Wednesday, December 01, 2004

The American Life League steps in to call it like it is--concering the appointment of President- NARAL-Nancy Keenan- a Pro-choice- "Catholic".
By Melanie Hunter

"It is a sad day in America when someone who claims to have been raised in the Catholic Church takes the helm of an organization solely dedicated to advocating the mass slaughter of innocent preborn children in the womb," the American Life League said in a press release."For a woman who was taught to respect all innocent human beings, it is a scandal that Ms. Keenan has agreed to lead such an anti-life, anti-Catholic organization. The Catholic Church does not waver in its teaching that the act of abortion is gravely evil in every circumstance, and Ms. Keenan has made it perfectly clear that she believes the Church is wrong," the pro-life group added. In a statement on the NARAL website, Keenan said "the stakes have never been higher" for abortion rights supporters."Every branch of the federal government is dominated by powerful opponents of choice.

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