Saturday, June 28, 2008

Is this the reason Arctic ice is melting?

Volcanoes Erupt Beneath Arctic Ice

Could this and solar flares be the cause of the ice melting....not GLOBAL WARMING?

Southern India - The Blessed Mother & goddess Bhagavati

Sisters and goddesses

EU News-

Russians and EU to seek new pact

U.S. and EU near deal on sharing data

PRAYER ALERT: Maine Priest Commits Suicide

Catholic Priest Facing Sex Abuse Inquiry Commits Suicide in Maine

Eternal rest grant unto him, O Lord, and let perpetual light shine upon him. May his soul and the souls of all the faithful departed, through the mercy of God, rest in peace. Amen.

More Fall-Out - Tim Russert - Sally Quinn

How Sally Quinn Made Me a Better Catholic -The strange Tim-Russert-funeral, communion-blogging controversy.

Thursday, June 26, 2008

See "King of America: A Film About Washington Gone Mad"

Online Videos by

'V/T' to Constance Cumbey

24 hr. Online Broadcast - Good use of media!

From the Frontlines Ustream - "This special broadcast will be co-hosted by radio personality and Move America Forward Chairman Melanie Morgan and blogger-extraordinaire Michelle Malkin and will feature national radio powerhouses Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, Dr. Laura Schlessigner, Laura Ingraham, Ann Coulter, Mark Levin, NBC’s “America’s Favorite Mom” Patti Patton-Bader, reports from our military men and women on the frontlines of Iraq & Afghanistan, music, stars of stage and screen, and many MANY other special guests."

Donate $ and items to our packages!

Jesuits' - MAGiS 'was' scheduled to host “Living a Christian Commitment: Different Sexualities Among Catholic Youth” forum at WYD '08



SF - "Pagan Pride and Barack Obama"

Proud Pagan Witch Backs Obama's Poverty Bill

Ya' just can't make this stuff up....some days...unbelievable....

Catholic League & Sally Quinn - Pluralism

Sally Quinn's Controversial Communion: WWJD?

Archbishop Nienstedt Receives Praise from Catholic League

Catholic League Praises Archbishop Nienstedt


Deal Hudson says Catholics don’t know the real Obama

SSPX - Society of Saint Pius X

Catholic rebel snubs pope call to rejoin Rome

Group Stopped From Conducting Gay Pride Service at SJA

Minneapolis church takes gay pride service outside

Uproar over prayer service for gays grows

Archdiocese Wants No Mention of Gay Rights in Prayer Service

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Update: Man 'selling his life'

$2 mln for my life? They were joking, says seller

Issues With Wireless Chips in Hospitals

Wireless Chips: a Threat to Hospital Patients?

Now, isn't this interesting?

Anne Hathaway's Ex-Boyfriend

In court...

"He is accused of keeping various ceremonial robes, including the robes of senior clergymen, in his Manhattan office, and of hiring two monsignors to accompany him during his business dealings.

Once, according to the complaint, he even asked a monsignor to change out of his robes and put on the robe of a more senior clergyman to create the false impression that Follieri had close ties to the Vatican.

The monsignors are not accused of any crimes. Messages for comment left for Archbishop Pietro Sambi, the Vatican's U.S. ambassador, and the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops, were not immediately returned Tuesday."

Update: EU - Ireland - Lisbon Treaty News

An ingenious UK solution to Lisbon

D Ravi Kanth: Long march to Lisbon

Sarko's Euro-fiasco

A second Irish referendum? I don't think so.

A chance for Europe to face the New Truth

Ambassador Richard L. Morningstar - Putting a face to the EU

Ad Pulled

Heinz pulls ad showing men kissing

Britain - Decline in Same-Sex Marriage Ceremonies

Honeymoon over for 'gay marriages' as number of civil partnerships is halved in a year

A Question from Dennis Prager

Why are so many women depressed?

Janet Folger's Response to CO Law SB 200

Go ahead: Arrest me

Monday, June 23, 2008

Global Warming - 'A New Age religion'

Relatively speaking, Antartica's hot
The Antarctic Peninsula is the most rapidly warming

Global Warming Movement Turns Cool
James Spann: "The problem is that a majority of those in this almost religious movement have little training in atmospheric science, and little understanding of the issue. They jumped on the bandwagon because it matches their worldview, or pads their pocket. This issue has generated great wealth on both sides of the argument, and I need to say up front I have absolutely no financial interest in climate. I am paid the same regardless of whether man is involved in climate change or not, and I have never taken a dime for a speech on the subject."

It is Mr. Spann...oh it really is a religion! A New Age religion!

Earth Healing-(unfortunately this organization is being run by a Catholic priest)


Eco Spirituality Foundation

Democracy in the Catholic Church

Catholicism should lower the drawbridge

Update: EU, Ireland, & Lisbon Treaty


I guess Gerry & Maire O'Mahony will have to keep up their prayer effort- remember "Gagged By GOD" ?

Cowen's speech to the EU Council

Second vote lined up for next spring

Comment: No meant no

Nicolas Sarkozy is accused of blackmail over EU Treaty

Ireland under Franco-German pressure to hold new EU vote

The Irish might back a scaled down version of the treaty

EU pushes Ireland to hold new treaty vote

Czechs refuse to give Lisbon treaty pledge

Leading article: Blame game

Mandelson shrugs off Sarkozy jibe

PRAYER ALERT: The Pill available online at offical medical website

The Pill for sale: Fear for young girls as UK website brings end to prescription-only contraceptives

UK & Spy Laws

Councils told to stop using spy laws for 'trivial' issues

Anglican Church & Archbishop Rowan Williams

Williams accused of leading church into crisis

Sunday, June 22, 2008

UK - A Million Children & Contraceptives

A million school children have access to contraceptives and other 'sexual health services'

EU - UK- Turbines all over the British countryside

Ministers want a new wind turbine built every day for 12 years to meet EU green targets (These don't look 'green' to me and they're an eyesore. Btw how much energy and materials does it take to build these ugly contraptions?)

Sisterly Love

The girl of three saved by the power of her twin sister's love

Man on E-Bay - Auctions himself, home, car, & job

£325,000 eBay bid so far for a new life as man puts home, car and job up for sale


Baby gorillas 'baptised' in Rwanda

PRAYER NEED: Philippines - 800 Missing in Typhoon - Ferry Disaster