.

"I AM"
"Rise Up People of God" CTA Conference-

On Nov. 5th, 2006, Roman Catholic Womenpriests Celebrate Eucharist at the Call to Action 30th Anniversary National Conference in Milwaukee, Wisconsin U.S.A.

Next Week-Partial Birth Abortion Bill Possible Vote

Republicans Want Vote on Abortion Bill
While they still can, House Republicans are looking at scheduling a vote next week on a fetal pain abortion bill in a parting shot at incoming majority Democrats and a last bid for loyalty from the GOP's base of social conservatives.

Benedict XVI's "Gesture of Love"

URGENT - Pleas of Prayer and Financial Assistance

I know the holidays are upon each of us but can you please answer Fr. Pablo Straub's pleas for prayer and financial assistance? He (his associates) have placed his needs on a website Window to Truth. I know each of us have benefited in so many ways from his charity here in the U.S. through his Holy Spirit filled programs on EWTN. Please if you are prompted by the Holy Spirit to answer this plea contact Fr. with your donation here. I also ask that you immediately send a brief note to your email lists stating Fr. Pablo's needs and possibly "blog"/link to his site so that others may also answer. Thank you...and I know Fr. will be quite appreciative too!

Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Jihadists Attack Vatican Web Site

An appeal to Jihadist hackers was sent out through Web forums linked to al-Qaida and was posted on two of the Web sites that publish messages from the terrorist organization.

"The leadership of the electronic Jihad has decided to undertake a grand attack against the official Vatican site following the insults by the Pope against our Prophet," the statement read in Arabic, referring to remarks the Pope made in a September 12 speech.

Turkey: Pope supports EU membership

Reminder - this is a comment from Turkey's prime minister and the Vatican was quick to make this statement: Vatican spokesman Rev. Federico Lombardi said:

"The Holy See has neither the power nor the specific political task of intervening on the exact point regarding the entry of Turkey into the European Union. It's not in its scope. However, it views positively and encourages the road of dialogue and of moving toward integration in Europe on the basis of common values and principles."

I don't understand this...what changed?
Ratzinger asserts Vatican stand against Turkey EU membership (this is dated 2004) & Sandro Magister's -Europe Is Christian, but Turkey's Crescent Moon Shines in its Skies

One source of opposition is a highly authoritative Vatican official: Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger, the prefect of the Vatican Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith. Ratzinger has recently voiced his opposition on two occasions: in an August 13 interview with "Le Figaro Magazine," and in a speech on September 18 to the pastoral workers of his titular diocese, Velletri, which was published in the Catholic newspaper of the Swiss town of Lugano, "Il Giornale del Popolo." In both cases, he specified that he was expressing his own opinion, not that of the Holy See.

Pope Benedict's Apostolic Journey to Turkey

A wealth of information concerning his journey-Pope Benedict XVI's Apostolic Journey to Turkey Nov. 28 - Dec. 1, 2006

I highly recommend Spero News and the above mentioned page! Pass the word-don't forget your children as they can benefit from the geography and history lessons presented on the site.

Just don't sit there!

Do something. Something would be: prayer-reparation, fast, action-letters (letter writing etiquette), emails, phone calls! Stand up to this scandalous event. Alert others--for prayer -NOT to "drag down" Holy Mother Church! If we all alert the right authorities then we will have answered HIS call-- defend HIS BODY AND BLOOD and HIS church.

Anglicans in Rome- Archbishop of Canterbury Rowan Williams attends a mass celebrating the feast of Christ the King and marking the Fortieth Anniversary of the Anglican Centre in Rome, at S.Sabina Basilica, Rome, Nov.26, 2006. Btw...these pictures are posted on Catholic Press Photo.


Looking at the pictures of the Pope's meeting with the Archbishop of Canterbury and reading the info. provided with these pictures...I don't think we are in "complete communion" -"Serious obstacles impede closer ties between Roman Catholics and Anglicans, Pope Benedict XVI and Archbishop of Canterbury Rowan Williams said Thursday, reflecting strains over issues such as women and gays in the priesthood."
So after seeing the above pictures and looking at these pictures of another event-Evening Prayers and here...the questions continue.

"Veil tips" to "Curt Jester"-Jeff Miller and Shawn Tribe at The New Liturgical Movement

Palazzo delle Congregazioni
00193 Roma, Piazza Pio XII, 3
Palazzo delle Congregazioni
00193 Roma, Piazza Pio XII, 10
00193 Roma
Via dell'Erba, 1
Papal E-mail/Fax/Phone:
The Vatican Press Office is considered the "official" means of email contact for the Holy Father. The following email address does gain a response.
phone: +390669881022
3339 Massachusetts Avenue, N.W
Washington, DC, USA
Telephone: (202)333-7121
Fax: (202)337-4036

Another Attack Against "Christ-mas"

'Nativity' Booted From Ill. Holiday Fair

A public Christmas festival is no place for the Christmas story, the city says (Chicago). Officials have asked organizers of a downtown Christmas festival, the German Christkindlmarket, to reconsider using a movie studio as a sponsor because it is worried ads for its film "The Nativity Story" might offend non-Christians.

The city does not want to appear to endorse one religion over another, said Cindy Gatziolis, a spokeswoman for the Mayor's Office of Special Events. She acknowledged there is a nativity scene, but also said there will be representations of other faiths, including a Jewish menorah, all put up by private groups. She stressed that the city did not order organizers to drop the studio as a sponsor.

It seems we make strides ("Naughty or Nice List") and then fall again. The battle continues. That's ok we know the outcome! Our job is to make sure there are few casualities.

Monday, November 27, 2006

URGENT PRAYER NEED-Our Holy Father's Trip to Turkey

He asked for prayers and now we really need to cover him! A Prayer for his trip to Turkey put out by the Knights of Columbus. Please ask all family and friends-all Christians- to pray! This trip is extremely important--spiritually and temporally-He is obedient to the Father's Will!

Heavenly Father, from Whom every family in heaven and on earth takes its name,we humbly ask that You sustain, inspire, and protect Your servant, Pope Benedict XVI, as he goes on pilgrimage to Turkey a land to which St. Paul brought the Gospel of Your Son; a land where once the Mother of Your Son, the Seat of Wisdom, dwelt; a land where faith in Your Son's true divinity was definitively professed.

Bless our Holy Father, who comes as a messenger of truth and love to all people of faith and good will dwelling in this land so rich in history. In the power of the Holy Spirit, may this visit of the Holy Father bring about deeper ties of understanding, cooperation, and peace among Roman Catholics, the Orthodox, and those who profess Islam. May the prayers and events of these historic days greatly contribute both to greater accord among those who worship You, the living and true God, and also to peace in our world so often torn apart by war and sectarian violence.

We also ask, O Heavenly Father, that You watch over and protect Pope Benedict and entrust him to the loving care of Mary, under the title of Our Lady of Fatima, a title cherished both by Catholics and Muslims.Through her prayers and maternal love, may Pope Benedict be kept safe from all harm as he prays, bears witness to the Gospel, and invites all peoples to a dialogue of faith, reason, and love. We make our prayer through Christ, our Lord. Amen.

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Happy Thanksgiving!

The Gloria
Glory to God in the highest and peace to his people on earth. Lord God, heavenly King, almighty God and Father,we worship you, we give you thanks,we praise you for your glory.

Lord Jesus Christ, only Son of the Father,Lord God, Lamb of God,you take away the sin of the world:have mercy on us;you are seated at the right hand of the Father:receive our prayer.

For you alone are the Holy One,you alone are the Lord, you alone are the Most High,
Jesus Christ, with the Holy Spirit in the glory of God the Father. Amen.

We thank and praise you Father!

We thank and praise you Jesus!

We thank and praise you Holy Spirit!

I hope & pray that everyone has a safe and blessed Thanksgiving!

Vatican Concludes Study on Condoms

Cardinal Javier Lozano Barragan, who heads the Vatican office for health care, told a news conference on infectious diseases that the document was drafted with the help of scientists, theologians and other experts.

"We have prepared a detailed study on condoms from both the scientific and moral points of view and we have passed our study on to the Congregation for the Faith," Barragan said. "Now the dossier is being studied by that office and then it will go before the pope."

Sunday, November 19, 2006

He's coming back

I can't stress enough the importance of this lesson! DON'T WAIT! Go to frequent Confession, receive HIM in the Eucharist, give HIM an hour of your life in weekly adoration, and most importantly - THANK HIM for all HE has given you! You'll be ready then - when HE COMES AGAIN!

At the end of November and the beginning of December, the Gospel readings come from those teachings of Jesus toward the end of His life where He makes it clear that He will come back in glory and there will be a judgment.

(Just as an aside, this placement in the liturgical calendar can be a little misleading, because He actually says these things not long before the Last Supper. With their placement at the end of the liturgical year and the beginning of Advent, they take on a little different light, but they are still just as powerful.)

This is not only a part of the liturgical readings, it's also a part of the Mass itself. At every Mass, after praying the Our Father, the priest prays, "Deliver us, Lord, from every evil and grant us peace in our day. In your mercy, keep us free from sin and protect us from all anxiety as we wait in joyful hope for the coming of our Savior, Jesus Christ."

And in the Creed, we say, "He will come again in glory to judge the living and the dead, and his kingdom will have no end."

So the idea that Jesus will return is not foreign to Catholic thinking. For the most part, we don't dwell on it or speculate on when He will come again, but it is part of our heritage and belief. (I say, "for the most part," because there are some Catholics who do dwell on it and scour everything they can find to divine when the Lord will return.)

Why is this? There's a story of one of the saints that has a variety of tellings, but it gives in a nutshell how the Church lives this belief. It was either St. Francis of Assisi with his brothers out weeding in the garden or St. John Bosco playing billiards with a couple of friends. Either way, the question came up of what would you do if you knew the Lord was returning within an hour. One said, "I'd go home and reconcile with my family." Another said, "I'd go to Confession," and so on. They then turned to St. Francis (or St. John Bosco) and asked, "Well, what would you do?" "I'd keep on weeding" (or playing billiards).

In other words, they knew that what they were doing at that moment was what the Lord wanted them to do, and they also knew that they had all their affairs in order. Their attitudes teach a valuable lesson - live as though the Lord is returning at every moment of your life.

Father Cantalamessa on the End of the World

Jesus says: "This generation will not pass away until all these things have taken place." Is he mistaken? No, it was the world that was known to his hearers that passed away, the Jewish world. It tragically passed away with the destruction of Jerusalem in A.D. 70. When, in 410, the Vandals sacked Rome, many great figures of the time thought that it was the end of the world. They were not all that wrong; one world did end, the one created by Rome with its empire. In this sense, those who, with the destruction of the twin towers on September 11, 2001, thought of the end of the world, were not mistaken ...

None of this diminishes the seriousness of the Christian charge but only deepens it. It would be the greatest foolishness to console oneself by saying that no one knows when the end of the world will be and forgetting that, for any of us, it could be this very night. For this reason Jesus concludes today's Gospel with the recommendation that we "be vigilant because no one knows when the exact moment will be."

Friday, November 17, 2006

Comin' Home?

No change on Anglican womanpriests expected
The Archbishop of Canterbury said that newspaper reports of any doubts over ordination of women are wilfully misleading.
The Archbishop of Canterbury, Dr. Rowan Williams has dismissed as “wilfully misleading” newspaper reports that he is doubtful over the ordination of women to the priesthood, has ever felt that the ordination of women priests had been “'wrong” or believes that a revisiting of the question is likely, necessary or desirable.

Speaking during a visit to Manchester, Dr. Williams declared his continuing support for the ordination of women to the priesthood.
So there ya' have it! No change!

Backing up Fr. Trigilio...

Following Fr. Trigilio's response in my previous post...(with "Veil Tips" to a reader PML, The Weight of Glory-"Doxaweb", and Future Priests of the Third Millennium )

Good news out of St. Paul, MN!

(you need Real Player)
(My favorite seminarian quote--"I get to wear black everyday?")
Our prayers are truly being answered!
Can we send a copy to Commonweal = )

Noted priest responds to editorial

From Matt Abbott...

Father John Trigilio has issued the following (unedited) response to a recent editorial in Commonweal magazine -"Tomorrow’s Priests"

Go Fr. Trigilio!

Thursday, November 16, 2006

"Dr. Death" & his "Plastinarium"-Disgusting!

"Beauty salon for the dead" opens in Germany
"I am a dresser of corpses who takes corpses and turns them into useful objects. This is an extension beyond death of the trend for beauty treatments," he said.

The eccentric man, invariably seen sporting a wide-brimmed hat, told reporters at the opening of his new center that the slices of bodies which he sells to schools and universities were no different than a slice of meat sold on a slab.

This is so very disgusting!

Father Tadeusz Pacholczyk, Ph.D. comments in his article:
Bodies in plastic, morally problematic?
The exhibit is billed as an educational exhibit, teaching people about the internal structure and organization of their own bodies. As the director of the exhibit phrased it, “My aim is to illuminate and educate through the beautiful arrangement” of bodies. Yet some people find the exhibit “edgy,” causing more than a tinge of discomfort, and they wonder whether there aren’t ethical concerns associated with putting the human body on display in this way.

[ Editor’s note: The Body Worlds exhibit is on display at Boston’s Museum of Science now through Jan. 7, 2007]