Monday, March 21, 2005

No new information on Terri or Judge's decision tonight

No new information on Terri or Judge's decision so I'm going to bed.
I can't believe "we" rushed to get all this through Congress and NOTHING TONIGHT for Terri to eat.

There was so much bad information out there tonight and today it sickened me. Here we work through this type of media (blogging) and then we have to somehow grab the information back away from those that distort it because of their own agendas or by their ignorance.

I heard Bill O'Reilly say tonight that Terri was on life-support. What? Please!
Then I heard today Rush L. really out there working for Terri, for truth, and for our humanity. He was great too! He played an ad that stated "Those that choose life....choose Rush"! This was awesome. We have got to make people more aware of our culture of death.

By the way have you heard and seen all these polls that state many Americans believe that Congress should not have stepped in and that Terri should just be allowed to die? I do not believe these polls. How can that be when we as a country, as a people of faith and great resolution to defend life just prompt the Congress to pass a bill and have a President sign within hours of passage? There's something fishy there! Don't ya think?

Well enough tonight. More prayers continue and sacrifice. We keep moving forward and our prayers upward!
Oops one more thing --read this one Bork: Congress' Involvement in Schiavo Case Not Unique

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