Sunday, January 08, 2006

WARNING-"Narrow Road Ahead"

More "The Book of Daniel" (TBoD) comments here. Scroll down and move upward. Interesting.

I liked this comment:

Sallie Says: January 8th, 2006 at 4:57 pm
"I find it interesting that Christianity is the only religion that gets held up to satire, mockery and travesty by prime time TV. It causes me to remember the warning we received in the Bible about dealing with principalities and powers. Forget the entertainment and look at the big picture!!!
How does this show glorify our Lord and Savior. How does getting our entertainment from watching the sins of others fit in with Christian living? And just what message does this show make to the unbelievers that we are trying to reach with the truth, when even the church officials were living hypocritical, sinful lives! ! !
Wake up. Narrow is the road."

"The Book of Daniel"-Diane Winston-LA Times

The risk of playing religion straight
"This misses the point. "The Book of Daniel" doesn't disparage Bible-believing Christians. Instead, it demonstrates the difficulty of turning serious religion into entertainment. Religion can be played as sentimental, spooky or satire, but doing it straight — think "ER" repotted in a synagogue — is hard to pull off." Diane Winston-LA Times

"Book of Daniel"-Sponsors List

Here's my sponsors list from the program of The Book of Daniel (Fri. 1-06-06):
I noticed that there were more NBC commercials than other paid sponsors. Hmmm? I wonder if they had a difficult time getting sponsors? It sure looked like it when all the Olympic ads were run.

NBC -promotion of their programs & the Winter Olympics
Disney (very hard to find -tho not their offical site-scroll down) a Blogger
Taco Bell
Burlington Coat Factory (here too)
Arby's (1-800-487-2729)
Cheerios-General Foods
Mercury (2 ads)
Mazda (2 ads)
Movies- "Munich"&"King Kong",-Universal, "Memoirs of a Geisha" (btw-Da Vinci Code)& "Last Holiday"

Local network program promotions

Amy's "open book" discussion-"The Book of Daniel"

Over at "open book" the discussion on the highly offensive and controversial program on NBC, The Book of Daniel has been quite informative.

I have often wondered what keeps people from seizing their grace-filled moment from Father-God. He presents us all with a moment to actually defend HIS SON! And what do we do? We wait for the moment to pass and we decide either that it's not the right time or not enough time, we need to pray about it, we have other battles to fight, or we just don't care. I don't understand this kind of thinking. No, I do understand. We know who loves it when we sit and do nothing. Enough said there.

Back to a comment made on this discussion: Roger asks: "Does anyone know the name of an Episcopalian blog, on the level of "Open Book"?"
I too, wondered what the Episcopal Church or Episcopalian bloggers were writing/blogging. I am sad to say I found these: Father Jake Stops the World & The Blog of Daniel.

Will it just go away if we just leave it alone?

I'll post my sponsor list in the next posting.