Friday, March 13, 2009

Update: LA Religious Ed. Congress '09 Pics

1. What the heck? What's in those baskets? And do I really want to know?

2. And teens are allowed to be Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion? (see 2nd row of pics. too)

3. World Youth Day Liturgies '09

4. Another BIG basket...what? African American Liturgy.......please more of the same...

5. What is with these baskets? 2009 RECongress Saturday Many Cultures, One Faith Liturgy - 1 & 2

6. Highlights -2009 RECongress 1 & 2

The Battle: Fr. John Corapi - BACK on EWTN Live with Fr. Mitch Pacwa

Listen - Audio (mp3) - EWTN: EWTN Live - 3/11/2009

Watch - Video - Click on the EWTN LIVE download under the Archived Video

More Connecticut News - A Thank You

Bishop Lori thanks ‘patriotic’ Catholics for thwarting ‘legislative attack’

He said believers and citizens should remain "alert" and "on guard" against other legislation unfriendly to the Church or efforts to silence the Church on current issues.

Wanna go to a Tea Party? On April 15th?

Alabama's Tea Party Schedule

Find your 'Tea Steamin' Event

Spread the word!

St. Joseph Novena Day 3

Day 3

Monday, March 09, 2009

Connecticut: More News

McKinney: Cancel Hearing on Catholic Church Controversy

Democrats said the idea for the bill came from Greenwich resident Tom Gallagher, a former parish trustee, devout Catholic, member of the Knights of Columbus and a Wall Street securities lawyer who wrote an op-ed article on the issue in The Stamford Advocate in January 2007. He is joined by Paul Lakeland, the chair of the Catholic studies department at the Jesuit-run Fairfield University and an often-quoted authority on church issues.

SEE: TOM GALLAGHER - A proposal: Look to Civil law to reform parishes

Catholics angry over proposed law

State's Catholic Bishops Condemn Bill On Finances

Catholic Church Battle Intensifies At State Capitol

Archbishop of Denver warns that Conn. bill threatens Catholics everywhere

Shredding the First Amendment in the Constitution State

Dick Morris: Reports Nancy is on a MAJOR ROLL!


Speaker Pelosi Backs Senate Amendment to Regulate Talk Radio

Why? Because Nancy can!!!!

More info: Politics and the Fairness Doctrine

Pelosi Backs Talk Radio Regulations

Prayer Need: Embryonic Stem Cells

Obama Reversing Stem Cell Limits Bush Imposed


Light-up those lines Connecticut Catholics!
Call your relatives in Connecticut to alert them NOW!
Call and e-mail Sen. McDonald and Rep. Lawlor:
Senator Andrew McDonald:
Capitol phone: (800) 842-1420;
Home phone: (203) 348-7439

Representative Michael Lawlor:
Capitol phone: (800) 842-8267;
Home phone: (203) 469-9725 E-mail:

St. Joseph Altar Online

The Truth will set you free!

Communist Party Leader Visits Glenn Beck - Classic (Yes, it is classic-a must see!)

I saw this interview last week and couldn't wait for others to see and hear this interview. FOX re-aired the show this past weekend and I saw it again...and again it was unbelievable....go Glenn!