Friday, January 28, 2005

Christmas renamed Winter Holidays in Shelby County, Alabama

It has just come to my attention that my local county school calendar for last year-2004-2005 and now our proposed 2005-2006 was renamed from "Christmas Holidays" to the most explicit AND secular term-"Winter Holidays". Now I HAVE REALLY SEEN IT ALL! How did I miss this major change and more to the point how did the parents and people of this very, very, Christian, conservative, and very Republican county miss this as well? There was nothing in the papers. I saw no announcement. I don't think I heard any objections in the media at all. I wonder if any other parent noticed this. Yes, this is how it works--slowly creeps into our lives! We just have to remove CHRIST totally from everything! So very sad. We have a few more years in this system and I can only pray for those parents and students we leave behind.

CHRIST have mercy!

Prayers again-TODAY for Terri Schindler Schiavo

Please pray for Terri today!
Call your bishops and plead with them to take a stand against Terri's death sentence that could be meted out today.
We pray not. Do not lose FAITH OR HOPE.
We will do all we can for LIFE and remember not to lose hope -for whatever happens GOD WILL'S will be done.
HE is much bigger than Michael, Felos, Greer, and ALL judges!
HE will turn "it" FOR HIS GLORY!
We shall remain hopeful and in prayer.
Oral arguments set for Friday, January 28, at 2:00 before Judge Greer in Schindler's Voidness Motion.


O Mary conceived without sin, pray for us who have recourse to Thee.
And while we're on the subject of dissent and what faces Holy Mother Church, here's a piece from a Catholic progressive magazine. A Gay Priest Speaks Out -the Vatican, homosexuals & holy orders--penned by a "gay priest" under a pseudonym-- "Rev. Gerard Thomas is a Catholic priest in active ministry in the United States."
This information came "out"before the Australian Bishop made comment. I don't know how they can so openly dissent the Catholic Church?
So they get to ask the Vatican to drop celibacy? So they can ask all they want. They will continue to do so until they get the answer they want. Oops, I forgot there's a clear agenda and it's only pushing harder and harder. "They" think that they can "make" the church adjust to their wishes now and wait for the church to catch up later. This is THE PLAN FOLKS! They have been using the mantra "shortage of priests" around the world. They can make this a reality to strengthen their cause. They're not going to stop unless they are STOPPED. Would this behavior be of the Holy Spirit? I wonder.

Australian Catholic bishop joins call for change in celibacy rules ??

And this one to add to the controversy concerning Archbishop Flynn.
"A Vatican official has recommended that U.S. bishops adopt a uniform pastoral approach for ministering to members of Rainbow Sash, a gay rights group, said Archbishop Harry J. Flynn of St. Paul-Minneapolis."

Pray for us O Holy Mother of God that we may be made worthy of the promises of CHRIST.
The Planned Parenthood President Gloria Feldt resigned yesterday with unknown reason. A whole of lot of shaking up is going on. Maybe they're anxious about the climate of LIFE that is starting to take hold all around the country. The strangle hold of death is finally losing grip. Thanks to Cybercast News Service. I really appreciate their site. They post news items that the other media outlets don't/won't cover.

Thursday, January 27, 2005

Sr. Briege McKenna

Pray with Sr. Briege and turn up your volume. She has the gift of healing bestowed upon her by the Our Lord through the Holy Spirit and she uses it always to BUILD UP HIS KINGDOM and Holy Mother Church. They have a few items-books, tapes, and videos.
I highly recommend her book Miracles do Happen.
She and Fr. Kevin Scallon, C.M. have been working together in this ministry-Intercession for Priests. Please Blessed Mother keep them both protected under your mantle and close to your Immaculate Heart.
The Catholic League announced today that the Vatican is being sued by The Coalition for Jewish Concerns to push the Vatican to open the archives as they are looking for documents that show that the Catholic Church sheltered Jewish children during WWII. Of course Mr. Donohue has a reply to this action here.
This is a great pro-life site-Life:God's Sacred Gift-Addressing The Mass Media On The Fundamental Right To Life -The Guide To Media Deception. See below on this page-"Know thy enemy"-PART ONE - HOW THE MEDIA ABUSES LIFE & this page PART TWO - WHY THE MEDIA ABUSES LIFE.
"Best tourism print ad, Betsy Ross Sews Gay Rainbow Flag"? Yes, it appears that Greater Philadelphia, Pennsylvania wants to lure homosexuals to their fair city. They actually have a gay marketing tourism plan in place. "The Greater Philadelphia Tourism Marketing Corporation" was acknowledged for their gay marketing tourism campaign--one award was bestowed for best consumer public relations campaign for "Philadelphia -- Get Your History Straight and Your Nightlife Gay(tm)". Gosh how could anybody read a magazine or newspaper in Philly without being inundated? Betsy most be rolling in her grave!
Do you know about the "American Catholic Church"? Does this term sound familiar? AmChurch?
A plan has been in place for years. What will you do in the pew? Are you aware that your tithing has gone to the contribution of this "plan". Some of us have "awakened" to these developments. Are you awake yet? It is our responsibility to tithe and it's also our responsibility to be good stewards of our gifts-not just the monetary--ALL our gifts.
Pray for our Priests and our Bishops.
So sad for the dissident nuns around the world today, for one of their own has been denied use of a Catholic Church in Detroit, Michigan. Sister Jeannine Gramick was to be a guest speaker at a reception in her honor after the showing of a film documentary about her life. She is crying fowl again! You can find the article over here. Notice the film festival:
Reel Pride Michigan Gay & Lesbian Film Festival. The worse thing about this situation is that the other dissident nuns around the world will "use" this as another cause for Sister's sainthood. See here: