Friday, January 07, 2005

About the Inauguration-Why does this guy need more attention? He is trying to stop prayer from being said at the Inauguration. GET A GRIP!

Wednesday, January 05, 2005

The Rosary & The Fox Report w/Shepard Smith

Did anyone see The Fox Report w/ Shepard Smith? I did! It was truly awesome. The Fox News reporter Greg Palkot was in Asia to cover Sec. of State Colin Powell and Gov. Jeb Bush's visit to the tsunami stricken region. He spent time with both men. Palkot interviewed Gov. Bush asking his opinion of the devastation. Bush stated that he had lived through and had seen the devastation of 4 major storms to his state but was unprepared for the devastation he saw on this trip. He stated (para-phrasing here), "once I saw the devastation I began to say (pray) the rosary". How awesome is this? I wish I could get a transcript of tonight's show. This was on secular television NEWS!! How awesome it was to hear this on television: acknowledgement of prayer, of GOD, the rosary, and of course Our Blessed Mother! Thank you GOD!
WHOA! I am sooo excited!!! Look at this AWESOME T-SHIRT! Thank you Fr. Bryce Sibley for this item! I can't wait to order it.
Vatican Coffee Bar! Whatever! See the picture here quickly before it's gone.
Specter makes it into 2005 according to I like this website too. See the information about his Judiciary Committee Chairman appointment here. I hope Specter knows all "W" supporters were a base of pro-lifers who are determined to see abortion come to an end in this country. It's really not political it's about LIFE!
After the chocolate----here's one on dieting and losing weight!
Chocolate!? Remember my posting a couple of weeks ago on chocolate. This is truly disgusting!
Judie Brown of the American Life League responds to the February 2005 issue, Consumer Reports report on Birth Control Pills here. Headline: "Consumer Reports must get facts straight on birth control pills - they cause abortion". I receive this magazine and look forward to reading the report.

And more on the latest developments concerning Terri Schindler Schiavo-"Surprised lawyer finds Terri Schiavo alert 1st visit contradicts claims of 'persistent vegetative state'" --A persistent vegetative state? Terri is NOT!
I want to go! I wish I could attend this event. How exciting it would be to be part of history, to be present at the swearing in of "W". The list of events and participants in the parades are a reflection of our great country. The parade purpose was to have a representative from each state, whether it's a high school marching band, a college marching band, or other h.s./college group.