Thursday, April 29, 2010

Saint Catherine of Siena - Doctor of the Church - Feast Day

Saint Catherine of Siena writing

Saint Catherine of Siena in Art

Dialog of Catherine Siena
How the desire of this soul grew when God showed her the neediness of the world.

This desire was great and continuous, but grew much more, when the First Truth showed her the neediness of the world, and in what a tempest of offense against God it lay. And she had understood this the better from a letter, which she had received from the spiritual Father of her soul, in which he explained to her the penalties and intolerable dolor caused by offenses against God, and the loss of souls, and the persecutions of Holy Church.

EWTN LIVE - Fr. Mitch talks with Fr. Thomas McDermott about St. Catherine of Siena - Fr. McDermott is from Kenrick-Glennon SeminaryI've visited their podcast website...very, very rich in spiritual food!  Must download/listen.

Pray for us St. Catherine!