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Update: API to release tape tomorrow

The Michelle Obama story to be updated tomorrow the 19th of October

"Save our children!"

Bishop Hermann: ‘I thought you should know’

Save our children! More than anything else, this election is about saving our children or killing our children. This life issue is the overriding issue facing each of us in this coming election. All other issues, including the economy, have to take second place to the issue of life.

Save our children! Many people in Germany supported Hitler for economic reasons even though, as his programs advanced, he put to death millions of Jewish people. He ended up wrecking the economy together with the country of Germany. How are we different if we vote for proabortion candidates for office? How can we help change our political and legal situation to protect innocent children and support a culture of life?

Save our children! When I speak to some socalled good Catholics, I am shocked that they are quite ready to vote for a pro-abortion candidate under almost any circumstance. I find this hard to understand. We have heard the word "abortion" so often that perhaps we no longer associate procured abortion with the killing of children, yet that is what it is. The term itself can be misleading. The dictionary tells us that it comes from a Latin word that means "to disappear or to miscarry." Sometimes abortions simply happen because of natural causes. That is why this word abortion, for many people, apparently does not really connote the destruction of children. When a human agent induces an abortion, that human agent is taking the life of one of our children.

Save our children! How can a so-called good Catholic vote for a candidate that supports laws that take the life of innocent children, when there is an alternative? If there were two candidates who supported abortion, but not equally, we would have the obligation to mitigate the evil by voting for the less-permissive candidate.

Save our children! How can a so-called good Catholic vote for a candidate that supports laws that justify the killing of a child that survived a botched abortion? How can such a so-called good Catholic receive the Holy Eucharist? In Chapter 10 of St. Paul’s first letter to the Corinthians, he states: "The cup of blessing that we bless, is it not a participation in the Blood of Christ? The bread that we break, is it not a participation in the body of Christ? ... You cannot drink the cup of the Lord and also the cup of demons. You cannot partake of the table of the Lord and of the table of demons."

Save our children! Have some of our so-called good Catholics become so hardened against the Gospel of Life that they believe that other issues outweigh the Gospel of Life? Have some of our so-called good Catholics put politics ahead of the Fifth Commandment, in which God states: "Thou shalt not kill"? Do some of our so-called good Catholics, who may go to Mass every Sunday and receive the Holy Eucharist, really believe that voting for a pro-abortion candidate, when there is a clear alternative and therefore no justifiable reason for so doing, is really not voting to have children killed? This election is all about saving our children!

Save our children! I have no doubt that there may be some so-called good Catholics who are reading this column and who may be really angry about now. I ask the question "Why would such a person be angry?" If we do good deeds, then our conscience is at peace. If we do evil deeds, then our conscience bothers us. It is my hope that this column will lead some of our so-called good Catholics to study the Catholic Catechism.

Save our children! Some of our so-called good Catholics may have hardened their hearts against the real understanding of induced abortions, that they can no longer see that this involves the destruction of our children. "If today you hear his voice, harden not your hearts!"

Save our children! Supporting induced abortions is not the greatest sin in the world. A greater sin is the refusal to repent of such a serious crime or the denial that this involves the killing of innocent children. Save our children! I have used this terminology again and again penetrate the defenses of anyone who in the past may have put personal, economic or political interests above the issue of saving our children. The right to life is our most fundamental right, and to defend this right on behalf of the most vulnerable is a great privilege and is worth giving one’s life for. Policemen and firemen always risk their lives to save human life. Why should we not risk our own reputation to save our children?

Save our children!You can see by now that I do not believe that this column by itself will change hearts. The issue of abortion involves serious sin, and to overcome serious patterns of sin requires grace. If you are still with me, may I suggest that you join me and many others in praying the daily Rosary from now until election day for the sake of life. Why not pray the family Rosary every night between now and the general election. The Rosary brought down the Iron Curtain. It can also help us turn around the culture of death to a culture of life.

Save our so-called good Catholics who ignore Catholic moral principles when applied to our political life. Pray the family Rosary daily. Pray the family Rosary for our so-called good Catholics who could use your love and your charity. Pray for our so-called good Catholics who ignore serious Catholic moral teachings and still receive Holy Communion. Love them by praying the family Rosary for them. Don’t debate with them. Intercede for them. Praying for them is more fun than fighting with them.

Save our children and save our so-called good Catholics who have abandoned Church teachings in favor of personal gain. Pray the Rosary. Pray it every day. Get the whole family to pray the Rosary daily. Prayer is more powerful than contentious arguments. Spread the word to other families. In praying the Rosary, children’s votes count as much as adult votes. Sometimes they pray with purer hearts than we do. If you are disgusted with the TV news, then turn it off and turn on the prayer Internet. What we hear in prayer leaves us in peace. When we pray for our country and for our fellow citizens, we are filled with peace. St. Paul tells us that our warfare is not against flesh and blood, but against the principalities and powers and the spirits of darkness.

Prayer is our protection. Let it also be a protection for our country. If you want to make Satan angry, pray the Rosary for the sake of Life. Pray that as a nation we will choose leaders that will say ‘no’ to the culture of death and say ‘yes’ to the culture of life. Save our children! Pray the Rosary!

Thank you Bishop Herman, you are in my prayers.

Thank you Deal!

What Are We Doing?

Thank you Deal for speaking up. I spent the better part of yesterday looking around the net trying to find out if I was the only one with this response: Sick to the core of my stomach.

It was more than something is wrong!

I don't care who was sitting next to whom. And I don't care that they were enjoying themselves while making jokes-poking 'fun at each other'.

The fact of the matter is that 48 MILLION BABIES have died....doesn't anybody get that? And while they are pallin' around, this is going to continue. And yes, JESUS went among the sinners--to convict them---preach the gospel. Their behavior at this event spoke volumes.

Ephesians 6:12-20

1 Timothy 5:20

2 Timothy 4:1-5

All the holy souls of aborted babies cry from heaven! Do they hear them?

PRAY! OFFER all things up! Prayer & sacrifice are our weapons!

Thank you Mary Ann for this too: Pray and Fast for Our Poor Country

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Life Issues

A Catholic Brief for Obama (see the comments too)

Mr. Weigel predicts that the emergence of serious pro-life Catholics supporting Obama in this election portends "a new hardening of the battle lines. Not on our part. To us, endorsing Barack Obama was not only about who would make the best president, but also about erasing many of these old battle lines, which, frankly, have been drawn on the wrong battlefield and have served no one well—especially women and the unborn, to say nothing of our political discourse.

Little Murders

WE continue to PRAY!

"Place yourself in Mary's hands; she will think of everything and provide for the needs of soul and body. Therefore, be at peace, be at complete peace,with unlimited confidence in her!" St. Maximilian Kolbe 1894-1941

Update: CCHD & ACORN: Good news?

Could This Be A Step in the Right Direction?
Defunding ACORN is laudable but insufficient
By Stephanie Block
Yesterday, the Catholic Campaign for Human Development (CCHD) announced that it is suspending further funding to ACORN after learning that Dale Rathke, the brother of ACORN founder Wade Rathke, embezzled nearly $1 million from the organization between 1999 and 2000. Thanks to a whistle-blower, the incident became public this summer, as the organization had been handling the matter “in-house”, according to Maud Hurd, ACORN’s president.

CCHD, which claims to give grants to groups “fighting poverty”, has finally had to distance itself. Having given more than $7.3 million to ACORN projects over the last 10 years and $1.13 million just this year, this latest disclosure among a slew of convictions, indictments, investigations, and lawsuits against ACORN for voter fraud has tipped the scale.

It’s about time. After decades of warnings, Ralph McCloud, executive director of CCHD, told a reporter from Catholic News Service, “The whole idea is making sure that the efforts of the groups we fund are working in nonpartisan efforts and focusing on the kind of work that we would like for them to do”.

Good! Now it’s time to take the next step of distancing itself from Alinsky’s Industrial Areas Foundation and its affiliates who in 1996, set its membership to work in a get-out-the-vote drive called Active Citizenship Campaign. The effort included working with individuals from the Democrat Party to “streamline” the naturalization process and fraudulently put an IAF-backed candidate, favorable to legalized abortion, into Congress rather than her pro-life opponent. Though Active Citizenship Campaign was found guilty of abusing the naturalization process and a congressional investigation concurred that the seat they had supported was not honestly obtained, the CCHD continues to pour money into this network.

We’ve been telling you for decades…
CCHD has been collecting money from generous Catholics annually since the early 1970s, ostensibly “to help the poor.” There has always been a group of people, however, complaining that the money has little to do with “the poor” and everything to do with left-wing politics.

In the first years, to take an example, there was CCHD’s $157,900 to Alianza Federal de Pueblos Libres, awarded in the 1972-3 grant period. It wasn’t as though the CCHD didn’t know what they were funding. The Alianza had made New Mexico news five years earlier in an incident that involved an armed raid on a courthouse, a standoff between the National Guard and the “activists”, and two wounded law officers.

Twelve years after the Campaign began, the complaints were growing more strident. One Catholic periodical, The Wanderer, called CCHD funding “a scandal” and fired, “In little more than ten years, the Bishops have received almost $60 million from the Catholic people to ‘help break the hellish circle [sic – the actual word used by the Campaign was “cycle”] of poverty’….and instead directed the funds to groups which seek to ‘empower the poor’ and ‘change sinful institutions’.”

In 1989, researcher Laurene Conner wrote, “While the average Catholic assumes his contribution is for charitable causes, CHD’s objectives suggest an entirely different set of priorities. Its present executive director, Fr. Alfred P LoPinto, has been quoted as saying, ‘We’re not really involved in charity…it’s considered funding for justice.”

Conner goes on to explain that the principle recipients of CCHD grants are “community organizing projects in the Saul Alinsky radical left-wing tradition: the Industrial Areas Foundation he founded; Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now (ACORN); the Youth Project; and the Citizen Action groups.”

Ten years further down the road and the Bishops were each sent a 4” binder that detailed the continuing problem of funding radical Alinskyian organizations and the progressives with whom they network.

The binder provided source materials from ACORN and the other Alinskyian networks that receive millions of Catholic dollars every year. It demonstrated their socialist ambitions and their political activism – including serious, proven incidents of voter fraud.

It demonstrated the CCHD’s funding pro-abortion networks – such as the Justice, Economic Dignity, and Independence for Women (JEDI Women) grants in $20,000 in 1994 and $20,000 in 1995 –a group that worked in coalition with Planned Parenthood, Utahans for Choice, and Utah NOW.

The CCHD put the word “Catholic” in its name and improved its guidelines to disqualify openly pro-abortion groups but has continued to fund the Alinskyian organization that are politically networked to the pro-abortionists.

The CCHD can be applauded for finally acknowledging that illegal activity must not be rewarded with Catholic money, but it must take the next step toward authentic human development funded – one that respects life.

National Anthem Scratched

Obama: 'You cannot let up'

Bencal, who sings the anthem for a number of school events and is actively involved in local community theatre, had been contacted by the Obama campaign to sing the anthem. He agreed to do so, then was told later in the evening the anthem had been scratched from the program. Bencal said he was told by the campaign the decision was a simple programming change to make room for another speaker.

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Update: API & M. Obama

Recordings and information leading to recent API story on Michelle Obama’s telephone call is now being cleared for release

The only thing API may have done wrong is not informing Mrs Obama that the conversation was being recorded. This is why it is taking time to release the recording while consulting a legal team because API wants to be legally safe from any Obama camp law suit.


The delay to make public the recordings is expected to give time to Mrs Obama to come clean and tell the American people that her comments were not meant to harm anyone but that she was reacting to the media pressure on her husband. She should also come out and tell the American people that she will not discriminate those who are not Obama fanatics if she becomes the first lady.

Feast day: St. Margaret Mary Alacoque (Sacred Heart of Jesus)

My heart is restless til it rests in Thee!

Half-way Mark: 40 Days for Life: News

40 Days for Life at Halfway Point: 268 Lives Saved, Hearts Changed, and Planned Parenthood Irritated

Fighting Planned Parenthood's intimidation tactics

After Two Weeks of 40 Days for Life - 114 Babies Saved from Abortion

Planned Parenthood Calls 40 Days of Life Participants "Harassing Extremists"

GOD is touching hearts!

Keep praying and offering up all obstacles, disappointments, hardships, trials, joys, -EVERYTHING! Reminder: we've got BIG back up too...think of all the angels and babies (those unborn and aborted) in heaven protecting and working with us! YEA GOD!

Bulletin - SJA

We continue to pray for all concerned parties...that HIS truth be revealed!

(I was able to download the pdf. before it was replaced)

Sorry, for the repost, as this bulletin - Volume: VIII - No. 39 . October 5, 2008 was replaced with the current one.

This commentary demonstrates that 'things' are probably 'changin' in the Archdiocese of Saint Paul and Minneapolis:

Pastors 2 Cents: From: Fr. Jim DeBruycker
I hate to point fingers at any one person but I think Karl Rove has gone from being a person to being an icon of a certain point of view – divide and conquer. As a society in the body politic, it’s hard to come to consensus. We have learned to vilify, demonize, degrade the other’s position and then stomp on them when they are down. Truth is secondary, weakness or defeat is synonymous with being wrong. Despite the severity of the economic issues, it is almost fun watching the political parties being forced to sit down and try to find a solution that is bipartisan.

I wish we had this kind of issue in the Church, where we actually had to sit down and work together. Since I have come to St. Joan’s I have certainly seen the ‘Karl Roving’ of the Church. If you ever want to be disgusted, google St. Joan of Arc, but don’t go to our website, read the blogs about us.
Julie Madden (Peace & Justice Ministries-my edit) is the only person I know with the stomach to do it on a regular basis. We are, in the world of ultra-conservative Catholicism, the evil incarnate. If a bad motive can be ascribed to anything we do, it is ascribed to us.

Of course we cannot live reacting only to this hatred—there is too much to do. However, our detractors are smart enough to make sure this info is packaged and sent directly to Rome so that the local hierarchy is pressured from above and the haters can’t be ignored. Rule by internet
innuendo—it works

Why bring this up? Oh poor me, oh poor us? No! The Gospel tells us of a mythical society where the stewards of the land become so
convinced they actually own the land that they kill the real owner’s son in a misguided attempt to usurp the power of the real owner.

Jesus message is pretty obvious. The religious powers of his time have so identified with their power and have such a sense of entitlement that they have exchanged their message for God’s. God sending his son is not enough to change their minds or sense of entitlement so they even kill the son.

In a world of hatred and hyperbole, it is good for all sides to step back and look at what message they are presenting or killing.

“Therefore, I say to you, the kingdom of God will be taken away from you and given to a people that will produce its fruit."

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FutureChurch in Rome - Synod on the Word

Catholic group calls for more women in Mass texts

Monsignor Anthony Sherman, of the Secretariat for Divine Worship at the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops, said FutureChurch is not alone in questioning the Mass readings.


Schenk said most bishops have responded positively. Bishop Gerald Kicanas of Tucson, Ariz., met with FutureChurch women, she said, and other bishops say they are interested. None, however, have committed to bringing the topic to the synod.

Hittin' on Dawn Eden - Libeled

Sloppy Gawker maligns me, backtracks

Obama & Odinga

Hear the inside story on Obama and Kenya

I'm Barack Obama's cousin says Raila Odinga

Obama's Kenyan links exposed!

HYMAN: Obama's Kenya ghosts

"Kenya's killing fields"

Kenya turmoil a test for Obama

Odinga says Obama is his cousin

Obama and Odinga Campaign in Kenya

Senator Barack Obama in Kenya > Obama and Odinga: The True Story

Obama's Oginga Odinga Humdinger

Odinga and Participatory Democracy

Codel Obama

Update: News Outlets Report on Berg v. Obama

Jeff Schreiber's America's Right reports: Ohio Fox News Affiliate Airs Interview With Philip Berg

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Where's Mr. Obama's birthplace?

Clintons rally behind Obama
The Clintons joined vice-presidential candidate Joe Biden in his birthplace, the town of Scranton, Pennsylvania, to call on voters to make Mr. Obama president.

Very Revealing - GOD help US ALL!

GOD love Howard Stern...but listen (closely) to this:

NO! There's no middle ground!

Finding a middle ground

In Catholic teaching, abortion can never be justified. Yet the Church has never said there is only one way to promote respect for human life.

It recognizes that a total ban may not be presently possible.


Mich.: Stem Cells

Mich. voters to decide stem cell research measure

'Control Issues' - The EU

EU tells music lovers to turn down MP3 players

She said regulators would look next year at lowering the EU legal limit of 100 decibels for MP3 players.

Can these people come to my house and tell my teenager to "TURN IT DOWN"?

Updated: Mass. Court Case: David Parker

High court turns away 'indoctrination' case

The U.S. Supreme Court has refused to rule in a case in which a Massachusetts man was jailed for trying to protect his child from exposure to the homosexual lifestyle in elementary school.

This one is out there...

'V/t' to News Busters - CBS Showcases 106-Year-Old Catholic Nun Voting for Obama

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