Friday, January 28, 2005

Christmas renamed Winter Holidays in Shelby County, Alabama

It has just come to my attention that my local county school calendar for last year-2004-2005 and now our proposed 2005-2006 was renamed from "Christmas Holidays" to the most explicit AND secular term-"Winter Holidays". Now I HAVE REALLY SEEN IT ALL! How did I miss this major change and more to the point how did the parents and people of this very, very, Christian, conservative, and very Republican county miss this as well? There was nothing in the papers. I saw no announcement. I don't think I heard any objections in the media at all. I wonder if any other parent noticed this. Yes, this is how it works--slowly creeps into our lives! We just have to remove CHRIST totally from everything! So very sad. We have a few more years in this system and I can only pray for those parents and students we leave behind.

CHRIST have mercy!

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