Sunday, April 30, 2006

International Prayer for Peace 2006-Wash. D.C.

National Catholic Reporter's John Allen participated and reports on his participation at the International Prayer for Peace: "Religions and Cultures: the Courage of Dialogue". He was a panel member present to discuss "Mass Media: Religions, Peace and War". The list of other attendees to the celebration "of the 20th anniversary of the historical Prayer for Peace held Assisi, Italy, in 1986, the Community of Sant'Egidio" is here.

My favorite attendee is Dr. Robert Edgar - National Council of Churches, USA. What I found most exciting is that John reports on the dialog that took place between he, Peggy Noonan, and Dr. Edgar.

How busy the NCC-USA has been. Look at this disagreement and the starting point here.

Why do certain members of the Catholic Church continue to believe that "dialogue" works? Or is there a hidden other agenda? And it's ALWAYS the same people dialoguing. For another example-Sr. Mary Ann Walsh, R.S.M. When are they going to figure out that they are NOT IN CHARGE OF THE WORLD?! GOD IS! They waste so much of HIS time and theirs dialoguing, instead they could be praying, praising, thanking, and doing!
Also, the highest blessings received from this action would remedy the situation that Mr. Allen details here (scroll down below the Edgar's dialogue) while attending Mass on Thursday at Georgetown's Dalhgren Chapel-filled pews!

"Those of us in the pews were originally three, though our ranks swelled to five by the end. McCarrick began by noting the situation was a bit like the early church -- more priests than people, but, he pointed out, that was the basis for big things later on."

Yes, it surely is...Prayers continue...