Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Priest offers festival-goers the chance to confess their green sins


The Roman Catholic Church is at hand with a new line in “green confessions” to help eco-sinners to find forgiveness.

Dom Anthony Sutch, the Benedictine monk who resigned as head of Downside School to become a parish priest in Suffolk, will be at the county’s Waveney Greenpeace festival this weekend to hear eco-confessions in what is thought to be the first dedicated confessional booth of its kind.

Planned Parenthood driven underground

Senate Hindu Prayer shouted down

On the EU...

EU regulators ask Italy to explain tax breaks for Catholic Church property

From the Thomas More Law Center...

New York City’s Khalil Gibran International Academy: An Incubator for Islamist Radicalization?

Scottish cardinal quits Amnesty

Alzheimer's Patients Lining Up for Microchip

Up to 200 Alzheimer's patients living near Palm Beach, Fla., will be implanted with the VeriChip for free in the next week.

Alzheimer's patients to get ID microchips

The arrangement was made through Alzheimer's Community Care, a nonprofit agency in West Palm Beach that help patients find in-home care and other services. The program will take two years to complete.

RFID Healthcare: VeriChip Corporation And Alzheimer's Community Care Officially Launch VeriMed Patient Identification Project

Scott R. Silverman, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of VeriChip, said, “We are very pleased to officially launch this important project with Alzheimer’s Community Care. We believe individuals suffering from Alzheimer’s disease and their caregivers can greatly benefit from the VeriMed system, which provides a safety net when they present in an emergency room unable to communicate. Alzheimer’s disease, which is one of several medical conditions we have identified as being ideally suited for the benefits of the VeriMed system, is dramatically on the rise in the United States with as many as 16 million new cases predicted by 2050.1”

Ekahau and VeriChip collaborate on RFID security

Digital Angel Corporation Enters Distribution Agreement with Data Lab S.A. of Paraguay

Digital Angel Settles Patent Infringement Lawsuit Against Datamars