Tuesday, February 17, 2009

'Chips' in Dementia Patient's Clothing

RFID Gives Dementia Patients Their Freedom

There, residents are closely monitored and unable to partake in all of the activities available to those living in the facility's main section. "When [an individual] becomes at risk for elopement, I can't take that risk," Bennett says.

Update: Birmingham - 'Survivors' - Pro-lifers

Birmingham Police Return Pro-Life Group's Cameras Just Before Press Event

And this info posted on the 'Survivors' blog : Camera Equipment Returned in Birmingham

Philip Gerard Johnson Leading (Eng.Speaking) the Rosary Procession in Lourdes

Blessed Damien to be Canonized

Prayer Need: Priest Murdered In Cuba

Priest from Spain was murder victim

Have you seen the Obama coins?

Check this out....Folks irked by Obama coins that are simply stickers placed on 50-cent pieces

Alan Keyes on the Obama Case

Obama Threatens Keyes and other Eligibility Plaintiffs

A Bar-b-que in Seattle

From the Boston Tea Party to your neighborhood pork protest

Monday, February 16, 2009

PRAYER ALERT: Update Carrie Tomko Home

But, Carrie found out that the cancer has now invaded her brain.

Fr. Euteneuer on Nancy Pelosi Meeting with Pope Benedict

Pro-Abortion Nancy Pelosi to Meet Pope - HLI Says "Excommunicate the Speaker"

Deal Hudson on Pelosi & Pope Benedict Meeting

What the Pope Should Know about Nancy Pelosi
Good questions.....

"Just as important as Pelosi's meeting with the Holy Father is all that will surround her visit to the Vatican. Will she attend Mass? Will she receive communion? How many from the media will be present? How widely will the photos and videos of her reception be spread around the world? How many of her fellow pro-abortion Catholics will be at her side?"

More Camilla Pagilla 'Rippin'

Uncut: Complete Camille Paglia Interview on WABC-AM’s ‘The Mark Simone Show’

She got after the Obama Administration on the 'Porkulus plan'....

Update: 'From The Birmingham Jail'

Pro-Life Advocates Arrested in Birmingham Say Police Hiding Camera Evidence

PRAYER ALERT: Carrie Tomko Hospitalized

See and please pray for Carrie!!!!
O Mary, conceived without sin, pray for us who have recourse to Thee.

Prayer ALERT: Wed. Meeting - Pelosi & Pope Benedict

Pro-Abortion House Speaker Nancy Pelosi Will Meet With Pope Benedict

'From The Birmingham Jail'

Birmingham, Alabama Officials Arrest Pro-Life Advocates, Violate Free Speech

Camille Paglia - Revealing Statement

Camille Paglia Says Democrats Betrayed the Soul of Their Party

Audio here.

Violation of Student's Free-Speech Rights

Pro-marriage speech garners professor's profane wrath

Bill Ayers & Sarah Palin? NOT!

What Bill Ayers Would Like To Do With Sarah Palin