Saturday, December 15, 2007

ABC’s Walters Disses White House Christmas Card

V/T Berlin Wall Between Church & State

I'm so glad someone else picked up on this. I happened across this part (while picking up my house-I don't watch it) and I was fussing at Barbara...(at the tv)..."So what's your problem's Christmas; you're acknowledging it by your topic of conversation. Come on Barbara....please." And thanks to this reporter for the address, Ms. Walters -you're going to get a Christmas card...from "moi".
I took great offense to her comments:

“First of all, let me show you the cover of the White House, which is nice and bland…So that’s pleasant enough. This is what interested me, that it is a religious Christmas card. Usually in the past when I have received a Christmas card, it’s been ‘happy holiday’s’ and so on- And this says:

“‘You alone are the Lord. You made the heavens, even the highest heavens, and all their starry host, the earth and all that is on it, the seas and all that is in them. You gave life to everything, and the multitudes of heaven worship you.’

“That’s from Nehemiah in the Old Testament. I don’t remember— and I’m sure people will remind me—getting a religious card. Now does this also go to agnostics and atheists and Muslims and –”

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Adoration, reparation, spiritual motherhood for Priests

A Prayer and a Plea Our Lady of Guadalupe

A prayer to Our Lady of Guadalupe, Patroness of the Americas:

Our Lady of Guadalupe, mystical rose, intercede for the Church, protect the holy Father, help all who invoke thee in their necessities. Since thou art the ever Virgin Mary and Mother of the true God, obtain for us from thy most holy Son the grace of a firm faith and a sure hope amid the bitterness of life,as well as an ardent love and the precious gift of final perseverance.

'V/T' and prayers of thanks to/for Fr. Mark: Mary Rose Up in Haste in Those Days

The Battleground of the Heart

Do not let the grace of the feast of Our Lady of Guadalupe pass without changing you. Even the loftiest mystical graces are useless if they leave us unrepentant and unchanged. Pray the humble prayer of the Rosary, not sparingly, but continuously, at every free moment. It decapitates pride. It extinguishes lust, envy, covetousness, possessiveness, and greed. It pulls up the seven capital sins by their roots. The great cosmic battle between the Woman and the Dragon is not fought in the fantasies of movie screens. It is fought on the battleground of human hearts, one heart at a time.

Fr. Euteneuer's Spirit & Life (12-07-07), PR on USCCB & Movie Reviewer -H. Forbes, & "GC" Info.

Our Lady of Guadalupe, Patroness of the Church Militant

Fr. Euteneuer asks Bishops to Fire Scandalous Movie Reviewer (my comment)

"There seems to be a decades-old pattern of embarrassment on the part of some USCCB subordinates and other lay officials when it comes to the teachings of the Catholic Church. All too often these scandals involve matters of homosexuality. In 1987 we had the document 'The Many Faces of AIDS' which was problematic on the use of condoms, then in 1997 the scandalous document 'Always our Children' so distorted Catholic teaching that it had to be rewritten after its release."

Father Euteneuer continued, "Then in December, 2005, Forbes's review of Brokeback Mountain with its original 'L' rating for 'Limited' had to be corrected and reclassified as 'O' for 'Morally Objectionable.' The bishops have been embarrassed by their staff like clockwork for almost 20 years. Now, in December 2007, the bishops have had to withdraw Forbes's review of The Golden Compass from CNS after publication. (you will be redirected to the removal notice) After major scandals involving homosexual clergy, do we really need their movie reviewer now tiptoeing around hostile atheism?

"Let Harry Forbes be the sign that the bishops can break the cycle of subtle and overt dissent among their subordinates. They should show him the door and require all other employees to take an Oath of Fidelity. That will separate the wheat from the chaff," concluded Fr. Euteneuer.

More Info:
Archbishop Chaput: Sympathy for the devil: thoughts on 'The Golden Compass'
Read Insight Scoop Comments

A response: Does Literature Affect Children? to First Things review of the movie The Golden Compass

Flash: USCCB *withdraws* its Golden Compass review

Catholic League

On this "Momma" Feast Day....

A tribute to John Paul II...quite beautiful and moving.

Feast of Our Lady of Guadalupe

'Veil tip' and a great deal of thanks (and many prayers for Fr. Mark) to Fr. Mark for sharing these on Our "Momma":

Rejoice, O Virgin Mother Clothed With the Sun

Am I not here whom am your Mother?

A Marian Grace Sweeping Through the Church

VIDEOS on Our Lady of Guadalupe

And more on this feast day:


Vatican Seeking Spiritual Moms for Priests And Dioceses Willing to Offer Perpetual Eucharistic Adoration

VIRGIN OF GUADALUPE - Finding solace is a matter of devotion For many, she's a symbol that transcends gender, culture and religion

Mexico City's Basilica of Guadalupe is second only to the Vatican for pilgrimages

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Javier Solana -"Countering Globalization's darkside"-pdf

You really need to read this one folks....VERY important! Notice***the last 4 paragraphs...scary....

Creating crises and fixing them....hmmm!? Gotta have a 'global solution' with someone promoting, enabling, mediating,...need I say more?

  • Terrorism
  • Global Warming
  • Oil shortage
  • AIDS/Health Issues
  • Social Issues
  • Over-population
  • Pollution
  • Trade Issues


"...founded our project (EU): solid laws and institutions, the tireless pursuit of consensus and a spirit of compromise. We should bear this in mind as we develop Europe's global role." (How to disrupt consensus)

Their 'glue'---guess what that is?....'energy and climate change'--there ya' go!

Notice the use of this term 'dark side' in both docs!

That's ok...we know who wins IN THE END!

That's right let's get it ALL out INTO THE LIGHT!

On the eve of the feast of Our Lady of Guadalupe - Oh, Dearest, most loving, MOMMA take this child of GOD and all those he comes in contact - and turn all their thoughts TO YOU - as their mother and of course lead them ever so gently to YOUR SON-OUR LORD AND SAVIOR JESUS CHRIST!

'They' 'think' the 'train's left the station'; I got news for's on the WRONG TRACKS!

Thank and Praise YOU FATHER, Thank and Praise YOU JESUS, Thank and Praise YOU HOLY SPIRIT!!

What exciting times we live in...YEA GOD!

FDA: 28 Miscarriages No Reason to Reexamine Gardasil

Phyllis Schlafly: To Assimilate Or Not To Assimilate; That's The Question


Bring all your own items from home when traveling- a sleeping bag, pillows, soap, towels, plastic/paper cups, flip-flops, and of course your favorite disinfectant spray!

Terri Schiavo's Family, Pro-Life Group Announce Official Day to Honor Her

NZ - Catholics encouraged to watch Golden Compass

The distributors of a film that has outraged Catholic groups in the United States have invited New Zealand Catholics to previews to "make up their own minds".

Issues in the Middle East

Report: Iranian opposition group says Tehran did not halt nuke program

DEBKAfile Exclusive: “Moderate” Arab rulers woo Tehran and Damascus, following track opened by Washington

Bush Embarks on Saudi-Brokered Deal with Tehran

"In other words, the Bush administration is not only engaged in a sellout of the Israeli government but also of the pro-Western Lebanese prime minister Fouad Siniora."

DEBKAfile Reports: Russia launches first naval power build-up in the Mediterranean in response to the US about-face on Iran

Moscow pushing for follow-up Mideast peace summit in April

Russian Navy Returns to the High Seas

Here we go.....

‘America has abandoned us’

Praying for Armageddon

"Russia won't defend the world from the evil Americans"

MI5 thinks Iranians duped US; others say Bush made deal with Teheran

The National Intelligence Estimate and the 12th Imam

Misestimating Iran’s Nuclear Strategies

Gates Says Iran Seeks To Cause Chaos, Must Be Stopped