Saturday, January 20, 2007

More on Brownback's Announcement

United States Senator Sam Brownback Announces He Will Run for President of the United States

Moran on Brownback and Iraq

Congressman Jerry Moran, who's back in his huge 1st District of Kansas this weekend, says there's a place in the 2008 presidential race for Senator Sam Brownback. Moran told us Brownback is clearly seen as the most conservative Republican candidate in the race, and many Americans will want to hear the Kansas Senator outline his vision for the future of the country, and where his political views would fit in during the next race.

Vatican holding "private" top level meeting on China

AsiaNews reports that Vatican dicasteries will hold a "private" and "sub secreto" meeting today and on Saturday to discuss a range of issues that also include Beijing's ambiguities, illicit ordinations of bishops ordained, the unity of the official and unrecognised Church, and particularly how to eliminate the influence of the Chinese Catholic Patriotic Association.

Listen to "Abortion Marketing Exposed"

The 70 min. teleseminar from earlier this week.


How the abortion lobby conned America with a slick public relations campaign based on lies and wild fabrications that are still widely accepted as "facts"...

How the father of the "sexual revolution" that led to abortion-on-demand has now been exposed as a fraudulent scientist and sexual psychopath...

How the abortion industry continues to kill over 1 million babies a year, although polls consistently show Americans disapprove of unfettered abortion by a three-to-one margin...

How the establishment news media has conformed to the abortion industry's marketing plan...

How YOU can turn the tide and help stop abortion for once and for all...

...And much, much more!

Friday, January 19, 2007

Vatican display exhibits eucharistic miracles

A Victory! YEA GOD!

Our work never ends...and neither do our prayers!

From Jay Sekulow at American for Civil Law & Justice-"A Temporary Reprieve"

The outcry against this measure has been nothing short of amazing. We heard from over 20,000 citizens in just 48 hours, expressing outrage over this attempt to muzzle our voices. At the same time, House leadership has indicated that they will now re-evaluate the Fairness Doctrine, which would significantly censor and curtail conservative talk radio and Christian talk radio. Our Government Affairs office is looking at the Fairness Doctrine issue right now. I’ve also assembled a legal team that’s preparing an analysis on why the Fairness Doctrine would be an unconstitutional restraint on free speech.

Kucinich: Congress To Take On FCC

Citizens Right to Petition Government Protected
Rev Louis Sheldon, Chairman of the Traditional Values Coalition (TVC) made the following statement tonight regarding removal of the harmful grassroots provision (Section 220) in S.1, the Legislative Transparency and Accountability Act of 2007.

“I applaud the Members of the U.S. Senate who voted for Bennett amendment 20 to remove section 220 from the bill.”

“When you start the legislative year with a piece of legislation which is so bad that TVC and the ACLU unite to fight it – this does not bode well for the coming months.”

“I am pleased we were able to stop this breach of the First Amendment masquerading as lobbying reform.”

“Of course, I support any and all efforts to fight corruption, but not at the expense of a citizen’s right to petition his or her government.”

***ALERT - Hackers in T.J. Maxx Customer Info.

Unfortunately, this store 'was' one of my favorite shops. = (

T.J. Maxx, Marshalls customer info stolen
TJX says its computer systems were breached, compromising information about credit and debit card sales in stores.

T.J. Maxx Message

Thursday, January 18, 2007


Don't Let Congress Silence Christians!
S.B. 1 and H.R. 4682 are aimed at regulating pastors and conservative groups by classifying them as "lobbyists" - which in turn would require them to register with the government.

Walk For Life West Coast

Let us pray for every one's complete conversion.

Open Letter to Speaker Pelosi from 'Walk for Life West Coast'
Contact: Stan Devereux, Steve Wharton, Walk for Life West Coast, 916-446-6409

SAN FRANCISCO, Jan. 18 /Christian Newswire/ -- The following text is of an open letter to the Honorable Nancy Pelosi from Walk for Life co-founder, Dolores Meehan:

January 17, 2007

The Honorable Nancy Pelosi
Speaker of the House of Representatives
450 Golden Gate Avenue, 14th Floor
San Francisco, CA 94102

Dear Speaker Pelosi:

Thousands of Pro-Woman/Pro-Life supporters will gather in San Francisco on Saturday, January 20, 2007 for the Third Annual Walk for Life West Coast. An estimated 15,000 people participated in the Walk for Life last year, and this weekend, we expect more than 20,000 people. Our goal is to reach out to women and men of all political persuasions with the message that abortion hurts women, and that Life is the best choice. This is a peaceful walk, a celebration of women and a celebration of life.

Our organization would like to meet with you prior to Saturday’s Walk. This is a growing and prominent movement in San Francisco. Since this is your district, and we are your constituents, we hope you will find it important enough to meet with us, and get to know us.

As Speaker of the United States House of Representatives, you are the highest-ranking woman ever elected in the history of the United States. As such, your responsibility to serve as a role model for all women in America is greater than ever, not just in San Francisco, but across our entire nation.


Dolores Meehan
Co-Founder, Walk for Life

2nd State to possibly pass a Assisted Suicide Bill

Arizona Bill Would Legalize Assisted Suicide, Pro-Life Groups Opposed
A group of Democratic legislators introduced the measure that would allow doctors to help patients suffering from incurable illnesses kill themselves.

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Sen. Sam Brownback IS RUNNING!

Sen. Sam Brownback -(R-KS) will be in Topeka, KS to make his official announcement this Saturday-1-20-07

Look at his "Exploratory Committee"....loooooks good!

Peter Singer - Abortion and Infanticide: A Critique of Peter Singer's Views

As we prepare for another year of battling the culture of death please take a moment to be familiar with the tactics of the "enemy". When we have the necessary information and knowledge we are better equipped with 'ready ammunition' to go into battle.
(I didn't know that Peter Singer was from Australia.)
Debate with Don Marquis. Princeton University, March 29, 2006.
Pay attention to his answers to the questions presented after the debate.

Monday, January 15, 2007

JPII Audio Cards? Did the 'Curt Jester' make these?

New John Paul II gadget is a hit
The enduring popularity of the late Pope John Paul II has been underlined yet again by the runaway success of a new gadget offering a blessing from the Polish pontiff at the press of a button.

'Down Under' possible Church 'Wreckovation'

Bendigo Catholics rail over Cathedral renovations

Altar plans upset devout catholic
Sacred Heart Cathedral debate stirs emotion

After reading this one I felt a tad better that we were all in the 'same boat together' although it is quite unfortunate to be in the 'boat'...period!

Thank GOD for 92 year young, Miss Molly Brennan. Ya' gotta love her as she did not mince words!

"People who find the altar rails are interfering with their worship of God are already well served in Bendigo," she said.

"They have no justification, other than they claim it will promote a greater sense of community.

"That is quite childish and naive, not to say ridiculous. "Sense of community has very little to do with physical proximity."

Her best line...(this one line should reverberate around the Internet...forever!)

"I don’t think you can turn a catholic cathedral into a community hall. You can only turn it into a vandalised cathedral."


Picture of the Aussie -Sacred Heart Cathedral on the right side of article.

I know that this is 'old news' (I just found the tour and pics. of the renovated church)...but look at their sister cathedral here in the U.S.- Rochester, N.Y.-Sacred Heart Cath.

Diocese Director of Communications Doug Mandelaro narrates a tour of Sacred Heart Cath. here.

(Whoa-how 'bout the 'coincidence' that her last name is Brennan....hmmmm...Michael Brennan was the Rochester resident-parishioner that took up a campaign to stop the Rochester- Sacred Heart renovation from taking place. He had a lot of documentation too. I wonder if they are distantly could hope.)

Unfortunately, it looks like 'they got community' now!
Listen to the Intro. with the pictures -"it's an intimate place","a place where we can all gather"-because that's what it's all about!

*Notice the 'before' pics. inset with the new views of the interior of the church.

Look at the altar-a 'before' pic. shows the glory of GOD, but what does this altar display?
Listen again to 'tour guide'-Doug Mandelaro as he provides info about the "brand new altar"-
"something mandated by the church -bring the presider amidst the people"..."to bring the Word of God amidst the people"...again "creates an intimate worship setting". Is this written down somewhere in a church document? Nah...I never saw that info in my research. Never saw it in the Vat. II docs.either!

"Now put your right foot in,Your right foot out,Right foot in. Then you shake it all about. And then you do the Hokey Pokey Turn yourself around,That's what it's all about."

More room to dance...a Liturgical can move all the chairs.
Notice the most of 'before pic.' in lower left corner.

Sacred Heart Time Line-Archbishop Fulton Sheen's pulpit 'was once' located in this church, but
no mention is made by Doug Mandelaro ...gosh isn't there a canonization process started? Wouldn't you mention that in your description of the ambo?

I wonder if Fr. Vosko has been contacted yet? Hmmm? Miss Brennan loooook out!
His book of 'renovation'-Fr. Richard S. Vosko-God's House Is Our House: Re-imagining the Environment for Worship His bio. NCR did a piece on him here
His projects here.

Archbishop Donald Wuerl goes on record..

Not his style

Archbishop Donald Wuerl goes on record: he will take no action to prevent Nancy Pelosi from receiving Communion despite her obstinate support of abortion and same-sex marriage
More on the situation in CA- from a priest's perspective:
More than he could stomach

San Francisco priest says Nancy Pelosi “not a Catholic in good standing”

Wrote Fr. Malloy in a letter published by the Chronicle on Jan. 9:

“What a joke! If Nancy wants to reclaim her Catholicity, she had best start by reviewing Catholic teaching. She said that she considered herself a conservative Catholic, but nothing is further from the truth. “She supports too many positions the church is against, beginning with pro-life issues: embryonic stem-cell research, gay adoptions, partial-birth abortion, funding contraception and U.N. family planning, same-sex marriage. She favors allowing minors to have an abortion without their parents’ knowledge. She is against making it a crime to harm a fetus while committing other crimes. She is against allowing funding for health providers who do not provide abortion -- which would close Catholic hospitals.

“She is not a Catholic in good standing with her church,” concluded Fr.

(I recommend reading -California Catholic Daily)
Our Lady of Guadalupe pray for us!
Lord have mercy!

Pope Benedict XVI's Jesus Book

by Sandro Magister -The Next Battle For and Against Jesus Will Be Fought by the Book

"My interpretation of the figure of Jesus in the New Testament..."

by Joseph Ratzinger / Benedict XVI

I came to this book about Jesus - the first part of which I now present to the public – after a long interior journey. In the time of my youth – during the 1930’s and ‘40’s – there was published a series of exhilarating books about Jesus. I recall the names of just a few authors: Karl Adam, Romano Guardini, Franz Michel Willam, Giovanni Papini, Jean-Daniel Rops. In all these books, the image of Jesus Christ was outlined beginning with the Gospels: how He lived upon the earth and how, although He was truly man, He at the same time brought God to men, being one with God as Son of God. Thus, through the man Jesus, God became visible, and beginning with God one could see the image of the just man.


While accepting all this as much as possible, I wanted to make an effort to present the Jesus of the Gospels as the real Jesus, as the “historical Jesus” in the real sense of the expression. I am convinced – and I hope that I can also make the reader aware of this – that this figure is much more logical, and from the historical point of view also more understandable, than the reconstructions we have had to confront in recent decades.

I maintain that this very Jesus – the Jesus of the Gospels – is an historically sensible and convincing figure. His crucifixion and the impact that he had can only be explained if something extraordinary happened, if the figure and the words of Jesus radically exceeded the hopes and expectations of his time.

Background info from a blogger Michael Barber (Professor of Theology at JPII The Great Univ.)

More from the Polish Bishops...

Letter from Polish Bishops to the Faithful

In recent days," the prelates begin their letter, which was also made public in Italian and English translations, "we have experienced dramatic events related to Archbishop Stanislaw Wielgus of Warsaw resigning from office. ... With sadness, we have followed the accusations brought against him in recent weeks. ... We are grateful to the Holy Father Benedict XVI for his fatherly help in the difficult situation we face. Thanks to his resolve ... we are better prepared to live through this unusual time courageously and fruitfully."

The Polish bishops note that "not taking into account the widely accepted rule of the presumption of innocence helped to apply pressure to the accused archbishop, which did not make it easy for him to present public opinion with an appropriate defense, to which he is entitled."

Later in their letter, the bishops write: "We wish Ash Wednesday, February 21, to be a day of prayer and repentance for the entire Polish clergy. In all the churches in our dioceses services to the Merciful God should be celebrated for forgiveness of mistakes and weaknesses in the proclamation of the Gospel."

"We appeal to those in power and to members of parliament to ensure that materials found in the archives of the Popular Republic of Poland are used in such a way as not to encroach upon the rights of a human person and demean the dignity of man, and to ensure that such materials may be verified in an independent court of justice. Nor should it be forgotten that the documents incriminate their authors above all."

"We ask everyone to refrain from passing superficial and rash judgements, for they can be damaging. We mean especially those who work in the media. May Christian conscience and human sensibility suggest to them what should be presented to public opinion and how it should be done, always taking into account the dignity of the human person, and the right to defense and good name, even after one's death."

The Polish prelates conclude their letter: "We believe that our current experience will contribute to a renewal of the Church, to a greater transparency and maturity of her members. We believe that it will help the Church to be faithful to the Gospel
and look to it for solutions of our problems, to be reborn from it, in order to
be a leaven of good and love in the world."

Sunday, January 14, 2007

More on the TX Embryo Bank

'Embryo Bank' Stirs Ethics Fears
"We're just trying to help people have babies," said Jennalee Ryan, who arranged for an egg donor to start medical treatments to produce a second batch of embryos this week. "For me, that's what this is all about: helping make babies."

Because I CAN and will! A complete defiance of GOD! The Creator of Life!
Does this sound familiar? The LIE!
"If I do discriminate, it's that I only want healthy, intelligent people," Ryan said. "People will say, 'You're trying to create the perfect human race.' But we've always done gene selection just by who women choose as their husbands and men choose as their wives. This is no different."


The cost, convenience, prospects of success and ability to vet the donors all are attractive to Ryan's clients -- potentially not only infertile couples and single women but also gay men and lesbian couples.

"You get to get an idea of what your baby will look like, and it just seems like it's a lot easier and more affordable," said Joan, 42, of Birmingham, Ala., who asked that her last name not be used. She contacted Ryan after she was unable to get pregnant using three egg donors and becoming disenchanted by the prolonged process of trying to adopt a child or a leftover embryo. She and her husband want a sibling for their 3-year-old son. "I am not going to give up until I have another baby. This seems very, very attractive," she said.

LORD have Mercy!

'Your Ad Here' on side of Mahony's "the Rog Mahal"

When people talk about seeing holy signs, they don't usually mean "Your Ad HERE."
That was the message which appeared Wednesday evening as a 50-foot projected image on the bell tower of the Cathedral of Our Lady of the Angels, headquarters of the Los Angeles Roman Catholic Archdiocese.

Visible to thousands of commuters on a nearby freeway, the sign was gone the next day. It wasn't authorized by the archdiocese, spokesman Tod Tamberg said.