Friday, November 30, 2007

VeriChip/Digital Angel Corp. - For Fisherman? - "MOB" - "Man Over Board"

Digital Angel Corporation Receives Long-Term Contract to Supply Rescue Systems

British Clergy Say Blair Must Renounce Anti-Life, Anti-Family Views Before Becoming Cath.

“SPE SALVI facti sumus"

Our Holy Father Benedict XVI's newest encyclical....

Thank and praise YOU FATHER, thank and praise YOU JESUS, thank and praise YOU HOLY SPIRIT!!!!

Feast of St. Andrew the Apostle

And on this feast day...St. Andrew - the 1st of Peter....Let's get out there - TEACH/EVANGELIZE- (watch/listen to Fr. Pacwa-EWTN LIVE Martha Fernandez-Sardina)

Pay attention to what's happening in our world...most especially in entertainment. When it would be so easy to say during this beginning of our holiday season..."Come on kids lets go see a movie...what movie do you want to see?" Please investigate what's out there and notice how it's being marketed to your children and you! Notice the marketing scheme taking place through kid meals, toys, books....etc.

Have you seen the movie trailer of "The Golden Compass"? Have you heard the dialog? 'They' use this title of a dark villain- "institutional villain, the Magisterium" - as a key role to defeat! Do you get that? Magisterium...doesn't take an anvil to fall outta the sky and hit me over the head to understand what's going on! But, see, this is the hook....most Catholics have been poorly catechised and don't know the connection or the meaning of Magisterium...and that's how the enemy works. HELLO!

Please don't HELP him! Learn about your faith. Tradition and Living Magisterium

It's ALL right here on the internet and available for all to be fed (and protected). When you feed your soul you protect yourself from the weaknesses/openings that the enemy wants to use to manipulate, monopolize, and capitalize on for his advantage.

"The Golden Compass" Reviews:

The USCCB's "unfortunate" review of "The Golden Compass"

Book Review: His Dark Materials Triology

ZENIT - What Every Parent Should Know About "The Golden Compass"

Pied Piper of Atheism: Philip Pullman and Children's Fantasy

'Take' the "Advent Challenge" - from Fr. Euteneuer

"Here is my Advent challenge: pray every day during Advent, and you will be treated to a Christmas in which you “see” Christ like never before."

Thursday, November 29, 2007

The Best Media File Converter!!!

Scratch the one I had posted last week..."Switch"....

Especially for EWTN'S audio library files (real audio-ra. files)

Satirical? - NOT! - Attacks Against Christianity

Huggable urns and coffin candy for 'Kitschmas'

Work-place Issues

Devilish behavior rising at work, employees say

Teacher convicted in teddy bear case

Video: Ron Paul Answers Question About NAU

Evangelical megachurch gives Hillary warm welcome

Candidates Split on Pro-Gay Book for 2nd Graders

Scots Church responds to 'pro-abortion' survey findings

Plan to Turn Anti-Christian Books into Super-Series after "Golden Compass" Released

US Catholic Parish set to "Publicly Bless the Relationship of Same-Sex Couples"

Miracles Everyday!

Driver's quick thinking prevents head-on crash on GG Bridge

Pregnancy and Cancer: Two Lives at Risk

"The dark hair covering Isabella's tiny head was evidence that her mother's chemotherapy did not affect the baby's development."

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Roberts Says God Forced His Resignation

Catholic proportion of Irish population falling

Catholic hospital in Britain instates pro-life ethics code

"Teen Life" Priest - Monsignor Dale Fushek - Trouble!

Diocese considering action against indicted priest

"Father Dale" Fallout

Former colleague declines to endorse Fushek

Priest leads service despite sex-case suspension

Fushek and Mark Dippre, a former Catholic priest, launched the Praise and Worship Center with a mailing address in Chandler and led a non-denominational service at the Phoenix Marriott Mesa Hotel in downtown Mesa.

From the MEMRI BLOG:

New MEMRI Inquiry & Analysis: Iran's Response to Western Warnings: "First Strike," "Preemptive Attack," "Long-Range Ballistic Missiles," "Asymmetric [Guerilla] Warfare"

Georgia Cops Impound Anti-Abortion Billboard Truck, Jail Driver

Prayers and action needed!

Stephanopoulos and Schiavo: Adding Insult To Injury

VeriChip: Be aware!

(FOX NEWS-health managing editor -Dr. Manny Alverz to SPEAK at event!)

"Blaming a news story" (scroll down)

VeriChip is trying to fix the Verimed problems. It continues to sign up more hospitals and give them scanners to read the implanted chips. It plans a consumer advertising campaign in parts of Massachusetts, Florida and New Jersey where many of the 900 hospitals equipped with scanners are in the hopes more people will buy the chips. There is a chance that Blue Cross and Blue Shield of New Jersey might cover the implantable chips. Finally, VeriChip is negotiating with Applied Digital, its Florida parent, on reducing debt and its control position below 50 per cent.

News Roundup: The Annapolis Meeting

Rabbis warn Bush: Annapolis will bring destruction to US

The Shadow That Covered Annapolis

Arabs doubt Annapolis conference will bring peace

Rice Pledges Urgent Annapolis Agreement Follow-Up

Analysis: Going for broke

Annapolis - the un-Madrid

Iranian President: Annapolis a Failure

Palestinians see Israel as winner in Annapolis

Another interesting read....

War, Peace and Religion
"Religion is becoming the most powerful force in international relations."

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Anglicans Turning Catholic

From the time of England’s break from Rome in the 16th century, the British Monarch has been the titular head of the church, heading an ecclesiastical structure entirely separate from the pope-centered Roman Catholicism that has dominated continental history. The Act of Settlement, passed in 1701 and still in effect, preserves this independence by requiring that the person assuming the throne be Anglican and specifically excluding a Catholic or anyone who has married a Catholic. The present queen, when she was crowned in 1953, swore an oath “to maintain in the United Kingdom the Protestant Reformed religion established by law.”

Upholding this oath factors heavily in Britain’s independence from Europe because, since the pope claims authority over all Roman Catholics, a Catholic British monarch would owe primary allegiance to Rome over and above that owed the British crown.


The Traditional Anglican Communion (TAC):

From its beginning, the tac has had a spiritual affinity with Roman Catholics. Shortly after it formed, it began informal consultations with the Vatican on how to gain formal recognition as part of the Catholic Church. The primate of the group, Archbishop John Hepworth, has said, “We have no doctrinal difference with Rome.”

This is quite a stunning statement coming from an Anglican archbishop. Set aside the many smaller differences the Protestant Reformed religion traditionally has with Roman Catholicism, and still there remains a very large elephant in the middle of the room: government.


Authority within the Roman Catholic Church, by stark contrast, emanates from one man, traditionally called “the Vicar of Christ,” the one and only “Successor of the Prince of the Apostles”—the pope.

The tac is willing to swallow that pill. Archbishop Hepworth says, “Unity with Peter is a biblical imperative,” referring to the pope’s claim to be the rightful successor to the Apostle Peter. “What is important, and we are having to learn as a community,” he says, “is to ask not what we think, but what the church says, and five centuries of bad habits are going to die hard.”


For half a century, Herbert W. Armstrong served as editor in chief of what was, during its apex in the 1980s, the world’s most popular newsmagazine, the Plain Truth. Its pages often prophesied of an event that for decades many considered an impossibility—the unification of Protestants with their Roman Catholic mother church. Mr. Armstrong foretold the event as far back as 1934, the year the magazine began.

A sample, from the October 1961 Plain Truth edition: “The pope will step in as the supreme unifying authority—the only one that can finally unite the differing nations of Europe. …Europe will go Roman Catholic! Protestantism will be absorbed into the ‘mother’ church—and totally abolished.”

It is because of statements such as these that the Trumpet, which follows the Plain Truth’s pattern of Bible-based news analysis, has closely watched efforts by religious leaders to bring Protestant churches back into communion with the Vatican. These latest moves among Anglicans fit the mold in an astonishing way.

Iran's Secret Weapon: The Pope

Palestinian leader: Give me Jerusalem

Bush's Annapolis announcement

New peace drive

WorldNetDaily: Annapolis insanity

American Thinker: No More Middle East Peace Charades, Please

Israelis, Palestinians to hold biweekly talks from Dec. 12

A Divided Jerusalem - 11.26.07

World Leaders Gather In Annapolis To Discuss The Fate Of Jerusalem

Israel rattled by third quake this week

World Tribune — Geologist's prophecy: Holy Land overdue for a major earthquake

ON TAPE: U.S. Priest Blasts Vat. Cardinal & Archbishop over Homosexuality During Homily

Did US Bishops Punish Archbishop Burke at Annual Meeting?

Monday, November 26, 2007

SW FLA: Retired bishop announces plans to become Roman Catholic

And Watch the Journey Home tonight!
Marcus' guests at 'the round table' are former atheists - it should be a very informative show.

Pentecostalism & The Catholic Church: A Critical Review

Rise of Pentecostalism Spurs Call for Catholic 'Self-Examination'

Resistance to Latin Mass liberalization is disobedient and proud, says bishop

Archbishop Ranjith said that, in these dissents, “there hide, on the one hand, ideological prejudices and, on the other hand, pride, which is one of the most serious sins.”

“The bishops, in particular, have sworn fidelity to the pontiff; may they be coherent and faithful to their commitment,” he said.

Arcbishop Nienstedt: "Four points on the church's teaching about homosexuality"

Thanksgiving Feast Under a Microscope

Wired Puts Your Thanksgiving Feast Under a Microscope


VeriChip Corporation to Present at ID World International Congress on November 28

Vatican to accept Muslim dialogue call soon

Mexico City cathedral reopens after rowdy Mass

PRAYER NEED: Annapolis, MD

Pray for success of Annapolis conference, Pope urges

'Syria gauging US commitment to peace'

The Road to Annapolis

As Israelis, Palestinians head to Annapolis, Syrians sign up

Analysis: Risks Are Great at Annapolis Conference

Boy Scouts

Philadelphia Sets Deadline for Boy Scouts to Renounce Anti-Gay