Friday, July 17, 2009

Health Care Bill - Page 16 - READ IT!

Bombshell: House health bill makes private medical insurance illegal‎


  1. No. This has been explained several times.

    Under the House bill, companies that offer insurance to individuals will do it through an exchange, where the government sets minimum standards for coverage. The new regulations require insurance companies to accept people even if they have previously existing conditions and to provide a minimum level of benefits, among other things.

    All this means is that the private insurance companies will be subject to more strict regulations that have allowed CEOs to line their pockets by denying coverage to people who should rightfully be entitled to that coverage.

  2. Dan Diego,
    The insurance companies already accept people with previous existing conditions. We're placed on a waiting list. It is not up to the government to 'make' a business take action. They can provide guidelines or possibly regulations...THAT'S IT! This page stands on its own. I don't want the government to TOUCH my health care. The Fed. government has now created a situation in this country -where we are angry at one another. It is dividing our country. And in doing so it is setting us up for failure. Divided we will not stand. Health care is not a right. All our rights and freedoms COME FROM OUR FATHER...NOT the government.