Wednesday, June 30, 2010

The Sin of Pride

Fr. John Hardon -
The Two Standards: Christ and Satan
The Seven Capital Sins - Part 1

The Readings for June 30, 2010
1st Reading - Amos 5: 14-15, 21-24
Psalm 50:7-13, 16-17
Matthew 8:28-34

Nothing restrains anger, curbs pride, heals the wound of malice, bridles self-indulgence, quenches the passions, checks avarice and puts unclean thoughts to flight, as does the name of Jesus.
-- St. Bernard

The arrogance of those among us - Rep. Pete Stark

Must see and hear this video!

Pray for Rep. Pete Stark and our country!

WE NEED CONVERSION! Not just reform!


Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Update: US Social Forum

So Glenn Beck is going to present his information tomorrow night on his tv show....we need to pay attention to this info. 

Make sure you watch maybe more of the same info. that I've posted...we shall see. 

Here's some more items:
U.S. Social Forum a Mechanism for Change
"Heavily influenced by critical pedagogy, the USSF attempted to move away from a standard conference model of panels with “experts” presenting their knowledge to a passive audience. Instead, organizers urged a more participatory model of collaborative workshops to bring people together to solve common problems together."

People's Movement Assemblies 2010 & their Resolutions - A printable pg.

Media covering the USSF

I'll post more tomorrow....the beat goes on....

AL. Sen. Jeff Sessions - Taking care of 'our business'!

He's asking all the questions that I expect and want him to ask Ms. Kagan....


'Glenn Beck': Will Elena Kagan Be an Activist Justice?

Huffington Post - Al Franken Sketches Sessions During Kagan Confirmation Hearing

Consumers Union, publisher of Consumer Reports - CU Activist Summit 2010 - Nancy Pelosi

Notice the logo...image...oh my gosh...have you had enough yet?  And listen to Speaker!  "Reining in the Insurance Companies, reining in the...."

 Video Highlights from the CU Activist Summit


""There is now no doubt of the growing wave of popular sentiment in favor of an efficient public health program," we wrote in 1939 as a similar debate fractured the country. "This National Health bill can die or be delayed in committee; can be defeated in either Congressional house; can be emasculated at almost any point in the legislative process." It ultimately was."
History of Consumers Union

I definitely won't renew my subscription to Consumer Reports. people, People, PEOPLE!! WAKE-UP!!