Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Father Lombardi says Catholic-Muslim dialogue worries fundamentalists

A couple of items from Bro. Andre Marie

Mysticism and Controversy

Christmas, Anti-Christ and Catholic triumphalism

But even in the midst of such a crisis, we find consolation: “Behold, I make all things new!” (Apoc. 21:5). All the historical triumphs against error won by the martyrs and confessors will be renewed in grand style. The victories of the devil and his antichrists continue to mount, but the Triumph of the divine Babe will be all the sweeter because of it. It will mark the victory of our Lord, His Church, and His Vicar. What’s more, to the eternal confusion of Antichrist and Satan, Christ’s Triumph will be the Triumph of His Mother, the Woman who will crush the head of the ancient serpent!

And that should give us all a Merry Christmas.

NY Times OP-ED - NCReporter's John Allen, Jr.- The Vatican’s Relative Truth

Catholic leader rejects Israel's Jewish identity

Green Bay Votes to Keep Nativity, Ban Other Displays for Now

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Rogue Woman Rabbi Brings "Womenpriests" to Advent Serv. to Provoke St. Louis Archdiocese

Poland to open exorcism centre

Uruguay OKs gay unions in Latin American first

Prayer Need: Italian Catholic Priest Stabbed in Western Turkey

Who is St. Nicholas?

San Francisco Bishop issues Pastoral Political participation

You've gotta get over to Fr. Mark's

VeriChip & other Microchip News:

Applied Digital and Digital Angel Provide Merger Update

Digital Angel's Manufacturing Partner Raytheon Microelectronics

Mixed response to new microchip ball

Biochips on guard of health

What To Do When a Holiday Guest Shows Up With a Pet

SF - KCBS Expose