Friday, February 25, 2005

Can't keep a good man down-A. Specter

He hasn't changed? Specter: Nuclear Option Would Put Senate 'in Turmoil' Do we think that he is working for the party and the President--REALLY? See this one too-Arlen Specter Wants Deal With Pro-Abortion Democrats on Pro-Life Judges .
"I'm going to exercise every last ounce of my energy to solve this problem without the nuclear option."

"Although Specter said he has "not made a decision" about whether he would support the nuclear option if it came to the Senate floor, he expressed determination to see the president's nominees considered by the full Senate."

I don't want to sound heartless but this guy just found out he has been diagnosed with Hodgkin's disease-Stage IV.

"Stage IV" means that the disease has spread outside the lymph system and is in another organ, he said. Specter's statement did not say which organ was involved."

How much work can this guy do? How much strength will he have to take on two battles?

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