Sunday, August 03, 2008

PRAYER ALERT: "Truth Tour" - Prolifers Arrested

Apparently, First Amendment rights are non-existent in Bel Air, Harford County, Maryland as
Jack Ames (Defend Life) and fellow pro-lifers were arrested on Fri. Aug. 1st - Truth Tour - and just released yesterday, Aug 2.

Article and response to the arrest here.

Please pray and spread the word....


  1. It is highly unlikely that anyone from Defend Life was "in the street" or "blocking traffic". Jack Ames has held these peaceful and prayerful protests for many years. He always advises newcomers to stay on the grass or median strips, and not to be confrontational. Most of the protesters are always reverent, cheerful and prayerful. I am a bit suspicious of the Sun story, because that paper has gotten so many facts wrong over the past few years...not to mention their collaboration with Liberal Democrat Party politics which is much more concerned with their leftist ideology than it is with presenting factual information.

    -Monty Phair
    Saint Alphonsus Church
    Pro-Life Committee

  2. I I know Jack Ames...he is a peaceful and faithful man.

    God bless them all.