Saturday, January 12, 2008

Fred Thompson

HUMAN EVENTS Endorses Fred Thompson

Rush Recaps the GOP Debate: Thompson Finally Comes Alive

I agree with the editors of Human Events as they 'break-it-down' fairly well.

National Right to Life Endorses Senator Fred Thompson for President

Fred Thompson on Mark Levin's radio file.

Fred Thompson Addresses the National Right to Life Convention

Democrats tear into Fred Thompson

YouTube - Jackie Mason Vlog 64 Fred Thompson Scares The Democrats

Look at how many items there are on Dems. fear Thompson...


  1. Thought you would get a laugh out of this. Reality star and former congressional candidate Raj Bhakta's quest to find missing GOP candidate Fred Thompson on the campaign trail. He has a laugh with Tucker Carlson, gets blown off by Sam Donaldson, and tries to file a missing person report with the police. I got a kick out of it.
    Here's the link

  2. It is funny. Thanks for the link. I knew there had to be method to his madness. I think he should really use the internet to really get it kicked into gear.
    And if this method was 'part of the plan' I too think it was ingenious! Shhhh! We don't want the 'others' to figure out the rest of his plan! One more thing he'd better not show up at that "Re-think conference" at the Crystal Cath. either... ; )

  3. One more thing...Matthew...I like your site! = )