Friday, February 25, 2005

Our Holy Father John Paul II Hospitalized -Prayers Continue

You can send a Spiritual Bouquet to Our Holy Father John Paul II, read updates on his condition, suggested prayers, learn more about the Pope-his condition, medical history, & what happens while he is ill. Please pass this information along so as to disseminate truth about the papacy & Holy Mother Church.

Can't keep a good man down-A. Specter

He hasn't changed? Specter: Nuclear Option Would Put Senate 'in Turmoil' Do we think that he is working for the party and the President--REALLY? See this one too-Arlen Specter Wants Deal With Pro-Abortion Democrats on Pro-Life Judges .
"I'm going to exercise every last ounce of my energy to solve this problem without the nuclear option."

"Although Specter said he has "not made a decision" about whether he would support the nuclear option if it came to the Senate floor, he expressed determination to see the president's nominees considered by the full Senate."

I don't want to sound heartless but this guy just found out he has been diagnosed with Hodgkin's disease-Stage IV.

"Stage IV" means that the disease has spread outside the lymph system and is in another organ, he said. Specter's statement did not say which organ was involved."

How much work can this guy do? How much strength will he have to take on two battles?

The Vatican and Terri

Yesterday the Vatican made a statement/appeal for the defense of Terri's life:Cardinal Martino Appeals for Terri Schiavo.
This is from Cardinal Renato Martino, president of the Pontifical Council for Justice and Peace!

Now will Terri's Bishop-Bishop Lynch hear this and stand up with the Church and for Terri? Our prayers continue through this day.

Thursday, February 24, 2005

A solution to the priest shortage--too bad I know the numbers are already going up!

"The number of priests has remained relatively stagnant during this pontiff's rule, but church membership has grown by 250 million. "

What? Stagnant? I don't think so! This news item was reported in 2002-Seminary Numbers Up in Eastern Europe, But Officials Cautious, Increase or Decrease in Seminarians For Selected Countries and Region (1985-2001) (by the way take a look around this site too--National Institute for the Renewal of the Priesthood.)

"To reverse this trend, bishops must bring the church out of its tailspin. The focal point is figuring out how to recruit and train new priests -- and quickly. Otherwise, more churches will have to close.What can be done?"

"With one stroke of a pen, US bishops could demand that the Vatican acquiesce and allow them to begin training and ordaining married deacons. A few more years of study by these men could yield as many as 5,000 new priests for US dioceses alone. Other countries could follow suit."
"Danielle Kinkel is a graduate student at Boston College. John Kinkel, her father, is a former priest and author of the forthcoming "Chaos in the Catholic Church."

No wonder I'm watching less t.v. Did you see the following NBC-TV sitcom, “Committed" on Feb.22nd?
Well, Catholic League president William Donohue, states in his recent press release a detailed description of a scene where "two non-Catholics are mistakenly given Holy Communion at a Catholic funeral Mass. Nate, who is Jewish, and Bowie, a Protestant, don’t know what to do with the Eucharist, so they make several failed attempts to get rid of it. For example, they try slipping it into the pocket of a priest, dropping it on a tray of cheese and crackers, etc."

JESUS I am so very sorry that a mockery was made of YOUR DIVINE BODY!
Please allow us to make reparation for these sins against THEE in our adoration of YOUR DIVINE BODY.

"Jesus, my God, I adore You, here present in the Blessed Sacrament of the altar, where You wait day and night to be our comfort while we await Your unveiled presence in heaven. Jesus, my God, I adore You in all places where the Blessed Sacrament is reserved and where sins are committed against this Sacrament of Love. Jesus, my God, I adore You for all time, past, present and future, for every soul that ever was, is or shall be created. Jesus, my God, who for us has endured hunger and cold, labor and fatigue, I adore You. Jesus, my God, who for my sake has deigned to subject Yourself to the humiliation of temptation, to the perfidy and defection of friends, to the scorn of Your enemies, I adore You. Jesus, my God, who for us has endured the buffeting of Your passion, the scourging, the crowning with thorns, the heavy weight of the cross, I adore You. Jesus, my God, who, for my salvation and that of all mankind, was cruelly nailed to the cross and hung there for three long hours in bitter agony, I adore You. Jesus, My God, who for love of us did institute this Blessed Sacrament and offer Yourself daily for the sins of men, I adore You. Jesus, my God, who in Holy Communion became the food of my soul, I adore You. Jesus, for You I live. Jesus, for You I die. Jesus, I am Yours in life and death. Amen."

Standing up for Truth at Notre Dame

So the V-Monologues came on campus and now the Queer Film Festival will take place at a Catholic University-Notre Dame. Thank Father Richard Warner at, the director of Campus Ministry, for standing up and shining the light of truth on this situation. Blogger credit-Spirit Daily.

"Blogs For Terri"-Information

Please visit Blogs For Terri to get more information on Terri's current situation and don't forget to contact Florida Gov. Jeb Bush.
Keep the prayers onward and upward!

Wednesday, February 23, 2005



For more information contact:

Mary Ann Kreitzer

(540) 459-9493

Dear Governor Bush,

You have sworn to uphold the Florida Constitution which reads

All natural persons, female and male alike, are equal before the law and have inalienable rights, among which are the right to enjoy and defend life and liberty, to pursue happiness ... No person shall be deprived of any right because of race, religion, national origin, or physical disability.

You have the authority as the top elected official of Florida to save Terri. I have no doubt you and/or your legal staff are aware of every piece of information available about Terri's case. The abuses, conflicts of interest, suppressed evidence, etc. are legion and yet you take no action. If Terri's feeding tube is removed you will have enabled it by your silence.

Why have you not:

  • ordered a criminal investigation into the night of the incident that left Terri disabled and the evidence of "trauma" over an extended period of time that indicates possible spousal abuse
  • ordered the department of social services to begin legal action to remove Michael as a guardian for failing to fulfill the duties of guardianship under Florida state law
  • brought charges against Michael for negligence/abuse of a disabled individual under Florida law defending the rights of the handicapped
  • used your influence in the legislature to get a better law defending the rights of those who become disabled without leaving an advanced medical directive

We hear statements that you have done everything under the law, but that is simply not true. The executive branch is responsible for all these investigations that have NEVER been done. You are the top official in this branch and have the ultimate authority to order all these things.

God may have placed you in your position of authority at this time in history for the one purpose of impeding the inexorible push in this country toward the murder of the innocent handicapped/disabled. Please don't go down in history as the man who could have saved Terri Schiavo, but didn't out of concern for your political career.

As President of the Catholic Media Coalition I am urging all of our affiliates to offer Masses, rosaries, and devotions that you might have the courage to stand up for the innocent. Think how many little ones will speak up for you on the day of judgment if you take action for them now. Which is better: to hear the Lord say, "Well done, good and faithful servant" or "Whatever you did NOT do for the least of my little ones, you did NOT do for me?"

Sincerely in Christ,

Mary Ann Kreitzer

President, Catholic Media Coalition

Catholic Media Coalition: In line with the Church, online with the world

"The first law of history is not to dare to utter falsehood; the second, not to fear to speak the truth."Pope Leo XIII

Catholic polarization reached new peak in 2004 election, speaker says
On the 2004 Presidential Election-"A "more ominous" element of the election-year divisions, said William A. Dinges, a professor of religious studies at The Catholic University of America and a member of the university's Life Cycle Institute, was the "vitriolic and escalating" rhetoric and "uncivil behavior, characterized by confrontation, harassment and attempts at intimidation."

What does this say!? Did you see this where you live? Did I miss something? Or now Pres. Bush supporters-Right Wing-Christians are considered terrorists again? Hmmm? My own pastor after 9-11 said that "we should be careful of fundamentalist Catholics that hide behind the magisterium "-he inferred that "they" could be considered terrorists too. This statement was made the Sunday after--after 9-11. I don't know what he said after the actual election.

The above statement was just recently made "addressing a national gathering of about 100 diocesan social action leaders." What doesn't sit right here is the fact that this guy and others like him are still holding on to their anger. And I have to say that this is not good for their bodies. Too much anger will take over you and then all those social programs that "they"control and administer will become hampered or stifled. People don't work well under that kind of stress. No that's not good at all.

"He said much of this was fueled by a relatively small number of groups and individual Catholics who sought to get the entire Catholic community to make the election hinge on the issues of abortion and embryonic stem-cell research, but the polarization itself runs deep across the Catholic community."

Small groups and individual Catholics? Really? "Google" these terms: "Catholic", "Kerry", & "Reception". Looks like there are 76,600 possible sites that one can review to decide the number of groups and individuals that were "harassing" and "intimidating" fellow Catholics nationwide.

By the way...if this article bothers you since it is on a "Catholic" website...why don't you contact them at this address: They won't know that this bothers you if you just ignore it! You can tell them your opinions too!
His momma's prayers must be working! Korn Guitarist Finds God, Leaves Band

Welch said, "Anger is a good thing, and if kids want to listen to Korn, good, but there's happiness after the anger. I'm going to show it through my actions how much I love my fans."
Pondering this--hmmm?--Economists want to know: Do Europeans work less because they believe less in God?
From a clinical review of research on dehydration and starvation -Barbara A. Olevitch, Ph.D. asks-"Dying Comfortably" of Starvation and Dehydration: What Is the Evidence?

Wake UP Florida "Snow Birds"-all Retirees

The Florida residents better pay attention to what's happening to one of their citizens-Terri Schindler Schiavo.
The events that are taking place in the Florida courts could prove harmful to their way of "living"--ie. nursing homes, hospitals, assisted living homes, etc. This writer states this point clearly-Terence Jeffrey-Terri Schiavo counts: Now give her equal protection.

Tuesday, February 22, 2005

Darnit! Top U.S. court leaves abortion alone. So the courts won't even look at this case? How can this country continue down this road? How does this country survive the "elimination" of the innocent? The culture of death continues at all levels.

Again -Prayers for Terri Schindler Schiavo & 1PM Press Conference

Please pray for the conversion of Michael Schiavo...Sr. Lucia please intercede from heaven for GOD'S dear child-Terri Schindler Schiavo. We offer YOU LORD all our praise and thanksgiving in every moment of life.
Please FATHER GOD-we BEG and PLEAD before YOU LORD for YOU are greater than all of us here and most especially greater than those that wish to do harm to your defenseless child -to please rescue your child Terri from the grips of death. Please I ask that you send in your MIGHTY Warrior Angels to rescue Terri from all harm, that they guard her, and that they put up every supernatural defense in protection of this child.

Our FATHER, who art in heaven, hallowed be Thy name. Thy kingdom come. Thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven. Give us this day our daily bread and forgive us our trespasses as we forgive those who trespass against us. And lead us not into temptation, but deliver us from evil. Amen.

Hail Mary, full of grace, the Lord is with thee. Blessed art thou amongst women and blessed is the fruit of thy womb, Jesus. Holy Mary, Mother of God, pray for us sinners, now, and in the hour of our death. Amen.

Glory be to the Father, and to the Son, and to the Holy Spirit. As it was in the beginning, is now and ever shall be, world without end. Amen.

There will be a news conference TODAY (2-22-05)-Terri Schiavo's Parents Will Make a Statement to the Press at 1 PM at the Woodside Hospice.
Cybercast News Service has this bit of information on Planned Parenthood & the Komen Foundation:
Breast Cancer Foe Gives Big $$ to Top Abortion Provider

Pass this along!

Also please know that the sorority Zeta Tau Alpha,a social fraternity for women, also supports the Komen Foundation through their "Race for the Cure" and has joined "Yoplait "in supporting their philantropy efforts on college campuses nationwide. They most recently joined forces to raise money through collecting "pink lids" from the "Yoplait" yogurt containers.