Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Yea! He's Back!

Fr. Bryce Sibley is BACK!

He's podcasting-"The Word Made Flesh"!

I can't wait to download to my new MP3 player I got for Christmas.
Yippee! I am so glad he is back!

Monday, January 02, 2006

George Weigel on Benedict XVI

Hoping for a pontificate of reform
It was expected Joseph Ratzinger would bring intellect to the papacy, but now action is in demand

The Future of Jerusalem-Vatican Modeled

Sharon's expert-Sergio Della Pergola, the leading worldwide scholar of Jewish demographics expounds on the future of Jerusalem with the Vatican as the model and the identity of the Israeli people are at the origin of his plan.
Sandro Magister reports on this plan here.

"The Vatican was studied as a model because – although it is an independent state – it is administratively integrated into Italy in terms of its money, water supply, electricity, sewer system, telephone system, railroad, and security services."

On the surface, it sounds like it can work.

Our prayers continue for peace!

2006 & The Bible Code

What to make of this information for 2006? The Bible Code

"The warnings that are most clearly stated in the code are (a) the world will face global economic collapse starting in the Hebrew year 5762. 2002 in the modern calendar. We know that one came true. (b) this will lead to a period of unprecedented danger as nations with nuclear weapons become unstable and terrorists can buy or steal the power to destroy whole cities. After 9/11 no one doubts it. And then of course there's the most terrible of the three predictions, god help us if this one comes true. The danger will peak in the Hebrew year 5766, 2006 in the modern calendar. The year that is most clearly encoded with both world war and atomic holocaust."

I don't think that we had a global economic collapse in 2002. But the 2nd one -(b)- can apply to this moment right now.

Needless to say, our prayers continue for mercy and the salvation of our souls.

LORD have mercy!

St. Michael defend us in battle...

Our Lady of Fatima pray for us!

Sunday, January 01, 2006

Mary, Mother of God-Solemnity & Happy New Year!

Mary, Mother of God-Solemnity

Today from our Holy Father-Pope Benedict XVI-
“A mother is she who gives life but also she who helps and teaches how to live,” said the Pope. “Mary is Mother, Mother of Jesus to who she gave her blood, her body. And it is she who presents the eternal Word of the Father, come to live among us. Let us ask Mary to intercede for us. Her maternal protection accompanies us today and always, so that Christ may welcome us one day in his glory, in the communion of Saints”.

'O Mary, conceived without sin, pray for us who have recourse to thee.

More from Mount St. Agnes (RSM) & Carol Lee Flinders

From the Dec. 2005-MSA -"The Scoop"- Spiritual Feminism Workshop. Carol Lee Flinders' association with this institute-Sophia Institute in Charleston, South Carolina.

"If women are to bring forth a new paradigm, built on inclusiveness, mutuality, and reverence for nature, their inner work must be as sustained and systematic as their analysis and their activism. To that end, this workshop will offer a meditative practice that can be carried out in any religious tradition (or none), and that is an ideal foundation for spiritually informed activism."

I have always noticed their systematic drive to change institutions. I consider that burning and razing institutions. Nothing like selfishness to run your emotions and behavior.
Get ready it's getting ready to be a bumpy and dangerous ride on that "train". Even though "the train has left the station" we can still derail and detour it. But let's not get "side-tracked"-defeated by their behavior or their plans. We keep pushing forward-onward and upward assisting in building up HIS KINGDOM on earth-NOT her kingdom!

A Call for "Outing" of Bishops & Priests?

Rainbow Sash Movement-responds.

Bishop Skylstad-Speech at American College of Immaculate Conception

Bishop Skylstad: The Church in the United States at a new frontier (American College at Louvain, PDF)

Op-ed on Boston Catholic Charities from NCR

Extremists drive church agenda

"We can become the absolutists, the literalists who keep cutting off limbs and poking out eyes to fend off that which we find disagreeable. Or we can rediscover the robustness of true Catholicism. We can recognize that politics is not religion. We can rejoin the fray, making our points by persuasion and example, not by ultimatums, sulking and walking away."

This from the National Cath. Reporter Editor--He talks as if his faith were a CAN OF BEER!
I am surprised Hitler and the terrorist comparison is not made in this piece. I have heard it so many times before now. It's just very sad.