Saturday, June 07, 2008

Interesting read....whoa!

What In The World Is Going On?

The Siege of Western Civilization

VeriChip News

Katherine Albrecht Gleefully Hammers Nails into Verichip's Coffin

Pope Benedict XVI & Pres. Bush

Bush's upcoming visit with Pope marks unprecedented relationship

PRAYER ALERT: Nigeria: Catholic Seminary Faces Closure Over Food Crisis

Battles begin....

Catholic adoption agency to defy gay rights law

Catholic League

Catholic group protests New York student paintings

Seattle - Bishop Geoffrey Robinson

Australian bishop calls on Catholic Church to take a serious look at sensitive issues

Leading California Catholics urge Australian bishop to cancel tour promoting book on clergy sexual abuse

Thursday, June 05, 2008

Pfleger to move out of rectory

"For now, Pfleger is not going to spend another night at the rectory. He hopes to be staying in the Auburn Gresham neighborhood, where he has had a role in transforming it in the last 30 years."

More St. Sabina

Why does church need Pfleger fill-in?
"Maybe they thought we need a priest to come in for mass. I don't know," she continued. "But we always have someone to do the mass. . . . We can have masses in the absence of a priest, just using consecrated hosts. We were trained to do that at CTU."

And do they all meet their Sunday obligation under these conditions? or does this occur only during the weekday Mass?

Please Cardinal George...please!

And as Fr. Charles Becker (Archdiocese of Chicago) stated this a.m. at Mass on EWTN - we should all pray and fast! (Fast -Wed. & Fri.)

Priest: Nicaraguan U.S. critic made UN assembly president

Miguel D'Escoto Brockmann

Sandinista priest to preside over UN - CathNews

St. Sabina & Cardinal George

Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Update:Iconic Monstrance of Our Lady of the Sign - The ark of Mercy

There are plans for online adoration...via the Iconic Monstrance of Our Lady of the Sign - Monday - Saturday 8:00 a.m. - 3:00 p.m. CST- look for announcement on June 8th.

Cardinal Asks Father Pfleger To Take Leave

From Matt C. Abbott: The thriving Catholic Church vs. the (slowly) dying 'catholic church'<

CA & Parental Notification

California Officials Certify Parental Notification Ballot Initiative

Women's Ordination

The Catholic church & women’s ordination

Archbishop Milingo

Catholic Celibacy questioned

"And Archbishop Milingo has maintained that he is still a member of the Catholic church."

Prayer Need: Priest, Others Attacked Near Catholic University