Friday, November 02, 2007

Prayers please for Fr. Francis Mary, MFVA and for EWTN (mp3-AUDIO)

Fr. Francis Mary has left EWTN. A 'veil tip' WI Catholic Musings for 'Fr.'s Letter'.

Prayers for all concerned parties most especially the MFVA's, EWTN, and all of us--THE BODY OF CHRIST!

Petition in Honor of the Precious Blood

Litany of the Most Precious Blood of Our Lord Jesus Christ

All Souls

Praying for the Dead and Gaining Indulgences During November

Prayer of St. Gertrude the Great


Eternal Father, I offer Thee the Most Precious Blood of Thy Divine Son, Jesus,

in union with the Masses said throughout the world today,

for all the holy Souls in Purgatory,

for sinners everywhere, for sinners in the Universal Church,

those in my own home and within my family. Amen.

Little Litany of the Holy Souls

Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Halloween and Harry Potter

Catholics, Anglicans still differ in beliefs on Mary

Halloween and the Ghost Head Nebula

Pretty colors...

Immigration Crackdown Killing Mexican Economy

WIRED: Gallery: Our Readers' Coolest Geek-o'-Lanterns

Sacraments and Pumpkins

Pray with your children as you carve.

LORD open my mind so that I may learn about YOU. (Cut the top off.)

Cleanse my sins and forgive me. (Clean the inside.)

Open my eyes so that I may see YOUR LOVE. (Cut the eyes in the shape of hearts.)

Let me give YOU thanks for all things YOU'VE given me instead of turning my nose up at them. (Cut the nose in shape of a cross.)

Open my ears to hear YOUR WORD (Cut ears in shape of a bible.)

Open my mouth so that I may spread YOUR WORD. (Cut the mouth in the shape of fish.)

Let my smile shine with the LIGHT OF YOU.

Pass out prayer cards with your candy...pass along holiness this day of 'All Hallows Eve'---the day before All Saints Day.

Does your surgeon get kickbacks?


From VeriChip...

Are Microchip Tags Safe?

VeriChip Q3 loss grows

US Christian Groups React Strongly to Harry Potter Books’ Homosexual Character

Catholic Georgetown University to Fully Fund Campus Gay Center

Bishops Weigh Political Statement

New political document drafted

Inside Planned Parenthood

'Bella' turns in highest per screen performance

'Secret of opening weekend was passion of 1st-time filmmakers'

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

"Plan Mexico"

Joint Statement on the Merida Initiative: A New Paradigm for Security Cooperation
"This would be the first part of a multi-year funding request of $1.4 billion."

Plan Mexico

Bush Reveals Plan Mexico, Proposes $1.5 Billion Anti-Drug Aid Package

Bush announces $1.4 billion drug plan for Mexico

Bush stonewalls on Mexican military aid White House, State Department refuse to answer WND questions

30 'Aha!' Moments from 30 Leading Influencers at the Rethink Conference

This is my 'AHA MOMENT'! I just knew it...anything with crystals makes nervous and I know I'll have a few more aha moments as this statement sounds a little new age to me....

"This conference will confront outdated and pre-conceived ideas, offer new perspectives and open our minds to all kinds of possibilities that connect us with our shifting culture without compromising our core values." ("shifting culture"...huh?)

Speakers confirmed so far:
George Barna
Pres. George H. W. Bush
Dr. Ben Carson
Dr. Tim Clinton
Dr. Henry Cloud
Chuck Colson
George Foreman
Jon Gordon
Dan Kimball
Larry King
H.B. London, Jr.
Erwin McManus
Miles McPherson
Mark Mittelberg
Rupert Murdoch
John Ortberg
Nancy Ortberg
Dr. Les Parrott
Donna Schuller
Dr. Robert A. Schuller
Dr. Robert H. Schuller
Jay Sekulow
Gary Smalley
Ben Stein
Lee Strobel
Dr. John Townsend
Kay Warren
—and more to be announced soon!

Yeah...what's up with this event? - What is Robert Schuller 'rethinking'? Crystal Cathedral conference accused of twisting biblical Christianity

SF- the Castro District

Gay Enclaves Face Prospect of Being Passé

What will the archbishop choose?

Catholic Clergy Ask Bishops to Keep Mass Holy

National Coalition of American Nuns (NCAN) sent letter to the Bishops of the United States (USCCB)

Vatican Information Services:10-30-07

THE MEDIA: AT THE CROSSROADS BETWEEN ACTIVISM AND SERVICE. Seeking the Truth in order to share it with others" is the theme chosen by Benedict XVI for the 42nd World Communications Day, due to be celebrated on May 4, 2008. In a communique released today Archbishop Claudio Maria Celli, president of the Pontifical Council for Social Communications, writes that such a theme "calls on us to reflect on the role played by the media and especially the increasing risk of their becoming self-absorbed and no longer tools at the service of truth - something which is meant to be sought and shared." .../IN BRIEF/...VIS 071030 (250)

More Britney

Catholics slam Britney Spears pix as 'bottom of barrel' stunt

Catholic League's Response: Britney's Confessional Shoot